Zynga network outage today

Dear faithful zynga game players,

We are experiencing a severe outage today. My understanding is that someone sabotaged att’s network by cutting fiber circuits.

I’m sorry for any service outages anyone faces.

6 thoughts on “Zynga network outage today

  1. http://www.yoville.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4975
    Please check out this post on the official yoville.com forum. There is a pedophile running loose, with a rating of NEGATIVE 4500, who preys on children and innocent yoville shoppers with horribly lewd requests and worse. The persons who reported the man in question have STILL not received a response from Zynga, nor has the criminal been banned from the game. What’s going on?
    As for myself, I’ve been hit by SIX hackers in three days, and many, many other users are experiencing the same problems. The game isn’t fun any more, Mr.Pincus. We’re losing faith, and you’re going to lose a lot of money. Why can’t you hire someone to sniff out the hackers and get rid of them? Why can’t your developers make the game safe for everyone?
    If I were you, I would spend money on hiring the best there is to secure everything, and I would most definitely make moderators part of the game (at events). Things are getting out of hand! Did you know there is now even a group of people on Yoville who demand you pay them a big amount of coins or they will all report you and thereby have you banned?
    Please…please respond to your customers. It’s getting ugly on Yoville, and millions of us are considering never playing again, much less investing hard-earned money into your applications.

  2. OK im concerned because of the problem of freezing since the new stuff has been put in yoville i keep freezing it is so bad constanly cant work cant visit friends its weird please fix the problem quickly its very fustrating regards cat

  3. Dear Mark, I would just like to say a huge thank you for all the support and help solving my issues with the game of Mafia wars. I have found that whenever i have had a problem whatever it may be that you have been extremely helpful and have always done all you can to solve this issue. Your game applications are so much fun and have made my time on facebook alot more interesting and enjoyable . Your staff member Chris is extremely helpful also. So thanks one again and keep up the good work you all do .

  4. I have been trying for weeks to get someone at Zynga to help players in your game vampires.There is a hacker in the game.He has hacked almost 30,000 people at this time.He is extorting money out of players.I too am a victim of his hacking as are several members of my family.I am writing to you as well as all media outlets available to make consumers aware..There is no number available for help within your company.All mail boxes are full.Please contact me..Sincerely, Paula Forbes

  5. EVERYONE Wants the old factory back for yoville!!!! No one likes the sweet shop!!!! Complete OUTRAGE for Yoville!!! Everything is expensive enough on there without loseing money!! MANY MANY YOVILLIANS HATE THE NEW FACTORY includeing me!!! Please change it back, the factory was fine the way it was 😥
    😥 😥

  6. December 31, 2009
    Mark, I have been playing farmville for a while. I am at level 35. I have worked hard on my farm on facebook. On Dec 24th, I could not get into my farm because of an out of sync problem. I have been in contact with zynga support for one week by emails trying to get some help. I have had no luck. All I get are auto responses. I have spent money on my farm but no one cares. I have talked to billing twice and have not gotten any help at all.
    I am not very happy at this point. I have been very loyal to this game and I have brought other people to the game. I have presents under my Christmas tree that are going to waste. I have gifts waiting to be accepted going to waste. I have money that I paid for through Pay Pal wasting away because I cannot get into my game.
    I have answered every question that support has asked me. I have done all that I can do on my side.
    Can they switch me to a new server so that I can get in?
    I got an email from Michelle Dysangco three days ago but no one has contacted me. Support keeps sending the auto replies which are no good. They do not answer anything nor fix anything.
    At this point I am not happy with the product Farmville by Zynga or the support process.
    It has been one week as of today Dec 31, 2009 that I have not been able to get in and play farmville.
    Can you help me? Or do you know of someone who can help and not send me an email and then forget about me.
    Thank you
    Someone who just wants to play farmville

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