zynga’s haiti relief efforts

the zynga team went into action as soon as we learned of the devastation in Haiti.

Here is the update on our efforts and where you can participate:

1.       FarmVille: New White non withering Corn for Haiti, 100% proceeds go to Haiti  

2.       Zynga Poker: Support Haiti 2$ chip package. 100% proceeds go to Haiti

3.       Mafia Wars: Limited edition Haitian Relief Drum available, 100% proceeds go to Haiti

4.       Caféworld: Button linking to Zynga.org

5.       Zynga.com – Donate Here Button live on top of the site

6.       Zynga.org – Announcing Zynga’s Haiti Relief Fund and Donate Here Button

7.      World Food Program (WFP) – Special Zynga Donation Page:

3 thoughts on “zynga’s haiti relief efforts

  1. Hi there and great job on the Haiti Relief efforts.
    I’m writing on a more personal matter, though. I cannot for the life of me find any contact information for Zynga Human Resources, because my wonderful fiancée of five years applied for a job over there at Zynga and is now wondering if the job ever existed (because she got the standard “Thanks, we’ll contact you, in the meantime please check the status of your application at this link”…and the link enclosed at JobVite leads to a 404/Not Found). It is admittedly a facilities job (Barista at your headquarters, but let me tell you that she’s highly qualified, having worked since 2005 at B&N Café as a Café Lead). Could you at least please tell us if the job has been filled (or point us to an email or phone number where we could find out such), so that we’re not left hanging? She is losing her job at the end of the month because the store is closing down (B&N Bookstores, the one at Jack London Square in Oakland) and I’ve seen nothing but tears since the beginning of the month and it breaks my heart to see her like this (and she really wanted the Barista position at Zynga). Please contact me through the email I used to post this…thank you very much.

  2. Mark, I read an excerpt of your interview bayuser where you talk about engaging users and the freemium model.
    But do you realise what high prices your games charge? Do you not understand, that with such high prices, the engagement dissolves, the game becomes stressful, unrealistic, and no longer enjoyable? Do you or your employees not understand, when a game like yoville is for decorating and socializing, that should be the main thrust of the game, working like a dog to buy a single item to decorate a corner of your house shouldn’t be the main thrust should it? Do you look at the satisfaction levels in the game? Because no matter how much a person is addicted or likes your games, a time will come when they will realise it’s just not worth it anymore, the bubble will burst and people will quit! Zynga’s got it all wrong, If you’re in it for the short term, to make as much money you want, then crash the company, and go on to another, I understand your outlook. If not, you know there’s something called macroeconomics for businesses too where you consider, the immediate costs you must incur for long term sustainability and revenue!
    For eg. In a manufacturing set up, it means, you might want to invest in giving your machinery, a one day break and spending on maintenance every week so that it runs smoothly for years to come, instead of running it continuously day and night, and breaking down in a month, incurring massive production/inventory/customer losses which are damaging to the business in the long term. I play Yoville, and every release day, all everyone realises and talks about is Zynga’s greed. How is this engagement positive or sustainable? This short sightedness on Zynga’s behalf shocks me. You have ivy leaguers working for you. I really really cannot believe top US universities send out people like this.

  3. I was wondering if you realize there are quite a few unhappy farmville players because of the “out of sync” error and the lack of response from Zynga. Honestly, we all just want to get on with our farm playing so could you please help!! Thanks!!

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