One thought on “zynga is searching for world class product managers

  1. i believe that the idea of a free web service offering live customer support is pretty new. if any of you see other best of breed approaches that you think are better we would love to hear about them”
    This is a quote from your blog about the customer service you wrote on 5/6/09. Just getting some customer service would be nice. Gang wars has been out for the last 5 days, everyone that can’t play has questioned what happened. No responses from any of your CSR or you. I do know that your games are free for the playing, but let’s face it, you are making money or you wouldn’t be running a company with investors putting their money in. I don’t know what kinda of experience you have had with bad customer service, but I can tell you that your company has the worst I have come across in a long while. You are even listed on BBB with a grade of F. It’s to bad that you took something special, your dogs name, and basically turn it into something that people are talking crap about.
    If you have any intention of responding to this, please don’t do it with the shallow, generic response that you have come up with.
    Thanks for you time.

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