pleasing all 45 million customers all the time

ran across a blog this week that I wanted to comment on. In it, James Derk, a
columnist for Scripps Howard News Service, detailed some negative experiences
he had with Zynga customer service (
  I want to thank james for sharing his thoughts and apologize for the furstrating experience he had with us. 

The article highlighted one of the toughest challenges we face as a company —
keeping pace with the growth in our community.  We’ve grown from
1M to nearly 10M daily active users in just 9 months and we’ve have had to
scale our customer service systems in real time. 

We’re definitely experiencing some growing pains, but behind the scenes we’re
working hard to align our organization behind customer needs.  In the last
quarter we’ve brought our average response time down to less than 4 days for
all but the toughest problems (hacking and cheating tickets take longer to
research and resolve), we launched our knowledge base ( and user forums
( The
response has been very positive.

i believe that the idea of a free web service offering live customer support is pretty new. if any of you see other best of breed approaches that you think are better we would love to hear about them.

Zynga’s mission is to connect the world through games and in order to do that,
we need wildly happy customers. We’re working around the
clock .  We welcome your feedback!

33 thoughts on “pleasing all 45 million customers all the time

  1. Mark,
    As you know I’m over at Our Service cloud vision as implemented by Comcast is offering support via twitter. We also are integrated into Facebook. This allows customers to contact you from where they are not just from your website.
    Ping me if you want more info.

  2. I am thrilled you actually read my column and appear interested in improvement. I am amazed that you did not now know all of the Mafia Wars support tickets were mass-closed recently with the same form letter.
    My suggestion is to do what you promise. Either cap the games at a level you can really support or quit offering support. Right now you are claiming to offer support but not delivering it, which is annoying customers, some of whom are really using credit cards and PayPal to buy points in your products.
    My two support tickets logged since my other ticket were closed have been ignored as well… showing the improvements promised in the mass e-mail are nowhere to be found.

  3. James,
    we really are working hard on this.
    You bring up an interesting question. Would users feel better if we set expectations lower on the level of live support offered?
    We are benchmarking against other best of breed approaches. Marcus spent yesterday at zappos understanding their support culture and approach. Unfortunately, they don’t deal with our volumes.
    Do you know of any other free web services that offer live customer support? How do they do better?
    We would love your input as we architect and evolve our approach.

  4. It is very difficult to read this with a strait face. Offering customer service by giving the customer a system to where they can submit a ticket is a great theory and a very useful tool, that is, until a customer is having a major problem, follows the steps, and gets ZERO, NADA NO reply at all. Also requesting that you “e-mail” again if you have not heard anything in 48 hrs is useless as well a) because we do not have an e-mail account for customer service, and b) even if you update the ticket you still get nothing in the way of support.
    I do understand that providing customer support for a free product is pretty new, but let us be real here. The moment you provide someone a method to pay for something in one of your games, to that person and any person that spends money it is no longer a free game and they expect some GOOD level of customer support if they have a problem.
    I am one of these customers, a player of your facebook version of Street Racing. That game is experiencing so many problems that I cannot count any longer. Having races reset, having progress reset both of witch I used favor points that I purchased is just unacceptable. Reporting this fact and hearing NOTHING at all for over 10 days is frustrating enough, but to threw salt on the wound the developers release a update to the UI User Interface. USELESS, waste of time. Mind you, the new UI is very interesting, but I really dont care about the UI being “cool” while I and hundreds of others are experiencing issues, issues that in all intents and purposes have allowed Zynga to steal money from us.
    It is hard to believe a statement that “we are working hard on customer service” when issue like this are going on and the level of support only seems to get worse.
    If you really want to provide customer support, and you want to show your customers that you are serious about their concerns and issues, begin by Freezing all coding on the game, next generate a hit list of issues and have the coders work with customers that have reported the problem to determine the issue, and finally FIX THEM. Also while this is going on, make direct contact with anyone that has reported anything stole from them, and make ammends with them. Generate refunds, or provide the option of a refund or a return of all favor points purchased. And customers that have had to deal with this much frustration should also be provided incentives to stay around, double the favor points they purchased when giving them a credit or refund.
    Please understand that I am not directly attacking you, I am in the IT field, and I do truly understand customer service, being that I am involved with ITIL and LEAN. You may even wish to consider the implementation of some sort of Service Industry LEAN concept towards customer service as a method of improving customer service and the customer experience.
    but providing customer — nothing is useless.

  5. Mark,
    I am an AVID ZYNGA FAN and game player – across all of the Social Networks and have been playing many of your games since they first launched or were in Beta.
    Yes, I have had issues – perhaps more than most people because of the number of your games I play across several networks. I have been through white-outs, missing stuff, limited functionality, etc. but EVERY TIME I have had an issue – it has gotten resolved. It might have taken a moment for it to be fixed – but it was. I always get a timely response of some sort – even if it is initially automated – but for those of you with issues, when you give them the information they need – they can help you quicker. And another tip….don’t be rude or mean and remember, for most of you – they are offering you a FREE service and FREE support.
    One issue I recently had for a little over 2 months was resolved with an actual phone call from a wonderfully helpful guy who went way above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was a happy gamer again. And I am. I was very impressed that I got a call – considering the sheer volume of help tickets I know you guys have.I can’t thank you guys enough!
    During the time I couldn’t play or was waiting for something to be restored – the world didn’t end, no one died, life still went on and I found other cool ZYNGA games to play. Your games are fun, cool, FREE and give us all something more to do on Social Networks than read stupid posts about our friends “making fish sticks for their kids” or “cramming for exams.”
    I read all the forums and posts and am blown away by how passionately rude and self-entitled so many people are. While their technical issues are probably valid and waiting can be frustrating – their rage, overreaction and end of the world, mob mentality are not. I guess living in an “immediate gratification society” has really penetrated a lot of minds.
    Thank you for your honesty and accountability. I applaud you / ZYNGA for acknowledging there are issues and letting us know that you guys are working on them.
    You guys are doing a great job. Your graphics are some of the best out there and your games just keep getting better and better.

  6. I just FINALLY received my points. BUT not all of them. Only 200 points. I am owed 215 points for the $50 I paid.
    For the love of God. Please pay my full points owed.

  7. Dear Mark,
    I hope you can help our streetracers out !!! I can live with a bug in a game but in street race you have to do 3 levels in every city . Today I was after maintenance for the third time thrown back at level one of the first city. I didn’t complain the first two times 😉 but now I had really enough , and there is no support that you can contact , I found out on the forum that many players had a similar problem . Can you please do anything about this problem,
    Thanks in advance !

  8. There is no customer support whatsoever, just automated responses. I have never known a company so poor with customer service. 45 million users , being let down its a disgrace.
    Zynga spend too much time trying to update the many games apps yet never seem to perfect any.The seriousness of the complaint isn’t given any kind of priority either, harrassment, missing money, game glitches are all treated with the same lax attitude.If you want to lessen the volume of complaints it makes sense that the first thing you do is fix the game glitches, concentrate on that and the volume drops, freeing up support for other more serious issues.There are admins on the games who are absolutely clueless . Why give them admin status when they aren’t concerned with carrying out an admin role ? Admins should be focussed and contactable .
    The support site is typically user unfriendly, its a lengthy process , difficult to find the correct links to actually complain. I’d like to see ‘real time’ help support.
    If I have a serious complaint I want / need an instant repsonse , customer support isn’t rocket science . Maybe Facebook should look into pulling the plug on these glitchy poorly maintained games zynga offer.

  9. I have been unable to access the Pirate game for around 12 hours now. I get the nice message that says there are problems and to come back in a few days. I want to play now.
    Question Am I going to get a credit for all the Energy that I could have used, but have been unable due to no fault of my own and what about the gold that I would have otherwise buried that is no doubt being looted away. I have spent a lot of time and effort building both Crew and equipment and now can’t use it.
    Am I annoyed? you bet I am. Customer support is waste of time. it takes 3 weeks to get an answer if you are lucky (I’ve never had a proper one yet)
    Please can you just get the game working properly.

  10. Mark,
    First let me state I have enjoyed playing Vampires, Mafia Wars, and Bloodlines greatly. A recent exploit fix to Vampires caused me to be “rolled back” effectively making the points I had purchased null and void. I filled out a Customer Service ticket and waited patiently as advised. 1 month to the day later, my ticket was closed and listed as resolved without any contact or actual resolution.
    I reopened the ticket as unresolved, have added to it once a week but have yet to see even a single sentence added to it by CS asking even for more time. Yet.. new avatars have been created and changes made that require even more favor points.
    I have continued to purchase points in good faith that my loyalty will be rewarded and my points or money for what was lost to me returned. But how long can YOU as CEO expect a reasonable person to wait for CS to get to me?
    I work in CS for a firm that handles benefit outsourcing for other companies. We deal with 100s of millions of customers every single day. My team of 7 reps alone serves 3 companies, equalling about 1 million customers world-wide. We have a 24-48 hour return phone call policy. Last year we failed to met that policy just 3 times ( all three due to incorrectly copied phone numbers ) Even if the call was just to say, we acknowledge your issue but need more time to research it.
    It meant something to the customers to be taken seriously and not discounted, as I feel I have been by Zynga. My loyalty is wavering and I am very soon to give up and taken my money elsewhere.
    I understand growth and growing pains, but to sustain your company return and continued business is vital.

  11. Everyone Reading This Blog:
    Above you’ll find my comment which I posted about 4 hours ago. In it, I described my situation and my growing frustration. I am back to say that I was most pleasantly surprised to log back into my Zynga Vampires game to find that Mark had contacted the approprate parties and had my situation corrected. He has shown that Zynga is not the “take the money and run” type of company others have labeled it, or uncaring of customers in any way. Rather, it is very much a company seeking to provide a service, and that service has been in such high demand that it is indeed experiencing “pains”. I am certain that as the company grows, such circumstances will lessen and disappear altogether. My faith in Zynga is fully restored and validated. I shall continue to support its games and sponsers now, and in the future, and should there be a bump or two along the way, I’ll know it will be handled as best as possible from the CEO down to every last CSA.
    Thank you Mark!

  12. The thousands of problems being experienced by Zynga’s clientele are common among young, not-mature companies that have grown too fast.
    Zynga should cut back on the development of new features and new apps, and focus on these areas:
    – improving the ability to handle large volumes of players without service interruptions
    – improve its tech support function to be able to correct problems faster
    – improve its customer response function – regardless of non-paying customers wanting free tech support – to be able to meet acceptable service standards
    – improve its system testing, to ensure that system changes are bulletproof before they’re implemented
    – lose money for a while until the company does what’s needed to get its games and applications under control.
    Imagine the success and profitability of this company when it does things right continuously. It’s already got creative games, perfect graphics, and a huge client base. Get things turned around, and the sky’s the limit.

  13. One week on , thank you so much for putting me in touch with my very own guy at customer support, I thanked him personally for his almost ‘automated email’ . Despite several emails, giving just about every detail apart from my Bra size, Zynga Pirates is still not playing ‘quite right’. I have linked him to the details of numerous users, all placed in one open forum so the devs have as much info as possible. The result is…….NO change at all.But we do have updates we didn’t need, a spinning ships wheel as a timer, how did we manage without it?! C’mon zynga, respect the users supporting you!! Before adding anything else to the games iron out the problems that are already spoiling your reputation and our enjoyment. We are losing many faithful zynga higher levels who have just given up on you. They are ambassadors for your games.

  14. Well a week on and the problem I have has still not been resolved. I was unable to get into the pirates game at all for 4 or 5 days, and now at best only get limited access.
    I am not alone.
    I do not know quite how to get the frustration I and others are feeling about these access issues, especially when we do get in, we see things have changed in the game and it would seem that our problems have been ignored.
    I know my problem has been passed to a developer. That was done last weekend, but nothing seems to be have been done.
    one feedback that the problem is being looked at and not just sitting in someone’s in tray would be good. Getting the problem fixed would be better.

  15. I received this yesterday 5/15 in response to a report I made on 4/24 which was about a problem originally reported weeks before that:
    Hello Kim,
    I am reaching out to you to let you know that Zynga has not forgotten about you. Our Customer Service system has been overloaded as we have grown from 2 million daily active users to 10 million daily active users. Your customer service ticket has arrived just as we are in the middle of upgrading systems and staffing up to meet demand.
    Unfortunately, the new system is unable to process emails to this email address. This means that we must ask that you re-file your customer service request by visiting Once you are logged into our system you may find the answers you need right away in one of our Knowledge Base articles (90% of users find answers right away) or reach a member of our customer service staff via email.
    We realize that you have already been waiting for a while and that this extra step is inconvenient. We are very sorry about this and assure you that once the new system is up and running and fully staffed that you will begin receiving the high quality customer service experience that you deserve.
    We thank you for your continued patience.
    Best regards,
    Chris Hinton
    Didn’t make me “happy” to say the least….start all over? No thanks!
    And now someone has decided to add this idiotic “flag” button to the Pirates game with no human oversight, so if I attack someone which is part of the game for goodness sake they can now retaliate by flagging my name as offensive? My Pirate name is “MOM”….I am the one who is offended! Please fix this horrible mistake if you really care about “pleasing” your customers!

  16. Most Infamous
    Most Deadly Pirates Keelhauled
    Default Name 12541
    Default Name 10370
    Default Name 9801
    Default Name 9130
    Default Name 8317
    Default Name 7771
    Default Name 7291
    Default Name 6440
    Default Name 6018
    Default Name 5825
    Default Name 5808
    Default Name 5798
    Default Name 5772
    Default Name 5716
    This is your offensive name update..
    Needless to say this is NOT WELL DONE.
    You are causing yourself work with craooy development.

  17. PLEASE PLEASE get rid of the flags to mark names as offensive. People are just marking names as offensive because the flag is there. There is nothing offensive about Singular, Chester Copperpots, Rossi, Elephant Balls, or most of the other names that have now been redefined as DEFAULT NAME. Bountying is next to impossible because Default Name placed a bounty on Default Name, and Default Name placed another bounty on Default Name, or did Default Name place a bounty on Default Name … PLEASE PLEASE just fix it.

  18. I can not believe that there is anyone at all there in Zynga-land looking at customer issues. It’s utterly laughable that you have the nerve to type: “In the last quarter we’ve brought our average response time down to less than 4 days for all but the toughest problems” I have had “tickets” open since March – I had to resubmit them since you all did a mass close of open tickets with no resolution to any of them. I, too, got the silly e-mail from Zynga saying it wouldn’t accept e-mail requests for support anymore – too bad I ONLY submitted mine using my account on your support website. I think that the “Zynga Fan” up there that said they’re thrilled with Zynga support and actually got a phone call from a customer service rep is a fictional character planted by Zynga because plain and simple, your service sucks. Don’t keep mucking with programming with new whiz bango “features” til you get the old ones to work. And, I agree, don’t bother to offer service if you’re not going to deliver service – just advertise these games as what they are: “AS-IS games that get drastically revamped without notice or explanation, contain sporadic glitches that will cost you big time, lead you down a path where you make big investments only to change to something nearly worthless and offer zero customer service – if ya got a problem, take your gripes elsewhere because like we said, the Zynga games are “AS-IS””

  19. I would LOVE to thank Mark and Chris from ZYNGA!!!! ALL OF MY CHIPS WERE RETURNED TYTYTYTYTY!!!!!!

  20. I’m not a tech guy and don’t know a lot about programming. I play on another site that IS NOT operated by or run by a company, all it is is a few friends who did up some games and put them on a server and now they handle millions of players. just a few people,… for free… no advertising. yeah once in awhile they have issues with hacking and slowing of server but they chat on forums with players and get things fixed in a day or 2… while taking care of their families. I think you guys at Zynga could learn a lot from them. their names on the site are Critters and Grrr. you will see them there all the time. THAT is customer service. someone who is really there and you can chat in real time with them or at least get a response within an hour or 2. no worring about e-mailing and hoping for a response maybe. I’m just ranting now but i’m tired of reading forums on facebook with people just talkin shit about Zynga. But seriously though… I think your tech people should get in contact with Critters and Grrr and see if you could learn a thing or 2.

  21. one more rant then I’m done. I play mafia wars, street racing, Vampire wars, and Pirates. (gave up on dragon wars cause that was just dumb)… I know you have it posted that you have nothing to do with the offers to get bonus points but I have at least 1000 total for all games that are pending and havn’t been issued even though I completed the offers in full. I tried the whole e-mail thing with super rewards but all they do is send the same automated response regardless of what you say in the e-mail to them. you get the response 2 seconds after you send your dispute. I have cell phone charges from some of the offers that I have gotten removed but still havn’t recieved the bonus points I was supposed to. please do something about that.
    P.S. what’s with the “&apos” thing when you use an apostrophy in the poker chat?

  22. For over a week I have not been able to access my bounty board on Pirates: Rule the Caribbean. Surely someone has noticed this and had it reported. This means that in the game I and the others who see this board are losing ground as that is a large part of the game. This doesn’t seem to be a coommon problem but confined to the single board and the people who see it are the only ones who have this complaint. Please sort it out ASAP.

  23. Do you read what you write? You need wildly happy customers and you WELCOME feedback? OK, if YOU read what you write, do you pass that information on to your newly hired 100+ customer service people? ROFLMBO! Wake up, Pincus. You have a super train on a collision course. You’re ripping people off right and left, intentionally or not, you’re NOT preventing punitive actions against innocents while doing little to prevent the guilty from continuing. You don’t give a damn about anything but the $$$ rolling in the door. At least treat us with enough respect to admit that.

  24. It’s been 5 days since my last response to Zynga support homepage (updating my ticket), over 2 weeks since I first reported a problem, and longer than that since my Bounty List (Pirates) went missing. I even sent a screen shot of what my screen looked like.
    I and others have gotten very inappropriate responses ranging from “thank you for the suggestion, it’s being forwarded to our team” to “uninstall and reinstall the Pirates Application” to “clear you cache and restart your computer/browser instance/Facebook” to “update your browser, Adobe, and operating system” – come on… really: update your operating system?? Isn’t that a bit drastic??
    CLEARLY, this is not an issue with an individual computer, system, or software. I play on 3 different machines – gone on all. There are many others on the Facebook discussion board who are also missing their bounty list. And finally, it is obvious that no-one can get to the bounty list since there are nearly 3000 unclaimed bounties (can see that from my Pirates “home” tab). This number would never get so high if people were actually able to get to the Pirates bounty list and claim them! This affects everyone on 1, maybe 2, specific servers.
    As evidenced from their lack of response and lack of taking responsibility, Zynga support does not respect our complaints. They do not realize THERE IS SOMETHING BROKEN IN THE GAME! PLEASE CHECK ON THIS AND FIX. At a minimum, don’t continue to blow us off with inappropriate responses – at least have the decency to say “Hey, we got a problem on server such-and-such and we’re trying really hard to track it down…”

  25. My complaint is with the Pirates game on Facebook. I have issues with many times not being able to access the game.
    I can sometimes get in through the Recruit page when I accept a Pirates Request. Only to try to go to another area of the game and be booted to the general Facebook/Zynga error page or a blank page with only the Zynga game tabs to try other games, or I get a completely blank page. My bookmark does not work for the game either.
    I have used all sorts of different ways to get into the game,ie; helping with plunders, islands, etc.
    This has been an issue with me for many days now. I am not the only person with this problem, as you well know. Others have had these issues for several months,approximately since May when Zynga began changing the game play itself and graphics. The nonstop spinning ships wheel is enough to drive one up the wall too.
    I do have enough computer knowledge to know this is not an issue with my computer or browser as I have used 3 different browsers in my attempts to access the game. Nor is it my internet connection. I have used Broadband and Dial-up.
    I find it interesting that when others had problems, I wasn’t and now I am having them continually.
    I was able to access the game late last night and could play all the parts of the game, except for the Sword Duels, Sucker Punches and Pet Fights which I do NOT do. Now this morning, again, I cannot access the game except through a Request. I managed to crew those sitting in the accept crew area and that was it. Now I can’t get into the game at all.
    I believe this to be a server issue or script issue. Whether it be Zynga’s or Facebooks. Either way, this needs to be fixed and fixed quickly.
    I had numerous issues with the game, in the beginning, not giving me the loot that had dropped from plunders and had written to Zynga on this. I got the pat answer that Zynga was “looking into my situation”, etc.
    It was never fixed to my knowledge and I click on a loot drop to ensure it goes into the Loot area, as I do not want to chance losing my loot gained. Others have also had a problem with this.
    Further, the answers I received from my Zynga contact page said this issue was resolved. It never was to my satisfaction.
    I also find it interesting that Zynga changes game play in the middle of the game without first notifying players of the upcoming changes so that players could perhaps voice their displeasure at the changes Zynga wants to make.
    I realize Zynga does not have to do this, but really? Why change the game play? What was wrong with the way it was? It has not enhanced the game and it has caused numerous problems amongst crews and even friendships.
    I am very disappointed in the way Zynga has treated customers/consumers. I am a customer. I have purchased Davey Jones points.
    I am not one to believe that the customer is always right, but in the issues I have presented to you, I believe this time, I am right. I find the actions of Zynga towards customers to be irreprehensible.
    I have worked for some major corporations dealing in a customer service area and if they or I had treated customers/consumers the way Zynga has, I would have been fired and they would not have had the major successes they have achieved.
    I play 2 other Zynga games also. I am really dissatisfied with the approach Zynga has taken with all of the problems. My suggestion would be to fix these problems quickly. I can always take my plastic elsewhere and maybe I should.
    Thank you.

  26. Title says it all. I can access Pirates on MySpace. I can access every other game on Facebook, but I can rarely (1 – 2 x/day maximum). I have tried the alternate URL’s, no difference.
    Worse, Zynga has set it up where you can’t delete/remove the game. You can hide it from appearing on your Facebook, but it doesn’t go away. You still collect cash, regenerate health, get abused by other players, etc.
    While we are on the matter, how about dealing with the cyberbullies and Griefers. Zynga’s various games encourage Griefing and cyberbullies.
    How long before someone gets physically injured because of this issue?
    Other games do any number of things to reduce Griefing and cyberbullies.

  27. ok i think i may be the first in along line to complain about the sweet factory on Yoville, i will not be purchasing any more ‘yocash’ or ‘yocoins’ from yourselves with my hard earned money until the sweet factory has been removed or at least until we have the option of both the widget factory and sweet factory, i enjoyed playing until this morning !

  28. the sweet factory in yoville sucks , i dont want to bake cake or eat it im on a diet 😉
    seriously i hate it hundreds hate it we earn less in the factory why did noone listen to all the negative feedback or does noone care
    yocash is expensive for what it is , no wonder vip isn’t released as many games we vip are monthly subscription where you get a bonus obviously yocash is a big earner . i wont buy more as i have kids and with the release of so much yocash stuff it has got to expensive
    i have been addicted to yoville but im seriouly down heartened by it all now .
    ive just started courses to improve mine and my families life and in the next week or so i wont be able to predict when i visit the factory so it sucks as we earn less and at least with the widget if i was out a few hours longer than expected i did not lose out,now my stuff will burn

  29. this guy said it best
    Not sure where I left off, not sure where to begin
    Not sure why people are fighting it, you won’t really win
    The game has changed YoVillians, and not changed for the good
    No good change for their customers, am I misunderstood?
    Never before, and maybe never again
    Have I seen so many people come together to pretend
    And live in a world, to which you can go
    And forget about real life, and see people you don’t know
    But bond with them and share laughs, and buy things and plan
    But it seems the creators don’t see this, they don’t understand
    They keep making changes, and we’ve seen people steal
    But if I wanted to work at a bakery, I’d do it for real
    You given me no choice, that’s wrong, I have one
    I’ll get off my arse, and go play with my son
    Oh look, I can stand up, and just walk away
    And your making it easy YoVille, I just will not play
    So Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, Horton and Me
    Have just finished up, locking up our 420 tree
    I’m leaving for good, playing this game for a year
    I’ll miss all you YoVillians, and I’m being sincere
    But I need to quit spending on a game that ignores
    The people who buy YoCash for the stores
    Maybe it will all change, and go back to being good
    But you drove away good people; they wont come back even if they could
    I’m glad I didn’t spend more money buying the white tiger as a toy
    Isn’t that the one who attacked Siegfried and Roy?
    But I wont keep on rhyming; I know the Ninjas cannot wait
    To move this to Off Topic, maybe people wont see this, that would be great
    Keep moving topics, keep hiding the voices
    Keep up the bad job of giving your customers no choices
    Keep making more work for people who don’t need
    More of your bad choices and more of your greed
    But now the time has come YoVillians, the time has come for me
    The time has come for me to no longer rhyme about my tree
    To the Addicts, I will miss you so, the BUMP has stopped, now call a priest
    For Jimmy Morgan and the Cat in the Hat……. R.I.P, they are deceased

  30. well i hope you really do read this. i have been on yoville for almost 3 months. it has become a way for a homebound person to have a life outside of real life, to forget she cant walk,. i have spent money on yocash and i now regret it, i came on last night to find i have been switched to the sweets factory. I DONT WANT IT.. please bring back the widget, i dont want that stupid factory. if you want to keep ppl happy do as we ask. i wont buy cash and i am thinking of leaving as are many of my friends. this is not right

  31. Hi Mark
    Since a while we (pirates rule the Caribbeans players) are not getting any notifications when we get attacked by an island thief of a pet kicker… Someone suggested to contact you.
    It would be great if Zynga adds these notifications to the newsfeed shown on the game’s home page (along with: you were fought or helped in a mission by xx,etc)..
    Most pirates are upset about not getting those notifications, as attackers and thieves keep getting away with their deeds without anyone noticing!
    Your help is much appreciated!

  32. First of all. There are major gameplay problems in Pirates at the moment.
    The game is next to impossible to play as it is not loading.
    This is a widespread problem on Face book. It is not happening with Mafia Wars (surprise Surprise)
    I have had a customer support ticket open for 7 months now, I was asked by yourselves to amalgamate all of my outstanding tickets and that they would be dealt with. All that happens is that someone promises to do something and then nothing happens.
    This includes at least 2 lots of Favor points that were going to be sent to me because you are not doing anything else about the problems.
    It would be good to have some dialogue with someone. I am sure that at least 90% of these problems can be solved by just communicating with me. Why is your company unable to do that?
    I live in hope (Probably forlorn hope)
    Point 3. The notification thing that Tee Bee has posted,
    Basically we are not being told who is attacking us. That sucks. Easy enough for you to sort out, just put it in the game newfeed with the other attacks?

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