finally! getting to a common term sheet on series A funding

this has become a big topic in the past week with fred's post and now a techcrunch story. also, thx to adeo ressi for all his great work with the funded and the entrepreneur foundation to help spur more amazing startups. 

this is a comment i posted in response to fred wilson's great post about converging on a common term sheet for first round venture financing of startups. 

i will add a few points.

1. pre money valuation should value the company as it exists today. if investors want to ask for an option pool that is reducing the value of the company as it exists today and is therefore a lower pre money. i've always thought this was a bs way for vc's to sell you an emotional value but make you take a third less.

2. if a company is profitable the entrepreneur should NEVER give up control. if it's not, the vc's can negotiate for that. control is hire/fire the ceo and set budgets. 

3. msg to vc's. if you like an industry, company, team back them. if you dont dont. entrepreneurs – dont work with vc's that demand anything beyond normal preferred with 1x liquidation. if they ask for 8% dividends and a 5 yr forced payback, tell them to go be bankers and lend their money out. 

4. control – entrepreneurs, assume that if a vc can fire you they will. it can happen bc you performed badly and also bc you performed too well, and you have never managed such a big business. 

5. relationships – matter a lot. go with people you know and trust, not the highest bidder. go 10% below your market price, choose your investor and hopefully they will feel priviledged. my advice is pick people you would like to have beer and sushi with like fred. 

6. ref check – ask to interview founders of failed companies the vc backed, especially ones who have been replaced. remember, some should be replaced.

7 thoughts on “finally! getting to a common term sheet on series A funding

  1. I think these are great tips. The whole fundraising process should be focused on 1. If the investor wants to invest in the future of this company, 2. what is the amount invested, and 3. what is the valuation. The rest is just a lot of wasted resources, causes people to become bitter, and a bad use of time.
    I’m glad there’s actually innovation in this part of the startup world 🙂

  2. It’s a shame I have to post this comment here but I need help and I feel I have been left with no choice.
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  3. I am positive that my other comment will not be posted but I have tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with your company. No one answers the phone. Point #5 is very powerful, relationships do matter a lot, between companies and their customers, especially those who have financially invested in your company, no matter how big or small that investment is.

  4. Hi Mark:
    I can’t find the original blog entry I commented on here, but I wanted to thank you for having yoville’s support staff contact me and praise my suggestions. That was very kind and generous.
    I look forward to seeing all the issues resolved and everyone ease into the Sweets Factory without further protest.

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