5 thoughts on “you know you’re a little cool when…

  1. I can’t seem to get any satisfactory responses from Zenga directly about the recent change from the Wiget Factory to the Sweets Factory. Why would you guy make a change that every player out there says makes the game worse? Why make the game worse? Didn’t you do any play testing? I read the online feed back from the 1st batch of folks that you switched, and everyone hated it, so why? Please make an executive decision and change it back.

  2. I will like to work with you, i got experience in games since 1980 and before please contact me if you can.
    Best Regards

  3. Hey Mark, I saw the article on techcrunch about zynga. i work for a company called outbrain. we offer a free content recommendation technology for bloggers and publishers. I love what you guys are doing over at zynga and I was wondering if you had a couple of minutes to talk one day, even if it through email about our company and what we do here.

  4. Hi! Hey, I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your dog in January; I know how that feels and hope you’ll find room in your heart and home for another eventually.
    On to business: Mark, thank you for a good game in PIRATES, but I admit a lot of frustration. The contact forms for help just keep generating a lot of automated junk responses, despite my pleas for a human.
    Also, I’m really being alienated by the “Limited Edition Property” offerings. They are rigged to be available ONLY if you add one more crew member. That’s a real pain. You should allow us to buy at least one at our current crew strength before hiking the number of required crew up. The current policy stinks.
    Also… you make it too hard for people with crews of REAL friends (instead of randomly added strangers) to do the Boss Jobs. You should at least let us rent temporary crew for Boss Jobs via Favor Points or something; “Fight the Boss with Temporary Crew” for 10 FP would be nice.
    And thanks for the link to your mom’s art! I particularly enjoyed her retake on “Christina’s World.” 🙂

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