Yoville problems

We have gotten complaints from users who can’t login to yoville and get a blank screen. Pls email chrish@zynga.com. Sorry for your problems.

81 thoughts on “Yoville problems

  1. Does that apply to Pirates too?
    Massive problems on that game – Have support tickets going back a week or two with no reply.

  2. Thanks so much for these really helpful postings, Mark. I, for one, am grateful that you have taken the time at least to try to keep us updated, to give us an email address to a real person who can help, to let us know that you are looking into things, and to let us know that you hear that there are issues.
    I understand that the hacking challenges in yoville are not your fault and you can only respond once you know what is going on. So, thanks for being on top of this to make it a great experience for all of us. Go Z!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that chrish helped.
    She wrote me yesterday, saying she was looking into things, and today I got responses on all my old support tickets, actual real responses, and two of the three biggie problems have been fixed.
    The gang over at Pirates are all romping around like puppies, blasting each other to bits again and having a grand old time.
    Thanks, and please give chrish a big raise.

  4. just cant get into yoville same thing happening again blank screen just wuld like to know if there is problems i can understand but if im not told i keep thinkin it could be my omputer please could you let me know thank you

  5. just cant get logged into yoville, only gets to 74% and then get a error page, its really frustrating !!

  6. hey…..thanks for working on the issues. Logged off last night and had 48 yo bucks an 1500+ coins and now only show 200+ coins…..
    It’s just a game, but I did jump through several internet offer hoops to get that “play” dough….will you be able to set it straight?
    Cheers and thanks for the game….I love it!
    Robert Dorsey

  7. Hey, I found this cool site where you can auction your yoville goods “ebay style” check out auctions.onyoville.com !

  8. I got a response on a ticket that I posted it asked me to copy the url to my profile page on FB mail it to noreply@zyngasupport.
    It seems rather confusing to reply to noreply.
    Hope this is not another scam.
    My case # is #090406-000924

  9. hey yovillers, just want to let you know i am forwarding your comments back to customer support and the yoville developers. again, we are sorry for all the issues you have had and appreciate and value your investment in yoville.

  10. HIi Chris, i am a big fan of yoville i spend a lot of time on the game.I am not computer lit & my kids uses my laptop.I can get the game on screen but its not loading.can u help?not being able to play since yesterday i am not getting my yo cash for doing serveys.can u help?thank you marcia

  11. i got scammed my killer costume and my dogs and 90000.mil i really need it

  12. ok i am also a fan and love the game i have 3 teen girls that use yoville now it will not load past 83% just would like to know if its my computer or is it yoville i recieve a messgage on my screen yesterday sayin i was beening reported for suspisious behavior and i could not understand why that happened now i can not get into yoville we in my house have spent our own money on this game and i seriously would like to problem fixed or at least to know that there is a problem because not knowing what is going on is not fair please can someone help

  13. i got scammed 100000 coins by severs i went back on next day and gone no 1 nos my password so ya help me plzzz

  14. Hello, names Misty..& Im a big fan of Yoville game..I know from time to time theyre are little glitches ect that happen ( alot of ppl playing this game)I know. My problem is today..a new issue & I can’t figure out what the problem is? I logg onto Yoville from my facebook as per ususal, ( bookmarked) and as soon as i click it, it immediediatly says > Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site http;//apps,/facebook.comyoville/indexphp3poe=1…I have the option to hit ok or cancel..i hit ok..it lets me into Yoville for 30 seconds and goes to the internet Exlorer error page? Ive checked to make sure all my connections are ok? I mean i can be on facebook forever ..but Yoville> no way!? I havent changed anything on my Computer? So now Ive tried changing my adobe to adobe9..and now Mozilla firewall..& still nothing?..I dont know what to do?.Please help me?
    **Thanks, Misty**

  15. This Is Misty again just giving u a little more info to help u help me?Ive checked everything over..Http:successfully connected
    FTP: successfully connected
    HTTPS-successfully connected
    Internet Explorer 7
    Mozilla’s firefox ..So I dont get it?…Im on internet just fine..facebook ect..as SOON as I click Yoville..bam..that comment comes up? I dont get it…lost lol

  16. I have problem when logging in Yoville. After the blank page than a pop up : Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site http;//apps,/facebook.comyoville/indexphp3poe=1. Operation aborted.
    Please help, tks

  17. Same thing as me Liliana..as of yesterday.? & I go on Yo..like 2 times a day no problems before..So maybe its not my computer…because everything i check…is fine? so there has to be a reason? someone help us?

  18. Okay, so I’m just keeping you updated what has happened since my last post..my husband who also play Yoville…had the exact same thing all day yesterday..but as of today> no problems ..as far as me> same thing pops up http;//apps,/facebook.comyoville/indexphp3poe=1. Operation aborted.
    But I know now its not my computer..if he can get on?
    Please please help.
    **Thanks Misty**

  19. Any News yet? any1…any changes? Even an Email letting me know it’s being looked at and that your trying your best to solve these issue’s..anything please.

  20. I Still Haven’t had a reply..its bin 5 days now…has ANYONE had a responce? anyone?…all i want is to know everything is being looked at..and in the :”works” of being fixed/solved. Please if anyone has heard anything let me know. =(

  21. Hi –
    I am having the same issues as Misty above – I have tried resetting my internet security options – NO LUCK – please help. I get the exact same error screen as Misty.

  22. i cant seem to get into yoville the game is loading then getting blank screen why is this its been working fine all morning.

  23. Still no news from Chris, Misty. I tried on another computer, also not working. Try with other provider, also not working. Yes, it is neither the computer nor the internet connection. 2 & 3 days ago it worked, then Operation aborted again.

  24. Umm ON myspace i added to Yoville app, and im trying to make my girl and like part of the the right side is like cut off. but then after the right it just shows white from just extra space so i cant make changed unless i chose from ugly stuff.

  25. hey guys i faced the same prob about operation aborted and im pretty sure its not my comp..can anyone pls help..i miss my yoville avatars and friends!

  26. I have problem when logging in Yoville. After the blank page than a pop up : Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site http;//apps,/facebook.com/yoville/indexphp3poe=1. Operation aborted.
    Please help, tks

  27. i had 500 yocash and a performance stage and i got back on one day and they werent their i was wondering if u good give them back thanks alot:isaiah
    ps.thanks for taking out your time of the day for this message

  28. Isaiah – one of our customer service reps has contacted you directly this morning. He needs your Facebook account name to get your YoVille information to look at the issues you’ve been having. Be on the lookout for his email and sorry for any inconveniences. We’re working hard to address issues just like this.

  29. Nothing is being said about Yoville on Tagged. I have the latest flash player 10 and is asking me for flash 9. I cannot invite friends because the option of send is not visible. Meaning I can’t see the bottom of my page. Another issue is that I can’t see people that i had invited through the ladder on my buddy list. My friends see me as offline. I’m also missing rooms.
    All i here is solutions for FB and Myspace but non for Tagged. Can you please help.
    thanks claritza

  30. After scouring the internet for other probs similar to mine, I haven’t had much luck, although I have a friend who is having the same probs. When buying items on yoville, whether from using yocash or coins, I am awarded yo points. However over the last 3 weeks, there have been many moments of the game freezing whilst editing a room or changing rooms, only to find that when i’ve come back, I’ve lost my yopoints. If I had moved up a level, that is also lost and i’m immediately demoted to the next level down. Its gotten to the point where I really don’t want to buy more yocash because so far I’ve lost approx. 1500 points. Is it possible to get these back? Sometimes the points are re-awarded back in one lump sum when rebooting the game, but mostly they’re lost for good. Thanks : )

  31. hi i just want to ask why is it when im connecting in yoville to the factory or sometimes even in my house it says loading new house (thats right until 100%) then loading — joining to room [or something] (but even it reaches 100% still after like 5 to 10 mins still not in the room in my screen but in others who is in that room im there.. and i cant go to the factory :(… pls help i really enjoy the game.. pls thanks and take care.)

  32. mark,
    why is this there no answer to my question.. can you help me.. what i need to do.. i really love playing yoville but i cant work.. so no money 😦 pls help. pls.. thanks

  33. i cant open yoville, my daughter can access hers, PLEASE HELP ME, I KNOW ITS JUST A GAME BUT I AM SO FRUSTRATED.

  34. plz plz get this me an my cuzen cant see each other on yoville and we tryed adding each other as a friend on the buddy list to.. i dont no wat to do plz plz help me 😦

  35. hi im luis alfonso barrios im cuz i dont know why they send me There was a problem connecting to the server.
    The error that was returned is: Authentication failed.
    Please let us know that you have received this error. and they not saying what is the problem i just got banned or suspended for no reason i just want u know that im good player im innucent im scared cuz my enemy is freeze me all the time and trying to scam me a hack mea flooding my msg box and they selling me a fake item i just got scam and i dont want to got scam again and spend too much coins . PLEASE REVIEW MY CASE AND KNOW THE TRUE CUZ IM NOT DOING ANYTHING maybe zynga got wrong imformation and htey banned me give a chance to all innucent we just want to playand why i got banned or suspended cuz i have 374k coins and lotz of cosutme and rare item so i dont need to buy more yocash nah im still buying in my other account and im happy to play yoville cuz its my life and im very sad and wondering why me zynga help me im not hacker or scammer im just playing to enjoy my life and to enjoy me cuzi gotl otz of private problem give back my life im not bad to zynga cuz if they banned me or suspended for no reason but iwant to go back to yoville and its my account that i work for hard and i play for long time ago and working all rare so hard im playing fair good i will not tell to anyone waht the true i will just play okay help me back cuz thats not fair i also want u to know i got scam 230k fake nurse before when the costume is faking and how they fake a item i dont know how to do that please fixed cuz im so sad im very mad and triyng to kill my self cuz i dont know why and why me why me i always gettign scam and this error please fixed and help me back to my yoville account

  36. I am having trouble logging onto yoville. it gets to 74% and stops, can someone help figure out why it is doing that and how to fix it?????

  37. My profile #…..http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1095986615&ref=profile…Have been having issues since you folks let us sit downlol! First it was a missing elephant head, then a parrott & perhaps things I haven’t even noticed. Then my screen shifted down & to the right so I wasn’t able to change my rooms or go shopping. This is an ongoing issue – up until the latest. Now I can’t enter at all. I can give & accept gifts, change my crew members but when I attempt entry I get the page with the header (zynga games etc)but no meter comes up to alert me that I will soon get to the page where I choose a server. It has been suggested by zynga cust. support to upgrade this, uninstall that,clear coockies, delete the app, close out and relaunch. Have followed all the instructions but to no avail! I can’t enter yoville on ANY of my browsers. I have I E, Firefox & google chrome.My husband can enter no problem. He doesn”t enjoy the game as much as I do therefore he hasn”t gotten to the levels I have & hasn’t built such an empire. Has some kid hacked me because they can? Or perhaps someone has falsely accused me of some wrong doing (because they can)? It’s been three wks now & am losing interest. Would hate to let my avatar go as she was the “me” after my mum passed & she helped me grieve slowly . It was suggested by my daughter that someone may have reported me for something & if so, perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree. Maybe I should be asking Facebook these questions. Please! The frustration of not having an answer is terrible. Thanks for your time.

  38. Hi,
    I am trying to open yoville and i am stuck at ‘connecting to server 74%’.
    What is the solution?

  39. What has happened to my treehouse? The doors that do open open to the wrong room! very confusing! who can fix?

  40. Ican’t get into some of the rooms in yoville. It either says 74% or gives me blank screen. Help I really want to play.Pease send me a clue on how to fix my problems. Thanks Rose

  41. when I try to play Yoville all I get is a white screen…Why? I can’t see any graphics or anything. When I try to access something like the help bar and forum located in it there are only 3 lines where the clickable subjects should be. I can send my friends “invisible” gifts but that’s it…I’ve reloaed java, deleted my cookies and so forth. Nothing.

  42. I play Farmville and like it. it works well (as well as an Adobe Flash app can work). I thought I would give YoVille a try. I have tried 5 times to get in, but each time the “Connecting to Server” progress bar gets stuck at 74%.

  43. Has anyone from support come up with a solution yet for not being able to connect to server 74% freeze yet? Yes I have tried everything that has been mentioned in the forums, but still no luck. Is there a manual process or url that we can type in to put us on a different server that might work? Please let me know because I miss not being able to play on Yoville. Thanks!

  44. allo i cant get into yoville from my computer but if i go on my daugther computer yoville works i dont understant befor it worked good thank you

  45. I dont know if this is a new development or not, but I whenever i enter another person’s room, there is no furniture or windows, only walls and flooring and the Yoville characters. Any idea whats going on?

  46. PLEASE….
    My Yoville game will not open on my computer I have all the latest updates.
    I have tried EVERYTHING but cant get the Yoville game and I am feeling very frustrated just yesterday I was having problems with
    Farm Ville is there a connection
    thank you for your time


  48. I have the same issue of loading till 74% and then it stops.. I have stuff backing in the oven and NEED to go back into Yoville!:)
    Can someone help me?

  49. Hey I cant sign into my yoville account because it says I’ve been reported but I never did anything wrong =[

  50. I think I may have solved the problem of the stopping at 74 or 75% as I’m now back in Yoville!
    I changed the settings of the adobe flash player here:
    http://www.macromedia.com/support/docum … ger03.html
    Make sure that ‘allow third-party flash content to store data on your computer’ is checked.
    I have adobe flash 10 and this worked for me. Hopefully it will work for others.
    Good luck!!! xxx

  51. i have been on yoville for ages and i bout a £15,000 or a £20,000 pound house all full with stuff and then next day my acount come up with authentication failure and i dont no why….. i aint scammed noone so can u please help

  52. I have 273 crew and more than 400 friends, but for weeks now I can not find my friends, they’re all become wagging dogs.
    Please help, thanks

  53. I am very disappointed that Zynga has decided to call the CHRISTMAS TREE, a “holiday tree”….seems many are taking the true reason for the season away. I am asking friends what they think about this. Americans are fighting for their religous freedom more than ever now….please help.

  54. I am homebound and love to play games. About a month ago I discovered YoVille and had completely given up all other games. But lately (the past several weeks) there have been a multitude of problems with the game play. Most recently the camera not working. I’ve been reading the forum posts for updates but all I’ve seen are 1,000 people becoming disheartened with the game and frustrated, without updates to the progress in fixing this issue. The stickler of course is that many do have the ability to use their camera.I’ve put in quite a sum of money on the game, but have decided to discontinue this until the problems are fixed. Please help.
    THank you.

  55. Mark.. I’ve read this blog in the past, and you seem good about responding; I was just wondering.. are you aware of all the latest problems that have been going on in the YoVille game?
    I don’t know how involved you are these days.. in the actual development of the game; but there have been so many things happening, that are just so frustrating and annoying. So many loyal YoViller’s registering complaints and endless frustration with the game. It has been dubbed “GlitchVille” by some on the YV Forums.
    Among the most recent annoyances. The “Live Deals” feature. All of us appreciate getting the deals and discounts on YV purchases. But the “Live Deal” panel, which is now a constant presence in our YV dwellings.. has slowed the game, almost to a crawl. It has also impaired the graphics. Some of the avatars and scenery have gone from having clean, sharp lines.. to being fuzzy and pixelated. Hard on the eyes man!
    Then, there was the recent “survey” pop-up (over the last couple days), which asked players to answer a billion personal questions about their friends and family (FaceBook and MySpace); many of these people don’t even play YoVille. Mark, there simply too many pop ups on YoVille! It slows the game to a crawl, and is completely annoying!
    I’m also reading in the forums about the ever growing problems with peoples accounts and YV belongings.. being hacked. People are losing their YV coins, cash and rares. This is simply unacceptable when you have customers who are paying real money, to play your game.
    These games are an entertainment “PRODUCT” that people are buying. Where is the quality control and security for your loyal customers? And why are so many changes forced on us.. that we do not want? A sad example of this.. is the Sweets Factory. YoVille lost many loyal players in the wake of the Sweets Factory change over.
    Well.. thanks for letting me vent. I love YoVille. But I do have to say, that trying to play this game.. has introduced a fair amount of stress and worry in my life, that previously I didn’t have. A game.. shouldn’t do that.
    I hope that you can look into all of this, and get YoVille back on the track of being a really fun game. Thanks!

  56. Hi, I just updated my computer to adobe Flash 10, and now my YoVille account won’t load… Is there a way that I could fix this quickly? Also, is there a possibility that YoVille will upgrade to Adobe 10 so that I don’t have to change anything?

  57. My house was furnished,completely…but it was changed by an empty house,how can i get back my furnished house?more power…

  58. iwas playing yoville & i bought 5 houses then when i check the realator office i never see them plzzzz….. help me i love yoville but ilost 5 houses.&i have 1000 yocash & when i saw it.It was 100 yocash only can u help me plzzzzzzzzzz……………..:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  59. thank u for helping people that has problem’s on yoville we really appreciatte the help u gave us.:):):):):):):):):):):)

  60. my friend say’s he is on yoville and i still can’t see him and i when to his house and i can’t see me 2 on his laptop what do we do we both added each other 2 time’s his name is ever

  61. hi
    i have yovilly in TAGGED
    first the game is not complete there in TAGGED.
    Second,I can not give a free gift is pointing me page error

  62. I and my fiend are connected in my place or hers. She goes somewhere. I try to follow and it keeps bringing back to my place or hers where ever she took off from. I have to reload. Now I get to where she landed. I try again and it will stay where I am . I hve to reload again to get to her. and she may have moved from there. this is flustration. she is on my face book friends and my buddy list and we are on the same server.

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