@Scale with Steve

I am excited that Steven Chiang, a veteran of the video game industry who is strongly regarded for building high-quality games and scaling development teams and operations worldwide, has joined zynga.

Steve brings a unique combination of start-up entrepreneurship with @scale game management to his role as president of our game studios.

Steve helped invent the console gaming business and his deep expertise will
allow us to double down and deliver on the promise of social gaming.

A little about Steve.

Steve has 17 years of game experience, of which he spent the last 15 at Electronic Arts. At EA, he was most recently the senior vice president and group general manager for EA SPORTS where he oversaw the Madden NFL series, one of the all-time bestselling video game franchises in North America.

Under his tenure, EA SPORTS developed many of its most popular and highest
rated sports titles including NCAA Football, FIFA Soccer, NHL and NBA Live,
titles millions of people play daily.  In the online space, Steve worked
with the teams to re-launch EASPORTS.com  and create Tiger Woods PGA TOUR

Steve was a co-founder of Tiburon Entertainment which was acquired by EA in
1998. Steve tells us his family is addicted to FarmVille so he has extra
pressure to deliver great new gaming experiences. When will we see farmer’s markets steve?

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