Proud and ashamed

I’m proud to read today that obama had the courage and strength of leadership to force the disclosure of america’s recent torture of suspected terrorists.

At the same time I’m ashamed to be a citizen of a country that would institutionalize torture.

Starting in 2002 I blogged my disgust for this and utter shock that our country actually had a *debate* about whether this was ok. Are you fucking kidding? imagine 1933 germany *debating* whether there were circumstances that justified genocide.

As much as I disagree with obama’s economic policies, I respect his desire to raise our country back up, to regain our moral backbone.

7 thoughts on “Proud and ashamed

  1. Interesting point, but when the backlash starts going against all the people who were involved in said tortures and their bosses who sanctioned it, they aren’t gonna be too happy with Mr Obama for that, making enemies of the CIA isn’t a smart move for him to make..
    Hmmm I’ll wager you a Yoville fake VIP pass that he’ll be ‘assasinated’ before the end of the year..

  2. It’s actually pretty funny, I feel we don’t need a debate because torture is the obvious way to go to get information out of people. 🙂 Oh well!
    I’m a humanitarian – I hope you enjoy grasping onto your pseudo-humanity as another tower crumbles and kills your best friend.

  3. I agree that it is so shameful that we have become a country that institutionalizes torture. Sadly, even with Obama, we are still a nation that tortures.
    Dont fool yourself Mark, while it may seem on the surface that Obama is helping us regain our moral backbone, he is really no different than George Bush. His continuation of the U.S. rendition programs clearly shows that he condones torture as long it is farmed out to other countries.
    Furthermore, if he was really intent on stopping these horrific acts, he would bring the entire Bush / Cheney administration up on war crimes. This alone would send a clear message to the world that we do not condone this type of behavior.
    Unfortunately, this will never happen. Obama is part of the military industrial complex that hijacked our country 50 years ago and he is going to do everything he can to make sure that this plan is carried out and executed.

  4. usa citizen/haters are pretty bad. like, move or stop the bs fetish, self indulgent shit thats gonna weaken what your parents fought to erect, and what is already the current marvel of civilization, ok?

  5. When people start realizing who we are dealing with in this war on terror, then their ideals will change on how we get our information, to prevent other attacks. When our country can get the muslim countries to NOT behead our people, then I will worry about our government deciding to put an insect in a box with those we have captured on the battlefield.
    If waterboarding is torture, then we are torturing our own military, as we have trained them to withstand that method as a use of extracting information. So if any of the bleeding hearts have a way for us to train our troops against having their heads sawed off, while alive and coherent, bring it. THAT is what WE as AMERICANS should be worried about. Our own, protecting ourselves and our country, and protecting those that CANNOT protect themselves against the Husseins of the world.
    Waterboarding, with a doctor right there, and only a certain amount of seconds allowed to do it. Pfffttt…you consider that torture? WHy don’t YOU try filling a military families shoes for a week…just a week while their husbands and wives are in the desert, protecting your freedoms and way of lfe against those that seek to destroy you, just because you are American and free. Make no mistake…we don’t, as regular citizens, know the half of it. We are sheltered from the reality, and are unaware of what has been thwarted. 9/11 could have been thwarted to, had we had the Patriot Act in place then. Because we lacked it, and CALEA was so minute, we reaped the rewards of that fateful day. Now it should be our work to prevent that from EVER happening again…by ANY means necessary. You aren’t dealing with nice people here. You are dealing with people who believe you should die, be beheaded, plan your murders in droves, and have no fear of death to accomplish their mission. If you feel bad for them, you are un-American.

  6. Go ahead and think asking “pretty please” is going to get us the info we need to prevent another 9/11. Go ahead and believe that people who planned to kill us, from another country, deserve our protection. There are some warped minds in this world, people worrying about the wrong lane, and we wonder why a 9/11 could happen? Rest assured another will happen if we keep worrying about them instead of us. Do you want THAT on your head? If so…be my guest to stand in front of my family, because I choose to be realistic, and want to protect my own over those who want me dead for no reason.

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