Dealing with with game hackers

Zynga has taken some massive actions this week to protect our users from in game hackers.

if you feel you have been wrongly banned from our games go to our customer support and they will verify your account status.

We have massively scaled our customer support to well over 100 full time reps to help deal with this.

You can also post to this blog and I will do my best to respond.

I’m sorry for any trouble anyone has had. We strive to offer a fun, safe environment for you to play with your friends and (nice) other people:)

97 thoughts on “Dealing with with game hackers

  1. hello Mark,
    I got banned from the “free” game of Texas Holdem Poker without any warning. I emailed the customer service but I didn’t get any reply from them. I had fun playing poker till now. If you are gonna ban me forever at least give me an explanation. I may assure you that i never sold or bought any chips from anyone. I see the Reminder every time I join, why would I wanna sell/buy chips, just to get me banned???
    Please get in touch.
    Best Regards Fatjon Doda
    P.S. my Poker ID is

  2. Mark,
    Hey, I play Mafia Wars…and I really like the game…do wish you guys would allow class changes as they are grossly imbalanced.
    Also, wanted to say I was sorry to hear about your dog passing in Jan….kinda’ sucks and I really do extend my sympathies. I’ve got two dogs and they’re wonderful companions who always give affection unconditionally.
    -Eric Beck

  3. You’ve banned, oh goodness I dont know how many, the wrong people. This is the 3rd time Ive had a proplem. Twice with hackers and now this. Ive been on this FREE app since October 2008 and you really have dug the knife in deep this time. I know your company is trying their best to get rid of the hackers but seriously……to ban people who help out their friends so they can play on a FREE SOCIAL NETWORK? You dont see a problem with this? You blocked me on Facebook from my 125mil that I have earned fare and square! I want it back. I think you have a wonderful product less the hackers who screw us over and force us to figure ways to protect chips since your program cant. Please rectify ASAP.
    Eleanor Hess(aka ELLE)

  4. Hello Mark I’m from the UK and I have started a protest group against your poker game.The issues are 1) STOP HACKERS
    3) ALLOW US TO GIVE CHIPS TO OUR FRIENDS after all we won them and we, not you should be able to decide what we do with them.
    Most of us have several accounts, we have had to do this to protect ourselves from hackers so do not penalize us.
    4) BRING DOWN YOUR PRICE ON CHIPS. If your chips were cheaper there would be no money in it for the hackers and your sales would go up. You have a good game here but you are really screwing things up, you are not in touch with the people who play and love this game. Sort your act out zynga.

  5. No point reinstating mine as they clearly make you lose em all before banning you in the hope that you are by now addicted and are forced to buy from Zynga !
    I did have 1.1 billion between 2 acounts , was no point having it all in 1 account as a lot of my friends were getting hacked , now they send out warnings for giving chips , this meens any of my buddies who are broke can no longer play at the same tables
    They say I sold but I didn’t , simple as that , it all smells a bit iffy to me , perhaps Zynga act on hearsay and ban people as guilty until proven innocent , this however cannot be legal and am sure one day soon will tread on the wrong poples toes..
    I do miss the craic as it has helped me through a hard time on disability allowance , what next ? DUNNO !!!! 😦
    If ya can help at all it would be nice , if not , ah well ty anyway for trying , Dave.

  6. hi….please let me start by saying i fully understand the huge problem you have in stopping these hackers and 3rd party sellers of chips,i have myself bought chips but only ever from zynga but along the way i met many friends who when the going gets tuff helps out in passing chips, i in turn would do the same for them so where do we find the balance of legitimately helping our poker friends and you stopping the real problem.. is it not more the case of zynga selling more chips because we cant give our freely won chips to help a friend play what should be a free game. good luck with finding a happy solution to whats turning out to be a farce.

  7. hi there just a comment on this texas holdem app, it is a free social network and we can do watever we want with the chips we have earned. i know some people who have researched this and i myself have looked into it, legally you can not ban some1 and take their chips that they have either earned or bought, something needs to be done and people have a right to get there chips back and u should do the right thing and help them. its not right and u are sitting back collecting money while we have our money taken when u ban us and take our chips. its not fair so FIX IT PLEASE!!!!!

  8. Hi Mark,
    First of all let me say how I liked playing poker on your site up to the point I got hacked. I understand you and your team are very busy at the moment going from 2million daily players to 10million daily players and with the amount of people/players accounts being hacked.
    Can you tell me/us how long the backlog for support tickets (hacked poker accounts) is as I put a ticket in on 5/5/09 it may not seem long but I have not played on my account since I was hacked to make it easier for you to check back on the logs. As you can understand 6 weeks is a long time to wait with no notice from your team.
    Please don’t take it the wrong way I am not one of those players that want there accounts sorted out within 3 days but just to know where on the list I am would be nice and to know how long the backlog is.
    I feel I have been patient with this ticket and would like to play poker again as a lot of my friends are from the US and not on Facebook but Myspace and I only get to talk to them on the poker tables.
    I look forward to hearing from you or your team with the length of time on the backlog tickets.

  9. I was hacked when I opened a bad email about 2 months ago. I lost 125m from this account. So, I opened another under my mother’s maiden name, and that account was stolen right at the table while I was playing. Another 40m chips gone. I was told by Zynga that they couldn’t prove my loss, so no reimbursement. How can they not see, that the amount was there and the next day it was not, it was a lot of chips that took me a year to earn. Now, when I have a lot of chips, I transfer some to my husband’s account for safekeeping, rather than lose it all again. Which is now not safe to do, as he has received a warning that he bought chips, which is not true, I transferred them to him. So where is the justice in stealing chips from players so you can resell them again? I don’t think you have a legal ground to stand on. Why shouldn’t we help out friends when the need arises, with chips that we have earned. You people are banning the wrong people, take out the robots that are playing at our tables and the real cheating will stop.

  10. A pleasant day! I am writing you about my zynga poker account which is currently BANNED DUE TO ABUSE. I was surprised to find my account disabled, moreso to realize that I can no longer play my favorite game in Facebook! In fact, it is the only reason why I frequent facebook – to play poker with my friends. I know that there is currently a warning being sent to all players prohibiting them from buying or selling poker chips from third parties. I never BOUGHT OR SOLD chips to anyone. All the chips I have in my account were a result of my efforts in playing every night. I worked hard to get those chips and its UNFAIR that I loose them this way. I appeal to you. Please REACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT and let me play with my friends again. Immediate action and response will be highly appreciated. Thanks and GOD BLESS!

  11. I played on Texas Hold Em Poker with my friends from all over the world for 7 months now. I played nearly every day to earn my 57m chips, and was hacked for well over that twice. The hackers are not the people you banned for giving chips to friends, and transferring their own chips between 2 accounts. We set up what we called banks to keep from being targeted from hackers, essentially hiding our chips in other accounts to protect ourselves. I also received and gave chips to friends who were low on occasion, and I was not aware that this was an illegal move at all.
    Most of the hackers weren’t hacking by stealing personal information, they were doing it mainly through the playing tables themselves with pokerghost programs, tablelagging and blind jumping. They also bought programs that allowed them to see the flop and river cards, and those BOTS. The hackers are the ones who set up phishing sites, and youtube videos. The hackers are still playing at the tables because they don’t GIVE chips to people. They sell entire accounts with chips already in them over to people.
    You have banned your most dedicated players. I spent 7 months building up my chips, and I know many others who spent much much longer than that. We miss our friends and playing, and what you did was UNFAIR. You did not WARN anyone that you were going to do this. There was only a warning that you would ban those involved in chipselling and hacking. You then put it on the blog that you zeroed and banned those involved in chipselling.
    I never hacked or sold chips and a warning that we are not to pass chips to friends would have been much more fair than what you have done to the thousands of players. The monetary value of the chips you took, and the time people LOST playing to make them, the stress, and the fact that you said we are doing illegal things and accused us unfairly are all things you have to account for. Legally, we have grounds to protect ourselves. I hope it doesn’t have to go that far. The only fair way would be to reinstate our accounts and make your table unhackable with a warning that we are not to give chips to friends.

  12. Hi Mark
    I got a warning the other day from Zynga about buying chips I have never bought chips from anyone, i have recieved them from my friends but i have never paid for them i have too accs and put the chips in both so that if i get hacked, and i do not understand why i got warned

  13. i am very dissapointed with zyngai have sent them numerouse complaints about being hacked i have been hack at least 6 times they said they rembursh me 6 million chips but where were they invisable i never recieved them and then i contacted them yet again and they said it was solved they also said 2 million chips were solved because you cannot ansewr through zynga i am now going to tell my friends about you .you are cheats and im going to tell them not to trust poker

  14. Another thing..most of the hackers have more than 10 accounts…I reported one who had 112 accounts, (zynga did nothing about him) and there was another who had 68. All you did essentially was ban your most innocent and avid players….not the hackers. And even if u did ban a few of them, they have so many accounts, it wont matter.

  15. I got a ban notice too and I don’t know why? I never bought chips nor would I ever I have been hacked several times, game freezing up and the way people play on this site I would not invest money into this. I recently lost chips in a game when it froze up I lost 3mil on a big table. I have yet to get it back from customer service and was hoping too. Yes a friend helped me so I can continue to play until my chips were given back. This happened over a month ago and I still have received nothing or any communication form any of these now 100 customer service reps you claim to have. Why even bother contacting the customer service I mean honestly who wants to be broke a month. I think you guys are trying to strong arm people in buying chips but I don’t trust the site enough to do so. Not with all that I see. And now you are punishing those who are hacked or have game freezes and are helped by friends by banning their accounts that is unfair in my eyes and wrong. All I wanted was my 3mil back plain and simple. Until then yes my poker friend have helped me out to get me through and I really see nothing wrong with that at all. Also remember 3rd party people want either pay pal or credit card info and you have to be an idiot to give that kind of private info to anyone you don’t even know.

  16. id just like 2 say i understand that you have a massive problem with hackers but what i dont understand is y you do nothing about it i have been emailing your company now for almost 3 months as my account was hacked almost 850 mil and i also have friends that have lost much much more and they have had the same problem as me well i will not just lay down and give in like my friends did and as for banning people for helping friends out now that is going to far i mean what next, do we even wanna think about it this app needs sorting out BIG TIME. you have a great app hear its a shame stupid people cant just play for fun but you are punishing the wrong people.

  17. hi mark
    so if i tell i was banned for no reason would u care to reactivate my account back !!!

  18. hello mark.will you explain to me how i`m supposed to to move chips from 1 account to another without getting banned from poker.after all,they are MY chips.i have 3 accounts to try to stop the hackers from taking all my chips at about making it so that ONLY buddys can move chips to 1 another.that way,you win and the players will be happy.try it,it just might work.thnx for your time

  19. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the speedy response and resolving my problem I have put on the Zynga forums that Zynga do care about hacked accounts and people need to have patience as you have a backlog of tickets thanks again.

  20. Ya okay DAVE….YOU might have had a speedy response but the majority of people DON”T. My friends have been hacked repeatedly, as well as my self and since it was thru the table freezing and getting lagged…there was nothing done about it.
    Then they banned so many of us for trying to help our friends and family by giving them a few chips…if it was against the rules they should have warned us instead of just the chipsellers and hackers, which we are NOT.
    I think that u are just someone from Zynga trying to put a postitive spin on one of the biggest messes a gaming site has ever made. This isnt going to just go away either..they owe these players an apology..admit they made a mistake and reinstate their accounts

  21. Hey Mark wtf going on,first i`m` hacked for over 2mill then i`m banned for no reason,leaving over 8mill in my account,why,why,why,why,i`ve even bought chips off zinga,reconnect my account or remove every zinga product on my facebook account…..many people are as pissed as me about this and are taking legal advice!!!!!
    See for yourself!!!!!
    any response from you would be greatful/but i doubt i`ll hear from you,so look out for me in the crowd at the courts,in san fransico,i`ll be the one hurling potato chips…over 10mill if my maths is right!!!!!
    speak tomorrow when i reply to YOUR response!!!!LOL PMSL LOL LOL LOL

  22. Hi Stephanie,
    No I don’t work for Zynga I wish I did as the UK has over 2 million unemployed and I am one of them. I had been waiting for 6 weeks to get my account to get sorted. I to lost chips 500million in fact to the table’s freezing/lag when people would put %o%o%o in the chat box and freezes the tables.
    Zynga could not prove this had happened, as I believe it does not show up on their logs. This is not the first time my account had been hacked it took 4 weeks last time I was hacked it took longer this time as it was for over 1billion chips and they have a backlog of tickets.
    The reason I have put anything on the forums is all I see is people being negative and they have only been waiting for about 4 days and the other reason it put it on the forums is to show that Zynga do sort out accounts but you have to be patient.

  23. We are being NEGATIVE Dave because they suddenly BANNED thousands of innocents people’s accounts for giving their friends chips. They did this with no warning. I feel that we were all hacked by ZYNGA themselves. Then they posted it on their page that they zeroed and banned people who were involved in chipselling and hacking. This is not true. Most of us never ever sold or hacked chips, we simply gave to some of our friends who were low. To be accused of hacking and things and have our accounts BANNED after working so hard to build chips is UNFAIR!!! Haven’t you been reading these posts? Its not about being hacked, its about being UNFAIRLY BANNED from our accounts without warning. They took only 57m from me but I know some with hundred million accounts and even billions that they banned for nothing more than giving a few chips to their friends and family. Most of my regular poker buddies have been banned for doing something that has been common practice since I started. You are apparently not allowed to transfer chips from one account to another either or u will be banned. So if you are trying to hide some chips away from hackers so you wont be targeted by hackers you will be penalized by Zynga by a permanent ban. Either way you will lose them…
    I was hacked thru the tables and so were most of the people I know and they did NOTHING about it. They simply told us that they had no record of it and too bad for us..the situation was resolved. In the meantime I had reported hackers in the past and the hackers were allowed to continue what they were doing. Instead they banned a lot of innocent players. Thousands of innocent players, and some of their most dedicated ones at that.
    Suspiciously, after banning those of us with substantial chip counts, they lowered the price of their chips within 2 hours of them doing this to us….So if you would read and get whats going on, you will see there is genuine cause for our “negativity”, which is a word I wouldn’t use. I think we are asking to be treated fairly and not to be thought guilty until proven innocent. And to listen to the players on who the hackers are and not just assume that because I gave my friend some chips that I RIGHTFULLY earned and should be able to do what I want with….I am not a chipseller. This was a really really bad thing, and I for one would be happy to seek legal representation for my time, stress, monetary value of the chips according to their prices, and any legal fees incurred, as well as libel and slander..possible defamation of character…whatever we can get….I know there are a few lawsuits coming together where members have been seeking legal representation and I would join and so would all my friends. So before u start talking about the so-called negativity, please find out what the issues are. Its not about being hacked…we as players dealt with that and took it in stride when Zynga did nothing to make the tables more un-hackable, but this is outrageous and a real violation of our rights, not just as players but as human beings. All of our time and the friendships we made are no longer possible in the same fun aspect that we had come to know and enjoy, because some dumb corporate decision that didn’t factor in everything…Its like they don’t even know at all what goes on at those tables. They don’t know even know how to spot a hacker, or the fact that they robbed people on a mass scale of chips worse than a hacker ever could, and that they robbed us of the chance to play with our friends, A simple warning not to give chips to our friends would have sufficed….instead they chose to hurt a lot of people.

  24. Hi am concerned like many many others who play poker as you have been banning the wrong people for the wrong reason. Those of us that have friends on poker should be allowed to make the choice to give chips to our friends who need them. I love playing the game and your prices are not good, you ned to be competitive with the rest of them. If we choose to help friends then that is our choice to do so, surely you dont want to lose your customers.

  25. Hi Mark,
    Please solve this problem as soon as possible. This zynga poker couldn’t do this. I understand about the hackers and 3rd party selling chips. But we also have our rights to share some of our chips to our friends or family to help them out. You have to difference it. I dont wanna get through this problem too long. I did many of efford and spent my time in this game to gain my lucky in poker and now you banned my account? Its ok if you guys not give me back my chips but I would be pleasure if you reactive my account. If you didnt solve it, you will lost your fans. Because this is a FREE application that we play in Facebook. Zynga couldnt force us to buy the chips from them. And we will never do that if our friends still got some chips and he/she agree to share some without PAY (means that this IS NOT A TRANSACTION). Reactive my poker account and the others that you banned and you may add more security to protect your term of service and make sure before you banned the account, please kindly carefull to see they are hacker or selling chips or only helping their friends out.

  26. Ok Stephanie I hear your point but you need to contact customer support that is what mark put up the top of the blog “if you feel you have been wrongly banned from our games go to our customer support and they will verify your account status.” The negativity I was reading on the forums was about hacked/stolen chips not about people being band.
    Look at it from Zynga’s point of view they see chips going from one account to another account i.e. from your account to your friends account Zynga do not know if you are a hacker or not as that is exactly what a hacker does transfers chips from one account to another. Zynga are only protecting peoples accounts if you are NOT a hacker you have nothing to worry about put in your ticket to customer support and they will verify your account it is the only way to get rid of hackers.
    If Zynga sent a warning first your account is still free to be accessed by a hacker your accounts have probably just made TOS (temp out of service) not banned until Zynga get a ticket to verify your account.
    It clearly states in the Zynga community guidelines No scalping. No selling or attempting to sell chips or points to another player, and no purchasing or attempting to purchase chips or points from another player. Zynga may, in its sole discretion, ban players and/or remove chips and points from players if Zynga believes that those players have not behaved in accordance with these guidelines.
    Zynga are only enforcing there terms and conditions that every player should have read when they started up their accounts so you only have yourselves to blame.

  27. Hi Mark,
    I have been banned from playing poker and I’m devastated.I spend a lot of time enjoying the game with my poker buddies who I am now unable to speak to as my account has been banned.I have given a few chips away to poker buddies who have lost their chips and was never aware there was anything wrong with that!I was given no warning and surely Zynga are able to differentiate between sellers and poker buddies helping each other out?I would like to know when my account will be re activated please and maybe it needs to be made clear that we are no longer able to give chips away to buddies.I would be grateful if you could have someone look at my account history and transcripts and see that I have only ever given to buddies and then get back to me asap to let me know when I will be able to play poker again.Thanks, Mrs Deborah Round

  28. Hello Mark,
    I was hacked 42mil chips through FB and left 2ith 11k. I wrote to Zynga and the response was I’ve been banned and the problem has been solved. I am still able to log on to my profile. I have been ill and am not able to do the things I used to do. I found Zynga on Jan. 2009 and met many friends all over the world that keeps me company. Sadly to say it is the only enjoyment I have. I am very proud to say I started with 2k and been able to build my chips. I can’t believe how upset I am about this. Please help me and respond to my email. My profile number is 1078591060.

  29. I meant to say i was hacked 420mil. Also want to mention that I had wrote a complaint about hackers because about a month ago. I have not ever or will be selling any of my chips that I’ve earned. profile no. 1078591060

  30. Hey Mark,
    Iam very annoyed at the way you have gone about trying to fix the problem of hackers and sellers. I have been playing your app for over a year now, I was hacked and told by Zynga that they could not verify it. I let that go started over with the fantastic friends I had made from your game many of them wanted to help me by giving me chips which was much appreciated after all you did nothing to help me!!! Now months on I made my way back up, and i often get many of these friends who once helped me ask if they can have some chips, and im only too happy to help. This is a very social app, many ppl play because they like your game and can solcialize at the same time. But that being said, Banning so many accounts for helping friends out has been a huge mistake, For 1 you have not stopped the hackers (a friend was hacked 400m the day after your ban) and I have seen several ppl still advertising the sale of chips. Im also very annoyed at the fact that there are so many Bots playing your app that sometimes i do think that they are your bots!!! I also think you need to improve the game by makeing ppl pay the blind when the sit so that way ppl wont dodge as it gets so frustrating payng more blinds in the larger rooms because of dodgers.
    You really do need to give ppl back their accounts a warning should of been issued to all players before a ban. Increase the amount in rooms that you can give ppl. ADDRESS some of these issues BUT pls give ppl back their accounts the game is Crap at the moment its actually not fun anymore!!!

  31. Hello Mark, I wanted to thank you so much for giving me the email of chrish@zynga to get get my 420mil back that was hacked. I have been going through a very difficult time in my life for the last couple years. I luckily found Zynga on January of this year. I have never played or met people online. Didn’t even know what the chat box I’ve been so lucky and grateful to have met several wonderful people that I would have never met without Zynga. They are my peeps, become my true friends. I couldn’t manage without seeing my their tiny pics on my Mac. When I was hacked of 420mil, I was so upset, I felt I had accomplished something to from 2k. I was directed to your blog from my friend Terry and posted my situation. You emailed me right away and directed me to Chris. I was doubtful that anything would be done, since I got a email from Zynga that I was banned. I knew it was a mistake because I was able to log into my account. I couldn’t believe it when my chips were restored! Zynga is not just a poker site for me, it’s a place to connect with people all over the world. I believe many people feel the same way. I suggest all the player to report anyone selling or wanting to buy chips, and the annoying Bots. I believe the hackers and those people who are so greedy to sell chips can be eliminated with the help of the players. Thank you Mark for taking the time to help me and thank you Chris for restoring my chips. You both made my day! I’ve just been jumping table to table to tell all my buddies the good news. They couldn’t believe it. It’s funny, but true that a little thing like restoring fake chips can bring so much joy to myself and my friends.
    I have a saying ‘Little simple joyful moments leads to a joyful life.’ One of my dreams is for me to meet all my eight peeps in Vegas, hope that happens for us. I will let you know when that day comes.

  32. I have no response yet , maybe it is the confusion of two Dave’s posting ..
    My dilemma now is that I have lent so many chips to mates over the year and have never asked for any back , now I have been banned I have none but buddies want to donate ..
    SO what do I do , they can’t as they are afraid to get banned under an acusation of selling like I earned (marvelous)
    Now I am stuck in the ridiculous cauldron of all-In crap that haunts the small tables ……
    (wishing I had sold my 1.1 billion now)

  33. Hi Mark
    Just wondering if you could help me. My Zynga Poker account has been banned. The problem is i really dont know exactly why. I suspect it was because i helped a friend, i gave him 10m chips. I didnt know it was illegal, i though only selling chips was illegal so i didnt give it a 2nd thought. I never got any warning what so ever which i feel is a bit hard considering i have been a long time loyal supporter of this game. Is there anyway i can get my account released from this ban, I have always followed the rules. Never dodged blinds, only had 1 account. I was even hacked 300m at one stage, i submitted a ticket to zynga and was never helped, the best i got was automated email replies, in the end i just gave up trying to resolve it and continued playing. So i think i have been a very fair player, i dont feel i deserve to be banned.

  34. Hey Mark, I was playing poker and while i was playing my account was hacked 427m, although the ladder still said i had that amount when i held the mouse over me it said i have 301k. I thought by banning ppl you were stopping the hackers and the sellers, I would really appreciate your help with this as i love the game and im very dissappointed in losing the chips ive worked so hard to get.

  35. hi mark,i love the game but i was hacked for 89ml chips and i called zynga so manytimes i lost count,i filed a report with zynga and gave all the information that was asked for and i never got any kind of reply at all,so what is the sense of having a customer service if they never get back to you,i have saved every email from them.all i keep getting is a email telling me that they have not heard from me in 48 hours so they have marked the case as solved.i wrote back and called telling them that it has not been solved and that i have been in contact with them and no reply,and now they just dont reply at can you tell me how i can speak to a live person and resolve this and get my chips back.thanks

  36. hi mark
    my chips have been hacked. i had $511,107,00 chips, i stood up off my seat for a brief moment(3 secs) then i sat back down, then when i looked at my chips i only had $109,197,000. I have a screenshot , but i dont know how to attach the JPG to this email. As you will see my total when i click on my picture is different to the total on my list at the bottom of the screen. I did not lose that many chips that fast, i don’t know how that is even possible without being hacked.
    Please help me

  37. hi mark just wanted 2 say thanx 4 the quick response but in the email i recieved you asked me for more details about what happened but i have already sent 3 emails 2 customer support explaining what happened. just wondered how i go about this now as my account has not been reactivated yet nor have i recieved my 850 million chips hope 2 hear from u soon

  38. hey
    recently my account on texas holdem poker
    has been banned i had no warning,
    but before being banned i had 1billion chips
    would that have anything to do with why i was banned?
    and out of curiosity how do i claim back my chips?


  40. Now I see as I read through this blog…
    I was hacked of just under 4 billion chips.
    I have a screensgot to prove this.
    Now I see that it is know that zynga targeted these large accounts on the thought that they were buying or selling chips.
    This is because I had the same response from that jackass chris, I got the “we are unable to verify that amount of chips, therefor we are not restoring them”…
    What the heck is that pictured in my screenshot that I gave then?
    You really need to shape up the CS part of your company.
    I am surely gonna join in,or start, a lawsuit… I have spent a huge amount of valuable time building my chip stack and the stress you have all caused is of the charts, with you telling me I never had them.
    Gimme a break… I am sure the judge will see the chips I had… Maybe that will translate into REAL cash… hmmmm
    Thanks for your help…LOL

  41. hi mark you sent me a link to some one called chris and said he would help me get my 6 million chips back i have emailed him twice but to no avail no ansewer can you please help zynga said they rembursed me but i got nothing false hope then they said case solved so what now

  42. Hi Mark, Please can you help me. Last night I had 37.6 million chips which i worked hard for. This afternoon i logged in and i only have 1.7 million chips, its just disappeared.
    This is not the first time I have been hacked twice before for the amounts of 40 million and 60 million chips since i started playing. I am very disappointed this is still happening and hoping you can help me out. 101.7 million chips is alot to have lost since i started playing a year ago. I look forward to your response.
    Tracey from Ireland

  43. Referring to the email i just sent you regarding my stolen chips. i felt i just had to add these comments.
    1. Adverisers should be targeted in enticing us to click on their links
    2. hackers are still advertising chips to be bought off them .
    3. Most importantly The chips we win and own, we should be able to pass chips on to our friends and family if we wish as we do own them. Alot of my friends have been banned for helping friends and family out which is totally unfair, it is spoiling the game totally. i feel this is an area that needs looking at. One of my friends got banned and lost his 312 million chips for helping a friend which is totally uncalled for and i think he should be reinstated immediatley.
    tracey in ireland

  44. hi mark you must be fed up with me i would like to inform you i have been hacked again to the total of 3 million 3 hundred thousand chips but guess what the cheeky beggars joined vip witch i did not want im very seriously thinking of leavin face book theres no privicy on there and the same with poker is there any way you can retrive my chips plus the six million i keep complainig about please please help me

  45. hello i thought write and tell you that i have been hacked 48 million chips i have already sent emails to zynga but they dont get back . please can u help me m8 🙂

  46. hi mark i was wondering if you are doing any thing about my complaints i am getting fed up with no replys you dont seem to want to resolve my issues about keep being hacked and remburseing my chips so i will tell every one i know to raise there issues with you and give them your email

  47. Hello Mark Terry here founder of the petition against zynga My members wouldn’t mind hearing from you about what you intend to do re adverts, hackers and giving chips to our friends and family. The main topic of discussion has turned from hackers to chip donations and storing chips in other accounts to stop hackers. There is a lot of anger out here that we the people who play your game can’t give OUR CHIPS, NOT YOURS, OURS to whom we wish. Some of our friends don’t play very well and we want to be able to give them chips so that they can play with us. Where is the harm in that? As long as you stop the hacking and private sellers there is no reason for you get involved with what we do with our chips within your game.Your people have frozen many of our friend accounts without facts just suspicion. In law we are all meant to be innocent until proven guilty not the other way round. I suggest you give your team a kick up the backside and start to give the people what they want. Which is a safe place to play without hackers and the right to do with our chips what we want. A response from you to our group would be most welcome. You can find us here.

  48. I played in the 100k tourney twice when i came 2nd place both times and didnt recieve my chips. i would like to recive my chips still if this is possible.
    Thanks Gary

  49. I sent this email to complain this is what I got back…can u please explain???
    Question Reference #090612-018230
    Product Level 1: Texas Hold’em Poker
    Product Level 2: Facebook
    Category Level 1: Technical
    Category Level 2: User Interface
    Date Created: 06/12/2009 09:36 PM
    Last Updated: 06/15/2009 01:25 PM
    Status: Solved
    Hello sarah,
    Thanks for contacting Zynga Customer Support.
    Your account has been banned for illegally transferring chips and thereby violating the Terms of Service for Texas Hold’em Poker.
    Due to unusually high volume, we are unable to address your issue at this time. If you believe that you did not violate our Terms of Service and that your account was erroneously banned, please wait two weeks before replying to this e-mail.
    Thank you,
    Zynga Customer Support
    I am or should say was a very prominent poker player on Facebook. I have to be honest when I tell you I am so disappointed with the turn of events. I have been hacked for over 50 mil on my account and been hacked for over 100 mil on my account. I actually shut the account due to being hacked.
    Let me explain why I really have stopped playing your service. I got hacked originally on the and em ailed your support constantly asking why you were doing nothing about it. I got many responses stating they could no verify so it must not have happened. I went into great detail into my email’s with times dates etcc…..everything your support team asked for. Not to my surprise they responded with your out of luck.
    I got a call one day from a friend who advised me I was playing poker on my account when I wasn’t even home. I had been putting my chips in there as I didn’t want to be hacked. I get home sign in under and to my surprise my account shows up talking to me at a table. I immediately go into that account and change the pass. Again someone is in there when I check and now all my chips have gone. I actually closed the account down as the individual hacking into my account was going to my friends trying to lure them into private rooms, in my opinion attempting to take their chips as well.
    I have stopped Emailing your support center as I feel they don’t care enough to help/ I spent allot of time winning those chips and for what absolutely nothing I am now left with 60 k in my I have decided I really don’t like the service anymore as all my hard work to get chips results in someone taking them. Wether it be hacking my account or freezing the table to win.
    I know you are aware of all these problems and I know you are not made aware of every case. I just thought you would like to be aware as to why you are losing players. I have over 600 poker friends on my and I get messages daily asking why I am not playing and I really have not responded to them with any answer. But I think eventually I will tell them how disappointed I am in the service your team provides. Its really sad it has to come to this. You make money for people playing your service, you are suppose to provide an enjoyable one. Unfortunately that is not the case. I know many people that have been hacked and they feel the same way.
    I have heard zynga is the main hacking element, that you guys steal our chips, I hope this is not the case as that would very illegal and immoral.
    Sarah Stones

  50. hi , i am banned for giving chips to my friends , i just want to request you that i have never sold as i have maximum had 160m in chips and yes, i have given to friends , becouse its human , to help friends , i am sure you in your life must have helped you friends in need , i kindly request you to freemy account with the remaining chips , and in future i ll think twice before giving any chips although its always friends of my facebook whom i have helped.plz do the needfull and oblige as poker has become very important timepass , thnaks

  51. hi mark
    i lost my 3 million chips but i got then again.
    it was hackers
    couldnt zynga just fix the problem about hackers

  52. hi mark i have sent you my profile as you requestedlets see if you will do anything now i sent it to chris a couple of weeks ago as you requested what response did i get nothing lets see if you will do anything i would like all my chips rembursed

    It seems like cbs missed the real story on zynga…the mass banning of innocent users, inability to prevent hacking of chips, and their complete lack of customer support. Makes you wonder how much zynga paid cbs to air this infomercial for them…hmmmm!!!

  54. People why are you bothering with Mark he is probably getting a massage or doing his yoga!!!
    You think he gives a crap whether you were hacked!!! he dosent give a damn!!
    He is too busy employing ppl who have it so good in the company that they dont actually care that you are a loyal player, so instead they ignore you when u get hacked!!!!!!!!
    And ban you for giving some chips to a friend and accuse you of selling even though you haven’t….
    When in reality any company that employs staff and allows them to come to work in dressing gowns and googles and gives their staff free meals and massages are….
    MAKING WAY TOO MUCH MONEY>>>>>>>>>>>>> 100mil last year was it???
    So you really think they care when you get hacked 300mil???
    No they just ignore your numerous attemps at contacting them and then reply with their automated replys…..
    Actually it makes you wonder why they need anymore staff… I mean they dont need them to fix security and stop the hackers…
    Oh I know now they need more staff to hack the accounts of players so therefor hoping that these poor players have become so addicted to the game that they will BUY YOUR RIPOFF FAKE CHIPS!!!!
    I still class this as gambling.. Hope you have a license…
    Cant believe how bad you piss of your loyal players…..

  55. i have been banned from poker for helping a friend out with FREE chips there is NO law on the land that states it is ILLEGAL to give anything away for free and now in order to get my account reinstated i have to accept losing 90% of MY chips that i won fair and square it sucks as far as im concerned the people who are committing the crime here is ZYNGA by robbing me of my chips i feel that i should take this further myself by seeking legal advice and if i have to i will even take it to court i believe i will have a lot of support on my side

  56. hi again. i just recieved an email from zynga customer service saying they had not heard back from me bout my complaint, i emailed them back and they r saying i did not. im not happy with u or zynga for that matter. ur company is basically stealing money off us by not fixing our accounts up. wat ur company is doing is illegal. reply to me plz mark

  57. Mark,
    I love Texas Hold’em App – I played for countless hours and know the game and its players very well. I started from 1000 chips a year ago and Im at 2 billion right now.
    That being said, Zynga banned A LOT of legitimate players in a brazen effort to wipe out hacker accounts. The only thing many of these players did was give NOT SELL chips to their friends. All Zynga had to do was stop the hacker exploits through messenger services (such as MSN and yahoo)and the other hacks where the hacker just clicks on your name and steals all your chips, but instead you guys chose an easy route to just start banning anyone who gives their chips.
    As for the 3rd party sites, you can’t do much about people who are dumb enough to give their passwords out to 3rd party websites that claim to double your chips. But you can go after the people hosting them with lawsuits.
    just my 2 pennies,
    Thanks for reading,

  58. hi is this going to help me or be a waste of time ? nay way plzz read this and reply. my chips where refunded from zynga amazing 🙂 seriously i was so so happy good one zynga. but then i was sent a message saying i was banned oh no i thought but then all of a suden they e-mail me back saying there was a mistake and i was not banned. whitch was great i knew there was a misstake but then my 72 million that i worked so hard for was gone please help me your my only hope seriously reply and help lov u mark >

  59. well hello again mark i have done what you said and sent chris my profile and told him about me being hacked for 6 million chips and that zynga said the gave them back but i did not recive them and when i wrote back they said resolved then i told them about 3 million 3 hundred thousand i had missing from bebo guess what they said case resolved then last week i had another 3 million gone from face book when are you going to do something about this you are taking from the hackers but you are doing nothing for people like me why cant you remburse us im fed up and i am going to get publisity about face book they are cheats i am fed up with all this messing about i complain to you you send me to cris nothing is getting resolved i am a very unhappy person

  60. Hi Mark,
    Enlosed below is my last letter to zynga:
    Dear Wendy,
    I saw your suspension notice. Totally disappointed.
    I given some chips to my girlfriend to play and now i am told that my 120M acc is only restore to 1M. When i transfer to her 10M, I was only 74M. Does that makes a diff?
    May 5th, a day after my brithday…200M disappeared. Reported. Nothing done…all i got was an auto-reply for you.
    May 8th, another 100M disappeared. Again, auto reply.
    Open another acc (, 22M disppear last night..Again auto reply.
    Never sold a single chips in my life…never abuse any1 on the table…
    Loyal texas poker player for 1 over years. All i got left with, is this 1M slap in the face. I cant help but feel that you are treating me like a beggar and simple throw a few pennies on the ground in front of me…
    Since you have so boldly stated that you have over 10M player now. Thanking everyone for their support. With this suspension notice, it will be the final straw for me. Prepare you feel that 1 less user wont make any difference for you. Thereby treating me this way. But I have brought total 16 friends into this game. Might not be much but…
    Since I got stab in the back from Zynga, I dont see the need to continue this relationship. I still have to thank you for developing this game. Apart from all this unpleasent experience and chips disappearing, i have truely enjoy the game. Guess every good things must come to an end.
    I will use this notice, post it on FaceBook to say goodbye to all my poker buddies.So that they will see the real reason why i am no longer playing.
    You can deactivate this poker acc totally from hereon. Including as well.
    Mark, I don’t even know if i got hacked or my chips just disappeared on the 3 occasions…Is there a system faulty? guess only zynga knows. Its been 1 1/2 reply. My fren’s buddy 3.2B was return to him the very next day.
    When i pass the chips to my girlfriend, i was 64M…i was banned a week later. During which, i won 60M. Then why take all my chips and reurn only 1M to me. Dont make sense…Zynga just take all away and expect me to be a beggar and say yes to their terms on reactivation…To make matter worst, its was some1 hack into my gf acc and ask me for chips. haiz..
    whats the use of reporting on hacking..i wrote down as detail as possible…each time i only got an auto reply. 400M reduce to 1M. My loyalty to zynga for the last 2 years means nothing to them. My biggest regret, in giving up, is the friends and poker buddies i make all these time…
    Honestly, I have totally lost faith in Zynga and i don’t really expect much from you…Thanks for listerning

  61. hi,
    a few months ago i purchased chips to play texas holdem….i have played everyday hours at a time…. i accumulated about 50 million chips…tonight i was playing in a 200k 400k room and in the chat box it said double your chips instantly and i lost all my chips… i have followed the given procedure and have not heard back can u please help

  62. hi,
    a few months ago i purchased chips to play texas holdem….i have played everyday hours at a time…. i accumulated about 50 million chips…tonight i was playing in a 200k 400k room and in the chat box it said double your chips instantly and i lost all my chips… i have followed the given procedure and have not heard back can u please help

  63. No chips were hacked or sold but transfered into another account owned by me as a form of security as so many accounts get hacked because your system is so unsecure, the chips in this account were owned by me and were not your property to remove my chips is a rights issue which i am the other members of our group are willing to challenge, please reinstate this account as no chips were sold to any third party i now believe that zynga are violating my rights and forcing me to purchase chips from yourselves i had over 5 million chips in this account and all were won playing on your game there were no funky goings on at any time your terms and conditions do not state you cannot move chips into another account for saftey,

  64. Hello Mark Terry here founder of the petition against zynga My members wouldn’t mind hearing from you about what you intend to do re adverts, hackers and giving chips to our friends and family. The main topic of discussion has turned from hackers to chip donations and storing chips in other accounts to stop hackers. There is a lot of anger out here that we the people who play your game can’t give OUR CHIPS, NOT YOURS, OURS to whom we wish. Some of our friends don’t play very well and we want to be able to give them chips so that they can play with us. Where is the harm in that? As long as you stop the hacking and private sellers there is no reason for you get involved with what we do with our chips within your game.Your people have frozen many of our friends accounts without facts just suspicion. In law we are all meant to be innocent until proven guilty not the other way round. I suggest you give your team a kick up the backside and start to give the people what they want. Which is a safe place to play without hackers and the right to do with our chips what we want. A response from you to our group would be most welcome. You can find us here.
    We still haven’t heard a word from you or from any member of your team. Which just goes to show what you think of your loyal customers.

  65. Hi Mark,
    there are still hackers out there just seen this in the chat box:
    Zyngå Cµstomer Serviçe : Warning! All users with 50M + should activate their accounts at http://WWW.ZYNGAREG.TK otherwise their accounts maybe BANNED.
    you need to sort this out just letting you know thanks

  66. Hi Mark
    Is there anywhere that we can report hacker messages and 3rd party sellers that keep putting messages in the chat box with out clogging up the CS tickets for hacked accounts.
    I think you may need to contact Ebay UK as there are people selling your poker chips on there as of 22:30 June 27th 09 there are 46 people selling chips or ways to get chips on there.

  67. Hi Terry–appreciate the feedback on our poker game. As you know, our main focus is to maintain the integrity of games and eliminate hackers and chip sellers. You definitely bring up a good point about the desire to gift chips to your friends and we hear you loud and clear. Our Poker team is working on an in-game feature that will allow you to do just that. Right now, we allow you to gift 100 chips a day, and 1000 chips at a table, but the team knows that fans of the game want to be able to gift more than that, which is what we’re working on now. Stay tuned for this new feature soon.
    We certainly do appreciate our loyal customers–thank you for your continued patience.

  68. Hey Dave–thanks for sending through the tips on hackers and 3rd party chip sellers–always appreciated. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’ve ramped up activity on poker to find and shut down sites that are making the experience a negative one for our players. Our poker team is working on a process to roll out an automated function where players like yourself can report illegal or suspicious activity. I don’t have any info timing, but we are working on it.

  69. hi mark thank you for returning my 6 million chips to me that i had hacked i have more faith in you now thank you very much doreen harfield

  70. hello mark
    i wanted to say that i tried to allocate my vampire but zynga took my elder points for allocation, did not not allow me to allocate, and when i mailed them, they sent my allocation points to my mafia wars character and then marked my case as resolved, i do not know what to do now, any way i can be helped?

  71. Hi Mark,
    Not sure what to do but where do we report suspected poker bots. The only reason I ask is I have seen some privacy-blocked accounts go all in before all the cards are finished being dealt when they are first to act. I know I am fast with a mouse but not that fast and it is normally with AJ or AK or AA or KK never with JJ or a pair of 10’s or A10. It seems a bit suspect don’t you think not sure what info you would need to investigate this please let me know.
    Dave Chandler

  72. Thx for the heads up Dave! We’re working hard to fix these issues but I’ve forwarded this to our developers for further investigation. As far as reporting bots, the best place is submit a ticket with as much information as you can. Submitting there, you can add screen shots as well.

  73. Do you realize you appear to be colluding with Facebook to commit fraud? To be successful in Mafia Wars, you have to massively grow your friends list to gain power and limited loot items. You do this thru messages, chatting, and adding friends based on information passed through those communications. Facebook will ban you for doing any of those 3 things too fast, based on a formula that in their own words they can’t tell you how you exceeded a limit.
    So, your game encourages people to spend money for what is effectively a service to improve their character. Then when they also grow their mafia by using the message/chat/add friend methods to an undefinable excess, Facebook bans them, depriving them of what they purchased from Zynga with little or no recourse.
    You pay Facebook to have your game on their network. You get money from players paying for game related service. Conflicting policies between Zynga and Facebook effectively lead many to be defrauded for an undefined reason of their purchased service. I don’t believe for a second this is an accident. It’s calculated. Players who like the game will start all over in a new account, again more money for Zynga and indirectly Facebook.
    Facebook, if they cared at all about supporting their own users, should just simply cut a player off from being able to send a message, chat, or add friends for a period of time for the undefined formula to reset. Instead, it realizes it can with your help, whether you’re doing it on purpose or not, make more money with such a predatory business ethic.
    I ask you, Sir, what is your stance? I think as one of the most economically powerful of Facebook’s clients could stand on the side of the user/consumer. You could force Facebook to change their policy/software to simply stop allowing excessive activity rather than steal fairly, legally purchase service.
    Please, address this issue, if not with me, then Facebook. Sooner or later someone’s going to organize either a letter writing campaign to your corporate board members, or there will be someone with a connection to a state attorney general to force both Zynga and Facebook to toe the line. Is that the kind of negative information to either your board or to the press about a state’s investigation into such practices what you really want to have happen to you or on your watch as CEO?
    I give you grand kudos for having the balls to at least communicate with your customers through this blog. I formerly thought you were as aloof and disdainful of your customers as is the CEO of Facebook. He won’t talk to us, hear this issue.
    I thank you in advance for taking time to provide this means of actual communication and to consider the building frustration of your most loyal players and customers.

  74. hi AGAIN mark
    this is the third time i have left a message here now and to honest its getting quite tirsome all i want is MY chips back after al they are rightfully mine it took me a long time to build up the chips i have now and i did not expect them to be taken by hackers if you could just let me know how things are going or when or even if i will be getting my chips back that would be great thanx
    best rgds

  75. i have posted my question direct to you as after doing it to your support team all i get back is an auto response which means nothing at all to me, i understand that you are very busy and you have a lot of cases similar to mine that you need to sort out but 99% of them have not been waiting half as long as i have i just want my chips back so i can carry on enjoying my favorite game.

  76. hi mark just want to say thank you very much for restoring me my poker chips i can now enjoy the game like i used to and i would also like to add to the people waiting and getting impatient that zynga do care about all of there players on there apps and please be patient with the team.
    best rgds

  77. Dear Mark, I am in utter SHOCK & DISBELIEF! Zynga has just banned my account & I have broken no rules whatsoever! I have been abiding by all ur rules & have not transfered chips to anyone or sold chips & also have not transfered any to myself or even “consolidated” accounts?..This comes as a total Knock to me as I was hacked last week sunday night (4July) whilest waiting to play on a table ( 10 m New York server)I got hacked of 1.4Bil of my chips & switched of pc in time to salvage 500mil of my chips! I did not bother to report this hacking as i have been hacked 3 times before & it did me no good to report it. I merely carried on playing with my 500mil & finally a week later I was up to 1.3 Bil. Then I got banned for absolutely no reason? DOES ZYNGA JUST RANDOMLY PICK PEOPLE WITH LARGE CHIP COUNTS TO BAN?
    I am constantly afraid of being hacked, but now it seems the PEOPLE I SHOULD FEAR MOST IS ZYNGA?…At least the hackers left me 500mil, ZYNGA is offering to reset my account to 1mil! I feel so violated, this 1 week after being hacked! REALLY THIS IS BIZARRE!
    Please Mark, there must be some way for you to help me on this matter, if u investigate my account, you will see I am one of the Loyal & innocent players. surely you can see that I didn’t transfer chips or sell or break any rules!
    I play poker everyday as my husband recently had a heart-attack & bypass surgery & I have to take care of him, so I am at home alot with alot of spare-time and the POKER helps take my mind off of all my stress!
    I appeal to you Mark, PLEASE fix my account.
    I have surported Zynga in every way & I do not deserve to be banned for no reason.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Vicky Corneelse

  78. thank you Mark and your ppl in support.quck responses and good work from them in my case as they restored my chips.greetings from me and my friends from Serbia we are big fans of zynga.Your texas holdem poker is the best online game of all time.Best regards !!!

  79. Hi Mark,
    I was just wondering if this Blog is still in operation as I have heard nothing back from you about my POKER ACCOUNT BEING BANNED??
    I have submitted tickets to the customer support, but really it doesn’t seem to be helping! Please can you help me Mark, I miss playing with my family & friends. Why should I have to suffer due to Zynga’s mistake in banning me??? After-all, you will see if you look into my account, I did not break any rules & I have been a victim of hackers 3 times in the last few months! The last time I was hacked was 1 week before I got banned!!!! Does this maybe have anything to do with me being banned??? PLEASE RESPOND TO MY LETTER!!
    Yours Sincerely
    Vicky Corneelse

  80. hello mark i have been banned for apparently giving chips and that was an impossibility as i was only on for a short time i havent been playing much lately i have been playing on my farms ilooked this morning and 3 million had gone missing i did not play but i wrote a complaint to zyngai do not give chips nor recieve them i had over 9 million in my account and i would swear on the holy bible i have not given chips i do think it is some one that knows my email because they changed my pass word please could you find out who keeps doing this and now got me banned for something i have not doneyou ought to get the people that are doing this the last time i played poker was the 23 july 2009 i came off obout 10pm please help me

  81. Dear Mr. Pincus
    I have been playing mafia wars for about 4 months now. I have spent THOUSANDS upgrading my character and somehow still get beaten by players 600 levels below me. I heard there was a Godfather point hack and hundreds of Zynga Mafia wars players benefited from this. It seems unfair that I have spent all this money upgrading and buying weapons, and armor and vehicles and these cheaters are beating me badly. I constantly get error messages which I have sent screenshots to Zynga customer service and always get an automated response. I have paid for more than my share of points, when are you people over there at Zynga gonna throw me a bone? I’m paying for top notch customer service and getting nothing in return.
    Feeling Shortchanged,
    Steven Joseph

  82. hi marc
    i have posted a question on zynga but my friend told me i might get a better response on here. i was hacked on poker between 12am 5/8/09 and 12pm 6/8/09 150 million chips gone it has taken a long time to build them up i am just wondering if i will be getting them back anytime soon.

  83. i wud just like to know y after i sent an email to zynga support my account on your site has been disabled is it anything to do with the fact that i asked for my chips back this is out of order all i want is my chips back that i rightfully earned and not so rightfully lost if it helps my incident number is 090806-007018 thanx

  84. Hi Mark, Not sure if I’m in the right spot here, I have no complaint with any of you games love them all and i play a lot of them. But and here is the But, Friday 4/9/2009 at home playing Pirates went to get a coffee came back error screen again, Not to bad but i keep getting you are Banned screen WTF !!! I thought o well another error screen but this one has not gone away. I have sent a complaint in but i would like a little help with this one. Why have i been banned ? [Incident: 090903-012718] is the ticket number.
    I have been playing a lot lately home from injury at work, The last few weeks your guys must be doing upgrades but a crap load of energy has been put out every half hour. So all i can think of is I’m been banned for using the energy you guys sent out. No sure but that’s all i can come up with, If possible could you get someone to fix this problem. I would hate to spent all this time and money to get banned till Dec 2010.

  85. Still have not heard from your second level guys, Not to worry i’m sure they will fix this soon. But i need my Pirate
    Still The Zynga games are the best. Thanks

  86. Hi Mark I would like to say a big thank you someone from your zynga staff got in touch with me and are currently investgating this matter I’m very happy now that someone is looking into this, such a big relief after a stressful 2 weeks…. i’ll post the conversation up on here soon x

  87. Hi Mark, Could u tell me how to do “Earned by helping out 10 friends who call for backup” in Tagged MW ? Thanks.

  88. The following players are hacking your system. Using “forced re-entry” and a “denial of service (DOS) bug” to re-set their accounts to level 1 with all stats intact.
    Clint Gaston #851929081
    AKA Pirates name Johnovich
    Brian Roach #1202374878
    AKA Pirate Daddy Pirates
    Mike Yeager #1204060925
    AKA captain Shortbus Pirates

  89. Hello Garvin,
    Thanks for contacting Zynga.
    Please note that, the email you have received is a scam email. This email is neither from Zynga nor from facebook. So, we request you not to click on any links provided in this mail. Also, request you to continue to play our game.
    Zynga Customer Support
    Hi Mark, that was the message i received but i was wondering about the chips I lost (aprox 200mil). I know you must me busy with all these responses but I would really appreciate your help in this matter.
    Thank you,
    Garvin St. Rose
    here is the ticket number 091003-005796

  90. Mark,
    I sent an email to you on, it’s too long for this blog. I really would like to find a way to restore my main Vampire Deluth (I deleted that Myspace account out of frustration). If not and even still, I would like to have the ban removed from Peacemaker (myspace account see above URL 480215254). Most Everyone in the game who knows me, know me as Deluth. They know how I play and how I am and that I would NEVER cheat. I’ve been more than open and honest with Zynga and all others involved. I’ve never botted and have no clue what a macro is but can guarantee I’ve never used one. I have been the victim of hacking, 4 times really on Deluth and once to Peacmaker also. If you read my email, I think you will understand. I thank you in advance and I really, really would appreciate your help.

  91. Dear Sir,
    I had banned from the game of Texas Holdem Poker without any warning.. If you are gonna ban me at least give me an explanation.sir i just played this game for entertainment,nothing else..and so why u banned me??
    and if i did any wrong action in this game then sorry for this,but plz reactivate my account sir.
    Please reply.
    thank you

  92. Hello i just got your message for illegal transfer and such..and i did nothing like that so i invite you to investigate my case cause i’ve been playing for a year now and built up my chips.
    I did as you asked in message and instantly all my chips wanished.!!!!
    If you need to ask me any questions please do, but this is not the way.
    I am awating quick response.
    Best regards

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