farmville players raise $700k with sweet seeds for haiti

last week we mailed checks for around $550k to and we were proud to see so many of our farmville players participate in this program which has raised over $700k to date.

following is more info on the programs zynga and farmville players are supporting.  this was prepared and executed by my amazing sister, laura hartman, who is a professor of business ethics at depaul university in chicago and has also been acting director of zynga's non profit efforts.

Where our contribution will go and how it will be used
a population of just over ten million people, Haiti is the poorest
nation in the Western Hemisphere and the 7th poorest in the world.
Fifty-four percent of its people live on less than one dollar a day;
80% live on less than two dollars. Zynga's mission of connecting the
world through games is enhanced by our opportunity to support the
health and education of these children and their families.

unemployment in Haiti is so high (estimated at 30-50%), micro-loans
such as those provided by one of our recipient organizations, Fonkoze, become critical to survival.

The above photos were taken by Professor Laura Hartman, Zynga's
Director of Social Strategy, during her recent visit in Haiti to our
recipient organizations. The women are borrowers who will benefit from
FarmVille farmers' and Zynga's contributions through a goat, a chicken
or a small loan; and, their children will have a more financially
stable family.

Most Haitians do not have adequate housing, nor proper sanitary
conditions. Migration to the major cities has compounded the urban
housing problem. Natural disasters, including cyclones, floods,
droughts, and earthquakes, have had serious effects on the housing
situation, as well. The photos below were taken during Prof. Hartman's
visit to these Fonkoze borrowers, as well.

FarmVille farmers'
and Zynga's contributions will assist the children and their families
be more effectively prepared for the housing challenges they face.

Less than half the country's school-age children attend primary school.
On the other hand, it takes only 5 years of schooling to become
reasonably literate; that is, to be able to read and understand basic
instructions and thereby become more effective within society. With the
help of FarmVille Farmers' and Zynga's contributions, Haiti can begin
to wipe out illiteracy. Below are photographs of some of the schools
supported by FATEM, one of Zynga's recipient organizations.

Additional Information about the Sweet Seeds for Change: Haiti Campaign
FATEM is a non-profit organization based in Mirebalais, Haiti, and
originally organized to bring information technology to the people in
the region, thus helping with the economic advancement of the area.
More recently, however, FATEM recognized the need for a sustainable
means by which to support the general education of Haitian children and
to ensure that these children have the necessary meals that will permit
their young bodies and brains to learn and grow.

FONKOZE, based in Port-au-Prince, is an alternative bank for the poor.
It is Haiti's largest micro-finance institution and is committed to the
economic and social improvement of the people and communities of Haiti
and to the reduction of poverty in the country.

10 thoughts on “farmville players raise $700k with sweet seeds for haiti

  1. Mark…..please do something about this person on yoville that is hacking into everyone’s accounts!!!!!! please the account hackers have to stop!!!!!!
    I can help you get rid of ALL the yoville hackers…..let me and my 2 friends help you to rid yoville of all the account hackers….we can also rid yoville of all the other hackers and scammers….I promise you I can get rid of them all.

  2. Hi, Just wondering are you having test or qualitymanager in Zynga ? As well as games usually work, I’ve found out that there are every now and then basic kind of troubles like game is not loading….Not very good for your reputation or what do you think…If I were you I would give these troubles much attention since with these kinds of difficulties your clients will change into next gameprovider, there is plenty of them in internet.
    Sorry; just having a bad day, it has been almost a week since I could log-in to farmville myself. I’m having a developer/project manager background in ICT myself and I understand that sometimes these kinds of things can happen but anyway; get rid of them please….
    Br virtual-farmer from Finland

  3. That is really awesome of you guys to donate so much money to such a wonderful cause. The people of Haiti deserve better and this will definitely help to improve people’s lives.

  4. Why isn’t MySpace included in this Holiday promotion? Isn’t our money good enough for Haitians?

  5. Mark, would Zynga let yoville players know the details about the WFP cameroon platter? It says something goes to WFP, but if we are to buy the item, I’d like to know what percentage goes to WFP. I’d buy it if I like anyway or not at all if I don’t unless I know more details.

  6. Mark just watched your interview with Charlie Rose for the 2nd time & I found myself very intrigued. Your work with helping underprivileged countries such as Haiti is admirable. Happy New Year!

  7. please, can you send me coins for farmville.
    my name in face book is the sama as my real name. i am a great fan of your game an yours

  8. Hello Mark,
    “Support Haiti today and receive your limited edition Haiti Heart gift by purchasing any chip package. Big Zynga Poker thanks for those who’ve contributed so far! Click here to claim $1,000 chips and play now!”
    I just got this Facebook notification and it really angered me. As CNN was showing the corpse of a young child, I got a solicitation to spend my money with a very successful, for-profit company in order to send a partial amount of proceeds to Haiti as part as a month-long philanthropy. You are not an aid organization, but get a damn clue.
    As the level of the devastation becomes more clear and we learn more than 2M people homeless and tens of thousands are dead, Zynga either needs to make a full donation for chips purchase or create a special icon to represent players that make a full 100% donation as part of the relief effort.
    Sometimes people understand that chips are chips, seeds are just seeds because there are far greater priorities. Hopefully, you all do too.
    Poker Player

  9. Thank You for updating the Haiti information. Sorry for the nastygram, I was really upset. Thanks again for update and my sincere thanks for your response to me.

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