Zynga games about to come back up

dear zynga gamers, 

we are sorry that our games were down for the last 2 hrs. our netops crew is working hard to bring our games back up. mafia wars is up now on fb and rest coming in next few minutes.

we're really sorry your evening fun was interrupted. 


5 thoughts on “Zynga games about to come back up

  1. Don’t know where to comment this one, so here I go: I am aggravated on the Gifting portion of Mafia Wars. I LOVE the new locations, however, if I want to gift more then one of any item I have to click the item then the person…and do this for every one I want to send. Why can you not have a drop down like in the Properties for sending multiple of the same item?
    Just sayin’…

  2. Mark, I can see that you are killing MHA on purpose. Its a great game and anyone who really knows the industry can see that. It has loyal hardcore players. It also is very original and doesnt have a billion clones. Unlike Mafia wars, you can play it all day. I like your other games, sure. But this one is something different. Its better than farmville and all your other games…
    The only reason its not doing as well as it potentially can is because of your lack of support and advertising. It has a great rating, and a great number of players…all that will only go up with just a little investment. I request you to either give MHA the attention it deserves, or sell it to another company. Maybe this game is just to much for you to handle. Try to recognize its value and sell it. Please don’t let it die.

  3. no problem dude 🙂
    b.t.w. y not put an option so you can pick a table design on THP, the Halloween one what of the hook!

  4. Dear Mark,
    How’s about saving all that money your people raised…and putting it into feeding OUR OWN HUNGRY PEOPLE!!!…charity begins at home right?
    and one more thing…tell your people to stop screwing around with mafia wars. every time you “update” something, you screw people out of points…mafia members and god knows what else…leave it the way it WAS….WITH ROBBING ! ! !
    Sanjay >:-/

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