Relaunching Offers

Starting today, we are bringing back offers around our games to provide our users who don’t have access to online payment methods the ability to make in-game purchases while having a compelling game experience. The offers are from eight companies — Netflix, Discover Card, Blockbuster, HSBC Direct, Gamefly, Book of the Month Club, SnapFish and The New York Times – all of which have high Better Business Bureau ratings.

We have set up a team that is dedicated to checking the quality of any offer we display. This group reviews each offer and applies a strict set of standards for content and user experience before it can be displayed. We also have technology in place that will regularly check offers to verify that only Zynga reviewed offers are displayed. For more on our standards, visit .  

Over time, we will phase in more companies as they meet our new standards.

Offers represent a valuable channel for advertisers, users and developers. They enable advertisers to sponsor a user’s game session or item purchase in return for their attention, affiliation or purchase. For some users, this enables a purchase they could not have otherwise made or justified. For developers like us it represents incremental revenue to fund our games.

In addition, you will be seeing new brand engagement ads tested in our games. PetVille will test ads from Visa, Sprint, xBox, Timberland, MTV, TV Land, CW and HTC. This type of brand engagement will allow users to gain currency in a fast and easy way.

Looking forward, we hope to partner with the industry to develop standards and policies for advertising around social games and virtual goods to ensure that our users have meaningful game experiences from companies they can trust.

3 thoughts on “Relaunching Offers

  1. Good to hear this, Mark. Offers can be part of a smart monetization model that serves players AND advertisers in a functional way, without either being abused.

  2. This is Pure Genius bro. I am so so glad to see your ongoing success after leaving tribe. I knew when you named the biz after your dog you would do well! You loved that dog. Keep it up, I follow your work closely.

  3. Mark I have been trying for 2 weeks to figure out how to get a hold of you. I am an ex commodities broker and have been playing farm town a lot longer than farmville. recently I put in a request to the chicago mercantile exchange to see if they had any intrest in being part of a futures contract for these games and it seems they do I would really like to speak more with you on this my phone number direct is 630-745-0078

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