Web 3 – the whole world will be a game

All web services will eventually look and feel like games. Users will gravitate to the ‘funnest’ ecommerce or other sites. Game mex will be the most valuable skillset for web content and commerce.

6 thoughts on “Web 3 – the whole world will be a game

  1. “What is the Matrix?”
    But seriously, maybe. Sort of. Kinda. Ish.
    What does seem true (and pleases me) is that games skills, game design, game mechanics and so on are becoming more interesting on the web. .

  2. i have had no response to my problem of yoville, i have had my yocash, coins, rare items, furniture, and worst of all my grandkids pics and frames. who does this. you can see on my contest submit that i had all these things, now all gone. I spent alot of time and money. please i have tried contacting everyone no help so far. i did change my password today, but now i am worried for all of the people i had join.

  3. Dear Mr Pincus,
    I know this is out of the blue but the reason I’m writing is because a lot of innocent users like me of your Texas Hold’em Poker game are upset and dissatified with your recent policy. Therefore, I wanted to bring to your attention some facts regarding your Texas Hold’em Poker game:
    1. Chips are easily hacked or stolen
    2. Policy of banning users because they helped their friends by giving them chips is absurd
    I think these policies were enacted because of the frequent hacking of chips and also to counter illegal chips sale. I think the hacking problem lies with your system security and more should be invested to prevent hackers from easily getting into your mainframes or systems. If there are no hackers, there won’t be any illegal chips sale. The root of this hacking issue lies with your system security and nothing else.
    The game itself is a fun game. Due to the hacking issues I had to check out other sites like Pokerstars.com and Partypoker.com. Honestly, these sites aren’t as good as Zynga’s. I hope you as the founder & CEO of Zynga can do something to address the above issues. I’m sure Zynga is losing a lot of clients due to the banning policies. Trusting the above issues lie in good hands.
    Judith Lee

  4. Mark,what is going on with ur most popular game texas holdem,ur admins take some action to prevent something but…..all i see is over 1000 coments on every forum abouth zynga texas holdem.And they are not good not at all.
    Today i was playng there amd after ur action nothing change.Still computer bots players dogging,still scam sites posted in chat box hackers sellers offering chips in same chat box, in one word crazy.Hmm,i was hacked too, but i dont mind i will win again:),but the problem is that everybody is angry,my good friend aws hacked and now ur ppl banned him too.For what?Because he had trust in u and play poker again,just to see all of that computer bots still playing,scamers still there,sellers too,and now he cant see anything you banned him.Sorry to judge you but this is not a good move.Please bring us back hope in this,in past times the best online game in the world .Thank you and best regards

  5. i had over 8 mill on m acc a couple days ago went on added a friend and went back off came back on and only had 300k left i changed my pw no 1 has got back 2 me about it

  6. ..but not one that sacrifices functionality. I think the “Time is money” motto will still prevail. Moving a character across the screen to reach the “About Me” page will only push the limits of our collective attention spans. JavaScript page fade transitions, custom animated cursors, embedded music, flash heavy websites.. they’ve all been done and they didn’t last long.
    Most projects appeal only to those who understand the technological feat that has just been accomplished. To the rest of the world, it’s simply not that interesting.
    When e-mail wasn’t fast enough, we brought in IM. When bookmarks weren’t fast enough, we brought in RSS. Fast and functional is in and I don’t think we’ll see the end of Simple-is-Beautiful for quite some time.
    That isn’t to say the game market is doomed, but the bar will be constantly rising. Better gameplay, higher quality graphics, dedicated hardware, multiplayer/co-op/interaction. Innovation is dominance.

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