What’s your wishlist for zynga games in 2010?

Happy new year to all zynga gamers.

We would love to hear what’s your top wishes for zynga games in 2010.

We know you want better reliability and availability of our games. We are actively working on this.

We know you want easier access to our customer support and faster response to your questions. We now have over 300 people working in cs and are developing our in house capabilities too.

What new features you would like in our games?

What new games would you like to play with friends?

What’s your ultimate fantasy game?

How often do you play our games? How many of your friends play with you?

We would love to hear from you.

Best wishes to you and your friends and family for 2010 from the zynga family!

30 thoughts on “What’s your wishlist for zynga games in 2010?

  1. i’ve been thinking about this for a long time and what i would like to see is for the yoville nightclub to have a fully functioning dance floor placed in it.
    it may sound like a frivolous wish but i think that, while most games fulfill a need for cognitive stimulation, what made yoville compelling was that it helped people fulfill a basic human need to connect with other people. i’m not sure the climate in the game is as conducive to that as it used to be, but i think putting the dance floor in the night club (which currently suffers from severe disuse) would help coax people back out into a *neutral* place (there’s all sorts of baggage associated with going to people’s homes) where they can form connections with new people they otherwise may never have met.

  2. Customer service is a joke.
    Sinse posting my “connection error” trouble to several groups, I am flooded with msg’s from tons of folks with the same trouble. We all seem to get the same, lame “canned” response… “were workin on it”. Zynga has tons of ways for you to spend real money on the games but ZERO ways to get tech, support. They boast “300 in customer service” BS! They sidetrack you with 100 things to try on your machine, knowing it is on their end. When you cannot get on with several different computers… guess what???? It’s not our machines!!! Zynga has some fun games… but the “support” is just not there. (unless you want to spend some money!) Honest replies, not excuses would be great, but so far…silence.
    Last ticket # 091230-007433

  3. Cafe World is a fun game.
    Right now a lot of folks can not get on.
    “connection error”
    Any word when that will be fixed?
    ..no response from support (tickets filed)

  4. Hello Marc and happy New year to you and Zynca.
    My greatest wish from Zynga Games for 2010 wold be, that Mafia Wars could function in a way, so that I should not (again) endure, that my account has “lost” almost 10.000 point in both defence and attack.
    This time it appears in a way, that most of my high end loot + all Lotto, Laundry and some other collections items are gone!!!!
    I would also wish from Zynga Games, that my e-mails to your support center (Justin) would be answered i due time, so that I shouldnt have to wait from mid-december 2009 without getting an answer – which I explicitly asked for – and without promises made in start december have been kept.
    I hop I will receive an answer to this request soon.
    Best regards and happy new year
    Kim Nielsen

  5. And and happy new year to you too.
    My wish is that your customer services actually read the request for help that are sent in. They certainly didnt read mine and gave a standard reply (as already posted elsewhere on this blog) Sorry dont want to repeat myself but coudlnt resist. I would like you concentrate of fixing what we already have before introducting more stuff as we dont have enough storage as it it. 6 items is not enough for a barn that costs so many coins. There is nowhere to store all the items you have introduced over Christmas as it is so most will have to be deleted which is a shame. I would also like it if you could stop the pop ups a bit. If you do get say a mystery egg clicking on the ‘share’ should be enough, why do we have to then click ‘publish’ as well. And please stop the Farmville has been enhanced pop up because it hasnt been enhanced. enhanced means made better,but there is nothing better after this pop up.
    Thanks again, moan over, hope you all have a great year.

  6. Create a farmers’ market where farmers can go to sell, to each other and also to non farmers. That would be yet another way we could invite our friends into the game. There are people who don’t want to put in the hours into Farmville, but they might like to come spend a few dollars to buy some of my produce. Also, farmers should be able to make some real money. Say you hit level 30 and then people are able to buy stuff from you. It might be pricier to buy coins from me than from Zynga, but that option should be there.

  7. Happy New Year, Mark. I would like to see Chatting game. From my experience with Zynga, I play Texas Holdem Poker because I often find my FB friends playing at the same time and we can chat as we play. If you can’t get a new chatting game, I believe such games as the Cafe World can integrate Chatting capability and users can have much more fun interacting with other users.

  8. Happy New year Mr Mark Pincus, wishes you the best for you and your Zynga venture
    I am glad you take 300 cs to improve Zynga gaming , you are truly great CEO/founder/executioner. I am honestly have a very deep respect for you, I think you are very amazing.
    But shouldn’t you also improve the reliablity of the game now because you are reaching 200M level and soon in 2 years will be 1 Billion for sure
    When I was there as a contractor, I am seeing a lot of worm codes everywhere, code are not tested, and games are developed from scratch versus using gaming engine.
    you can use http://pushbuttonengine.com/
    gaming engine for flash game by Mr Jeff
    a gaming veteran
    Also there are no well defined gaming dev /producer development methodology like in professional gaming shop like in EA or Square Enix
    I understand now why you comment that Zynga is stupid when you give a talked in UC Berkeley Y combiner.
    I do not know if now you guys are starting using gaming engine, for sure games that are developed with gaming engine with good gaming dev methodology are
    1 easy and fast to develop and more reliable
    2 easy to QA well defined solid engine
    3 less bugs which means your support level can be very minimum
    4 AND most importantly prevent FRAUD, zynga games has lots Fraudulent chips in poker
    5 Overall improve customer satisfaction and less cost to developed/produce the game
    What would be the ultimate fantasy game
    How about bringing more card based game
    ie: Bridge
    Imagine a business use cases where
    Warren Buffet and his buddy Bill gates
    play bridge online with Zynga game
    that would be awesome
    I do play games a loot while I am debugging
    on my current job, I am working on my own start up now
    Happy New Year Mr Pincus

  9. wishlist:
    – that we can fertilize trees as well.
    -make the animals really walk,they don’t on my farm…eventhough i click on “allow walk”
    -rotate option for buildings/homes
    -baby elephant for adoption
    -send gifts for birthdays etc.
    a great game indeed,keep up the good work!

  10. I think one amazing idea would be..
    A game maybe Called Domination,
    It could be about taking over people places
    ther place could be a castle,manor,city,(id have to give it more thought for detailes on the place)
    But each play could be there army and defenes
    im sure lots of guys would that plus its also very basic
    th fighting and tke would consist of different virtual fights and the user would be a commandr
    the weaponry can range from anything besides planes only because planes would complicate the gameplay with waiting screens n stuff im sure
    and to decide how one wins a fiht would just be probality.
    I have tons of game ideas email me if more r wanted.

  11. How about a game that you play on Facebook that allows you to permanently remove all social game notifications on your news feed? I think that would be a sweet game.

  12. ::YOVILLE::
    What new features you would like in our games?
    The most favorable feature for Yoville I believe others would love is to come out with a downloadable program, like IMVU and other Virtual Worlds. Going through Myspace, FB, and/or Tagged has its issues. Which back in Aug 09 for example, a 3rd party accessed my Myspace and deleted my account. Being that I played Yoville through Myspace, I can no longer access that application and I lost 15k in coins, and 800k in items (rares, collectibles, clothing, furniture, etc). And sorry to say, your customer support could not help me and waited to tell me 4 months later. Anywho, I believe that the ultimate feature would to come out with a downloadable program that we can access by using a email and password. Like we do on Yoville.com to access our accounts there, but I am also hoping that since my Myspace account was deleted, maybe somehow I can gain access to that Yoville account ::Fingers Crossed:: once again if this new feature comes into play. Its still active, just not the Myspace account is no longer active.
    Another suggestion from many would to bring out more items from the past. I may not get my account back that was taken, but the least I think Zynga can do is bring items back from the past for those that has lost or those that are new have the chance to get these items being that now, gamers in events charge a ridiculous amount of coins. For example, the retro glasses that came out they were 20,000 coins (collectible), and now they are going for 200,000 to 300,000 coins. So, I think we should have the chance to buy the items once again. Maybe not at the stores on the game, but give us the opportunity to buy it whenever we want by logging into yoville.com where the items should always be accessible and available at all times.
    How often do you play our games? How many of your friends play with you?
    Well, I’m a stay at home mother of 3 so I play pretty much everyday. My husband states that the games control me, even Yoville being that its one of my favorites. I have met and have befriended thousands on Yoville from all over the world. PLanning to meet more.

  13. I’d like to see in game moderation provided in Yoville, it seems unusual having a virtual world without any..

  14. I became addicted to Farmville just before the holidays.
    here are my suggestions.
    The biggest challenge is scaling.
    2. Site up needs to be the number priority.
    3. Application stability is another urgency.
    4. Application performance is killing Farmville during peak hours….and frustation mounts.
    5. When offered a deal to pay $3.99 and get $4.99 worth of FV…my Amazon account was charged $4.99 twice. Integrity is paramount.
    There was a virus with Adobe Flash Server (had an virus exploit check http://www.cert.org) over the holidays and this caused significant problems for affected Farmville users, in fact I had two very active neighbors give up & quit.
    Even after they cleaned their PC’s, they could not access Farmville. There was not any notice from Farmville!
    You need have top CISSP Engineers along with some top virus hunters because Farmville is vulnerable.
    Less Urgent…
    As player go up the ladder of experience they needs to be more challenges like a farmer would experience..pests, weather disasters, price drops for crops and stratagies for dealing with these natural occurring events…otherwise you will experience more churn.
    Thanks for listening.
    P.S. We need two or three chicken coops.

  15. Hi,im not into gaming all that much usually but in recent months ive been addicted to my Ds and most of the games on facebook.I think if the games such as farmville and best of all fishville were ever going to come out on the DS,I think the income from it would be imense….dont you agree?
    Nikki D

  16. Dear Marc,
    I was hacked in July 2009 and Zynga was kind enough to retore most of my chips then. However, since then I amassed over 4 billion chips and I was hacked over night on 23/12/09 Australian (Eastern Standard) time. My boyfriend found a keylogger program installed into my laptop and I belive this is how the hacker gained access to my passwords to poker. I was even in world ranking in December. I have made numerous reports to zynga but they say they cannot verify the actual hack. I belive this is because the hacker had gained access to my passwords and played as me. I can send you screen shots of before and after the hack as well as my world ranking. Please help me Marc, it has taken so long to amass this stack and whenever people has asked me to sell the chips, I have always referred them to zynga. 4 billion chips is a lot of chips to be hacked and I would really like them restored please. Please help me.

  17. Love your games and my favorite is Texas Hold’em. I recently started playing on Microsoft’s Xbox Live and they have one Texas Hold’em game in their game library. The reviews on it are not good, I tried a demo and was disappointed (You have me spoiled, Zynga!). As much as I love poker, I will not buy it. It appears players are starving for a GOOD Texas Hold’em to play on this platform. Is this something Zynga would be interested in doing? Is it even possible? If any company could bring the masses a fantastic poker game on that platform, it would have to be Zynga.
    Other than that, I love the games you bring to facebook. I just wish I could get those titles on the Xbox arcade market now. Happy New Year to you too!

  18. Hi Mark! Long time!
    A few thoughts. Do you by any chance remember when I was at Total New York and we placed a Connectix camera in one of the nightclubs in NYC? Perhaps connecting the nightclub dance floor with a real one. Ted Werth (remember him from Total New York) he was a part of Digital Clubs Network and might have some insight into that world. I’d be happy to talk to you real time about this if you are interested.
    I moved to Europe six+ years ago and finally moving back this summer — to Boston area. One of my passions is education. The length of time for someone to be educated is getting longer and longer. This means our children might be living with us until their late 20’s and even early 30’s. For selfish reasons (I have a 6 and 9 year old) I would like to shorten this ever increasing trend and I believe gaming can be one of the solutions — on many levels.
    Perhaps the issue isn’t length of time for education as much as length of time before society feels as though people can create value. The amount of value a person has between 16-25 is enormous as I also have a 17 year old step daughter who has just had one of her songs produced professionally. She is a great song writer along with many other talents such as rebuilding coral reefs along the coast of Indonesia.
    Prior to her creating value, and believing in herself, we had issues. Major ones. Suffice it to say, a few schools later, she now believes she has value as others have seen the value she created and therefore she feels valued.
    Gaming is a perfect platform to bridge youth and young adults to value creation in a very fun way. Work does not need to be hard and boring! This new generation won’t put up with hard and boring anyway. Doubt the subsequent ones will either.
    If interested, would love to chat about it. Give me a shout, it would be great to catch up.
    ~ Janice
    PS: Just kidding about wanting my little ones out of the house. Actually if they could live with me forever I would love it. My motivation is about the moment when I see them when they produce something of obvious value for others — even the little one. There is this amazing sense of accomplishment, pride and twinkle in their eye when they create something for others. This is my wish — my dream, that they continue to have the opportunity of creating value and feeling valued, not just from their adorning mother, but from others.

  19. My wish is for Zynga to fix all the glitches with Vampire Wars and Mafia wars. Gifting should not be so complicated or limited. Invitations to join your mafia/clan should not decrease the number of gifts you can send…Ridiculous that they use up the small number of allowable requests….
    Also, special offers that take your favor points and give you nothing in return….Need to fix a lot of issues.

  20. Retired and enjoying Farmville and other Zynga games with friends. I won’t be playing Farmville for a while because of your recent addition of the peace symbol and items marked with that logo.
    As a member of a young military family in the 60s and 70’s (Viet Nam War era) the peace symbol does not have a happy or good connotation for me and many of my military connected friends. Writing in case you were not aware of this marketing aspect for many in your audience.
    Military members and their families going through many major airports at that time were cursed, spit upon, called baby killers and harassed in other ways by those wearing the peace symbol. A friend of mine whose husband was a POW, had her family pet murdered and left on her front porch with a note signed with that symbol. Her experience was one of many.
    The military has a stiff upper lip tradition so we didn’t complain or whine at the time but we have long memories where the peace symbol is concerned. No group wants true peace more than military families but we do not like the “peace nazis.”
    Thanks for listening, I will return to the game when you have selected a new “theme.”

  21. My wish is that I wake up and find out I have been living a nightmare for the last 6 months and I turn on my laptop and play special forces smooth as butter with no resets of missions,funds and levels,no white screens and no freezes and to be able to receive energy packs.New missions long promised,an invite link,and perhaps even more options. The game is literally unplayable and all the friends I made playing it are removing the application.Currently we are all attempting to be heard and as consumers exercising our rights to use a product that is not defective especially since we have spent thousands on the game.This game can become very successful especially if you take care of the game play issues and then from there make it similar to MW in some ways.We need to notify each other of our accomplishments and share gifts more.That will also add more members by visual posts on our walls.Give gifts from our own inventory as well…but PLEASE fix the game play! Happy New Year!

  22. BTY I have played Special forces for over a year,I have over 600 friends that play,or had,but we all are still in touch.We have had serious competitions spending serious cash until the game became unplayable.maybe add some of the options refered to in this article about how to make a successful game by one of your own. http://lsvp.wordpress.com/category/game-design/

  23. As a fan of Zynga who has encouraged many others to jump on the online gaming bandwagon, I’ve since become quite disenchanted with your company. Jan 22 will mark one month since I was locked out of (not banned from) Mafia Wars, and my experience with your Customer Service system has been unbelievably frustrating. The majority of responses I’ve received to my questions are canned, cut-and-paste responses, and I receive the same replies over and over. I suppose your team thinks they’re sufficient and they “close” the ticket, but they do nothing to address or solve my ongoing problem. Why have I gone almost an entire month and – in all that time – I’ve yet to receive any intelligent feedback, explanation, or solution that addresses my current situation? Surely I can’t be the one, lone player who’s experiencing these technical problems. The sad thing is I can accept being locked out of the game if I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. But so far, I can’t even seem to connect with someone in order to adequately report the problem, thanks to your constant cut-and-paste responses to my numerous queries. Two days ago I updated my ticket asking for some sort of update, and was treated to yet another “we put a fix in place … you should no longer be having this problem … however if for some reason you are, please let us know” response. Is this really customer service? Put yourself in my situation, and you tell me… 091222-003199

  24. So many of my friends left poker for so many different reasons. 😦
    Would you consider please making Zynga Texas Hold Em Classic Game and bringing back the old-style red tables? It was easier on the eyes…the profile pictures were bigger and the table was bigger. I know that a lot of people would like to have a choice. I also know a lot of people who might come back. I have heard a lot of we dont play anymore cos they changed it too much…or they got greedy, or Zynga banned my account..took my hard-earned chips and left me with only 1m.
    A lot of your old and most loyal players might come back if u reintroduce the old tables..with some of the new security features…If u look at real casinos, they also tend to use more red and gold becos its easier on the eyes and tends to make ppl play longer. I must admit that even tho i still play every day, I can only play for 20 or 30 minutes at a time
    The new players are donks, the old players who knew HOW to play are gone…the hackers remain, and the whole format has changed. 😦
    You see, what you created in the first place was perfect, except for a few security tweaks. We used to be able to sit for hour upon hour, and looked forward to hanging out with each other there. We made friends and had a great time and looked FORWARD to playing it everyday. We could build chips and make friends. Then it started to change and everyone started to leave….haven’t u noticed?
    Even tho most of my friends are gone from Poker, I have kept my friends from all over the world. We converse daily on our walls and on the phone…in mails and sms instead of at poker now. I am grateful to the game that made it possible BUT hardly any of us can really stand to play it for long anymore. Besides that it is noticeably harder to win and we can no longer win higher chips. We are constantly given bad beats and its become more stressful to play than it is fun. Give us back our old, addictive, wonderful poker…with some of the new security things to lessen the hackers intrusion on the game and we will come back!!!!!

  25. My wish for this year for Zynga Games is to be more correct and carefull for his players from different countries. I am from Russia as well as many of my friends and I am a fan of different Zynga games: most of all Farm Ville and Pet Ville.
    And last time I became to be more and more upset while couldn’t find items with symbols of my country (especially flags), though for different other countries they were created. I don’t want to think that you consider my country the smallest one or unimportant among others from all over the world. But though I see flags from not only Europe conutries I began to consider such kind of decision as offense.
    May be it depends on the low percentage of Russian players of Zynga Games but first of all I am sure that in nearest future Facebook became more popular here and secondly in this way it’s very offensively to get the answer below from Zynga Support for my request about getting flag of my country:
    From Zygna support:
    …The flags included in PetVille’s Snow Games collection are representative of nations and cultures from around the world. Since there are nearly three hundred countries on Earth, we decided it was best to include a selection of flags, even though we knew some countries would be left out.
    We apologize if this has upset you; please rest assured that we meant no offense.
    Thanks for being a part of PetVille!
    Zynga Customer Support
    Hope you will pay attention for this situation and could understand me and many other players.
    Thanks, Maria

  26. I can’t begin to imagine the technical skills, and computer savy it takes to put these games together…how ’bout…just Thanks!! For all the whiners who complain about something that is “free”…go buy a game. As for a suggestion, in Farmville, it would be nice if I could gift something from my farm to another neighbor. Quite often I wind up selling something for low coins and would rather just give it away. Thanks again for a wonderful game that I share with family and friends accross the United States!! P.S. Yes, I do have the problems that other people complain about, but being patient pays off!!

  27. Hi Mark
    Hope you are still taking suggestions. One of the reasons why most of the people dropout early from the social games is ubiquitous access. If people could send short commands to feed the pup (petville) or bank the rental income (mafiawars), or fertilize the farm (farmsville), etc the drop out rates will be less. Integration with Twitter or Shortcode Based SMS provider can enable these features and open up additional sources of revenue.

  28. My number one wish for Zynga games is the proper use of pronouns in the status updates on Facebook. I am very tired of reading updates that say my friends are doing things on ‘their’ farms. ‘His’ and ‘her’ are not that difficult to use. The Facebook update API can match the gender of the pronouns without any special work by the developer.

  29. 4 days without being able to play Farmville, I lost the whole crop, and can not do anything. How long will the problem? There are many users unhappy with the problem of “out of sync” I hope they fix it soon Zynga.
    There is no error code in the message “Out of Sync”

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