One happy user!

Compute: Back up … Zynga update … data recovery … more

Q. What happened with Zynga? Don't leave us hanging!

A. Regular readers will note that I recently gently urged Zynga, a
game manufacturer on such platforms as Facebook and MySpace, to improve
their customer support and technical support. I received a sincere
apology from Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga, and shared a conference call
with its management team, offering some suggestions on how I'd improve
things. I enjoyed talking with the team and really believe they are
trying to improve things. I will keep in touch with them and pass along
your comments in aggregate to them.

They also promised some cool improvements to "Mafia Wars" (and gave me back my "Defense!")

3 thoughts on “One happy user!

  1. Dear Mark, I would just like to say a huge thank you for all the support and help solving my issues with the game of Mafia wars. I have found that whenever i have had a problem whatever it may be that you have been extremely helpful and have always done all you can to solve this issue. Your game applications are so much fun and have made my time on facebook alot more interesting and enjoyable . Your staff member Chris is extremely helpful also. So thanks one again and keep up the good work you all do .

  2. Dear mr pincus
    seeing as you have now taken on all these customer service staff to resolve issues i wonder if you would be so good as to get one to contact myself regarding several issues the main one being the fact that a stalker has infiltrated my partners friends list with several fake addys he has repeatedly kept us dead in the game for over a month and has also harrased my significant other to the point that she took the game off in disgust.i contacted facebook regarding this and they refered me to zynga saying it was an issue for you to sort so lets see just how good your customer service team is this is my chalenge to you please could you get one of your service team to contact me directly you have my e-mail address allready i will update on the blog to everyone to let them know how quick the response is!! and if it was resolved !!

  3. I Just wanted to leave a comment letting you know how happy I am, & relieved that not only was my issues with yoville taken care of..but I recieved emails in response to my complaint of not being able to log onto yoville.
    & last but not least,..Thank-you

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