Iphone app to help me interview

Why isn’t there an app that tells me question types for various positions and then let’s me benchmark answers in relative and absolute terms?

It could propose simple to hard verbal math problems for engineers and biz people to test problem solving. It could let me time responses.

3 thoughts on “Iphone app to help me interview

  1. If there was such an app and use of it became at all widespread the effectiveness of the app would diminish since the questions and proposed answers would be catalogued somewhere and easily available. It’d have to be as much of a service with frequently updated questions (daily?) as much anything else.

  2. Also, the questions you ask on your own probably help candidates decide if they want to work for you. If they all come from the app, there is no chance for that…other than they can decide based on whether you use canned questions from an iphone app to interview them. Just sayin.

  3. How about an iPhone app that just tells you whether to hire someone? You could do it like the old “Magic 8 Ball.”

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