Who’s managing our money?

The govt running gm is like wolves tending the sheep herd. Great npr piece on all the ways congressmen are interfering with gm mgt’s efforts to reduce costs.

4 thoughts on “Who’s managing our money?

  1. hii was banned from poker just because friends gae me chips and i gave friends chips this is out of order as hey let me have my account back but took my chips now my bebo has been banned for no reason or wihout warning its a free game so why csnt we help ppl out

  2. I won 98mil on a table and two days later i was banned for abuse,i had to give my chips up so i could play.and them i being offered to buy chips from Zygna.This is out of line they took my chips 112mil and will sell them back to me for $200 dollars for 5 mil chips.I tried to cotact Zynga about this all i get is complaint is resolved.

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