Ensuring zynga’s user experience – removing all cpa offers

michael arrington posted yesterday on mobile
offerings still being shown in our
new game fishville.  I want to explain why this
occurred and how we are taking more aggressive steps to ensure this
never happens again.

zynga has not been able to
control the ad content as it is managed by the offer companies that we work with. 

with regards to yesterday's incident, the offer provider, doubleding, told us this was the result of their failure to remove an optimization queue which was still showing these ads to 10% of pageviews. i want to be clear that zynga had no control over the pages being shown and never filtered them from michael or anyone's view.

we recognize it
is our responsibility to ensure that offers which generate a bad user
experience are not shown with any of our games.

therefore, we
are removing all CPA offers across zynga games until we can control
inclusion and presentation ourselves.  This will be effective by end of
day today.  this move is worth it for the
long-term user experience and value to our partners like facebook and

mobile offer issue was particularly painful as we had helped fund doubleding earlier this year in the hopes of cleaning up the space and raising the bar on
user experience.  we intend to influence them and others to improve
their ad content and be long-term
focused for the success of the social gaming and social networking

as I
said in my post last monday, my mission is to build
into a sustainable consumer service with enduring value to our users. 
we will continue to do whatever it takes to earn our users trust and
respect for the long-term.

17 thoughts on “Ensuring zynga’s user experience – removing all cpa offers

  1. Mark, since you’ve obviously broken the Shift key on your keyboard, here are some capital letters you can copy and paste for future posts:
    H R T Y N S D E Q A R G B S X Y U P R
    You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Good to hear. I’ve got an app with three figure eCPMs and no incentivized CPAs – it can be done. If you’re interested, I’d consider giving it to Zynga for a rev split.

  3. You can’t go wrong when you choose to serve the interests of your users first, rather than the interest of your bank account.
    Now that you’re in such a bright spotlight Mark, remember that all the up-and-comer entrepreneurs are watching/emulating you. Help them make good decision for the benefit all of us.

  4. Mark, I’m puzzled why you haven’t been paying attention to this issue. It would seem that this week, of all weeks, you’d double up to make sure no embarrassing ads crept through the system.
    What’s going on?

  5. I hope you guys are able to figure it out and add back legitimate offers. The idea of having people complete offers is not a terrible one but needs to be very carefully structured in terms of both economics and user incentives to be truthful.

  6. I was wondering are you going to bring Fishville back on Facebook and if so when are you going to do this…Many game players on FB are wanting this game up and running…And are our fish going to be okay when you do bring it back?

  7. Focus on good UI/UX and you’ll be golden every time. Get a really good UI Designer to help 🙂

  8. Well..
    I find it great your getting rid of all CPA
    offers until you can find more honest ones.
    What bothers me is that if we want to buy yo-cash from one of the alternate sites, such as amazon , that we no longer can.
    Since you have had many users in the forums explain to your staff that there is a glitch somewhere in your processing company , or billing department , that payments can’t…mind you…CAN’T be made directly through your “buy yo cash” Link.
    Through the “Earn yo cash” tab was the only way we could actually purchase it through Social Gold and others.
    Not anymore now.
    I personally would rather buy it anyway through YOUR site anyway. But as of the log of tickets and no response, I myself have about given up hope.
    That’s been two months for myself. I know of many others that have been just as long if not longer.
    How long until most just give up?

  9. Dear Mark/Zynga, You know what would be REALLY cool? If we could exchange our mafia monies for REAL money! Like – for every $1,000,000,000 you get $1, deposited in our PayPal accounts. That would be SWEET. You could have arrangements with vendors – like Sears, Amazon, ToysRUs….for special deals and gift certificates. People would play more, vendors would have more shoppers – everyone WINS! Then you wouldn’t have to worry about CPA offers, and the negative publicity associated with them.

  10. Hello, Mark.
    I´m a journalist from Brazil and really would like to interview you. Is that possible?

  11. greetings Mark
    I am currently writing a book , a novel, to be precise, based upon
    My Heroes Abilities ( yes THAT one )
    however, since you have now removed the game from facebook applications , I confess
    I am highly disappointed !!!!!
    I needed the ‘ raw ‘daily material ..
    how about we , the players ,manage it ourselves ?
    or since it is of no financial interest to you , you ‘ donate’ it back to us ?
    you are not profiting from it .. and we miss it .. beside that I need it to continue my writing ..
    please be your sweet self and say yes

  12. Yoville’s got to many notifications and too much crap flying in our faces since they’ve made more changes. It’s just plain annoying.

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