Game downtime

Fyi, facebook is experiencing network outages which have taken all our games down intermittently all morning. Sorry to anyone missing their morning fix.

5 thoughts on “Game downtime

  1. How are FB’s network outages causing changes WITHIN the game of Pirates Rule? For the brief bits of time I have been able to get into the game, I have noticed that I am losing money, property and am being downgraded on achievements (plunders) I had already attained.
    The game has never been fair since you randomly change the rules midsteam – values of weaponry, how we recognize crew, what levels are open to attack, etc, etc, etc. but when stats that players have acquired through months of play suddenly disappear, the game just isn’t even close to fun anymore. I know Zynga is currently riding high on a wave of new players but that tide will change rapidly when people realize how frustrating it is to actually try to play the game with any degree of consistency.

  2. Zynga is a very good company. I was having problems with my Godfather points and they saw the issues and resolved it very quickly. I love your games and I am a loyal customer.
    Thank You Very Kindly

  3. Sir,
    First of all, I love playing Vampires on MySpace. I must check my character four or five times a day. It’s pretty addicting.
    However, I recently ran into a problem reallocating my skill points in Vampires. In short, it didn’t come out the way I wanted because of, I believe, some glitch in the game. I am disappointed because I feel cheated out of the 30 favor points I had just spent on the reallocation. I wrote to support five days ago, and I got an automated message (Re: Reallocation [Incident: 090829-001354]). I was under the impression that I would get a response in under 72 hours, but I have heard nothing. I just want my favor points back!!

  4. Yeah. I’d just finished harvesting a big one and was planning on adding some friends when it went. Guess it’s back to the city for me for now.

  5. Mafia Wars…get rid of the 25 jobs per city per day limit. I would prefer to do the jobs that attack or rob but can’t play after my jobs are done. Put it back the way it was for crying out loud. Can’t play Mafia here, we go somewhere else, frees up your servers, ads aren’t seen by as many people, you lose advertisers…put it back it’s a win win situation all the way around.

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