Zynga customer service

Some people have posted complaints to this blog about problems with zynga games and customer support. Zynga has 30 people in cs supporting 8.5 million daily users with a goal of 48 hour response time.

We have recently been fighting hackers in our yoville game and are working hard to help people who have lost items or currency.

if you’re a zynga user and don’t get a response in 48 hrs pls email us again. We will resolve all issues as soon as possible.

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  1. Thirty people in customer service…LOL. How about hiring a few more? Or would that mean one less latte for you? One less fancy dinner with your wealthy friends? PLEASE…get to resolving the issues. You are losing customers by the MINUTE.

  2. I just stumbled upon this blog and after seeing that the owner is the CEO for Zynga, I checked it out. I play their games on Facebook often, mostly poker, bj and yoville. I have to say that I am really stunned to see people that feel their mostly free game play, is important enough to threaten law suits, be incredibly rude and create such havoc. I have needed customer service once at Zynga and I didn’t have any problems, my issue was handled timely and professionally, but had i had a problem, I can’t imagine behaving in such a manner.

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the love of GOD tell us a little more about the problem…at least give us a rough idea as to how much longer we have to wait…at least that way people wouldn’t be half as frustrating as they are by constantly trying to get into the game over and over and over…that’s the least you can do!

  4. and i’m referring to Yoville and the blank screen we have all been staring at for the last few days!

  5. hey men i been trying to log into yoville and since last night all i get when i try to log i is a blank page, doesnt load, what do you suggest me to do? when is it going to be fixed?

  6. just want to find out why all i can get on my screen is blank, nothing. it has been happening for over a day, please help other wise i must participate in the real world.

  7. Hi.. It is now over 36 hours since I was able to log into Yoville.
    Please have the decency to let people know just what the problem is and when it will be resolved.
    I am going crazy constantly trying…..even an error message would be better than this blank screen.

  8. hi, for the last few days, when being told it’s time to collect coin, 20 left, i get to 18 then can’t collect the last two on my visit’s. WHY IS THIS. I have not collected the max of 400 coins, so have been losing out. I am saving for a house. Plewase helllllllllllp……

  9. I logged on to Yoville this morning, where have my friends gone? All I have is invite friend.

  10. I like a heap of people ahead of me can’t get into Yoville, it is driving me crazy, I catch up with family on there to play, all I get is a blank screen, what is happening?? I have missed out on heaps of coins and I am saving to buy a bigger house, very frustrating. Please help or let us know what is happening. It has been over 24hrs since I last got in there.

  11. Going on 3 days now and I still cant log into Yoville, all I get is the blank screen 😦 how long will this keep going on for, I have friends on the other side of Australia who can log in just fine! Are we going to be compensated for lost wages???

  12. omg 2 days now i have not been able to get in my yoville acctso on fb or ms it is so frustrating. and with that hackers and scammmers list alot of those people are innocent it seems crazy how does u one acct get put on it but yet you dont use any programs so you say hi to someone u get labeled as a hacker omg i know alot of people on yoville and u get a guilty by assocaition. but not being able to get on is another story i love my yoville 2 days now a blank screen come on alot people want it fixed.

  13. I can understand that fixing problems like the ones you have can take time. My only problem is the total lack of communication on the part of Zynga. Thirty or three hundred doesn’t really matter I’m sure that it can’t take that much of you time to post on Yoville and let people know when approximately these problems are going to be fixed.Please make sure that when the game is back up and running that the problems that caused all the havoc have been fixed.

  14. hey i dont care who you have dinner with and or how much money anybodys got that is not the question here i am very concerned about getting yoville back on track and running im addicted and love my yoville so please do your best to solve the problem and Mark it would be real good if you posted something so that all the people like me from all over the world that play yoville will at least know what is going on because its real fustrating not knowing and a lot of people spend there own hard earned cash on this game so please post a message and let us know thats all that most people are asking for Thank You Regards cat

  15. I am not Happy! – been trying all weekend to get onto yoville – I have just spent money to buy yo-dollars – BIG MISTAKE – I might have to DISPUTE the transactions!
    Pls let us know what is happening – don’t leave us all in the dark….this is so frustrating. AARRGGGGGHHHH!!!!

  16. Ughh!! I was banned for being under 18 and well guess what there are 1000’s of under 18’s in yoville!! All my friends still play and i think that if you dont want under 18’s in yoville you should have said something because when i got my account nothing was said about it! This is also frutrating because i have rare items in yoville and i have spent money in real life on it!! This is anoyying me so terribly i will just have to start doing something else BECAUSE TELLIN YOU! IS DOING NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I’ve been trying to log in to yoville for 2 days now, and all I get is a blank page. How long is this gonna last?

  18. Hello ,I have to start out by saying that Yoville is my favorite game and I have been playing for quite some time.Recently I started spending my real cash for Yocash. On the same day that Yoville went down I had just finished putting $64.00 for the 300 coins.It definitly took my money and I am unable to see if I have received my Yocash.Is there any idea as to when my favorite game will be back up and running.I am getting impatient as, as others are, wondering if and when it will be back up and running. The only thing that we all are asking as Yovillians ,and cash paying people is a short paragraph as to what is happening.I never complain when the game is interrupted here and there but it has been 3 days and I am wondering about my hard earned cash..Please Please put up a notice as to what is happening..Thank You …It is the least the developers could do for all the dedicated people using this application..A Yoville loving Yovillian..

  19. Why can’t the blank error screen issue be fixed quicker? You should at least have an etr! I understand that people have paid to play in Yoville…but aren’t they the ones that are paying the salary/hourly wage for the few employees you do have working on the situation and since people do pay to have certain items, don’t you owe it to them to get fixed sooner than later!!!??!!

  20. well, this will be a first, i have been asking for help since the gothic house came out, i saved like mad for it and then was so disappointed because i have never been able to enter my guest bedroom. I have been hacked of collectables and coins and never once received a response from anyone, even tho i supplied u with the name and email of the person responsible for it, all the items have been listed for u guys about 20 times,all the ticket numbers been supplied with no luck. Now u telling us that u will sort it out, forgive me if i take that with a bottle of salt, never mind a pinch. All my costumes r irreplacable… bee, male mafia, serial killer, clown, joker and nun, as r my fountains x 2, tiger rugs x2, lamps red and gold lavas x 3 each, stages, dance floors x 4, thrones x3, scepters x . As u can see i have a very good reason to be very disappointed with the game, i had a lot and now have to try and build up again just because u refuse to respond to my requests. Even if u don’t replace any of my items, at least respond to this and let me know that u have at least taken the time to read it. I think we all enjoy the game, or should i say we r all addicted to it, but the hackers and scammers r spoiling it for us who r honest and just want to have some fun. PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS REQUEST IM BEGGING U!!!!!

  21. Hi Guys
    I like many others are addicted to your wonderful application, but also very saddened as to not knowing why I ahvent been able to get in for the last 3 days. I have dropped my temps, rebooted computer all to no avail.
    Please respond to us and let us know.
    Thanks for your assistance

  22. hey have been trying for days to log in. i am loosing a lot of money not to mention the conversations i am now unable to have with the friends i have all over the world. here’s hoping the problom is solved soooooon. pls at least let ppl know an approx time

  23. Zynga makes its games easier to win for users who successfully spam their friends into signing up to play.

  24. been trying to get on yoville since friday night no success keep getting a blank screen please sort this problem havent been able to go to work!

  25. I realize that you have millions of people who play these silly Zynga games, but it would be nice if you could post some updates on the progress of our issues. It is extremely frustrating to continue trying to log onto a game and getting nothing. I load to 1% then get nothing. On my space Tom always posts updates, why can’t you. There are many of us who have used real money to buy things and we don’t appreciate losing our money, that we work very hard for, it isn’t handed to us on a silver platter like some people. Thank you for your time and please, please let us know, 36 hours without any communication from you is a very long time.

  26. I also have trouble to get in to Yoville since yesterday morning. Have installed the Adobe 10.0, still nor working. Please help me get back the fun. I’ve just promoted Vice President! Thanks

  27. I keep getting a blank screen on yoville. I tried all the suggestions to get it to work and still no success.

  28. You could at lest place a message up on the app location on Facebook so people will get an understanding of whats going on.
    Leaving people in the dark like this is a terrible way to do any type of business.
    Have some common courtesy.
    Hack its one of the most popular app on Facebook…don’t get to cocky!!!

  29. I would just like to say that I love playing YoVille. I’m not a crazed fan, but I do enjoy my time when I’m able to get on to it. I haven’t been able to log on to YoVille for about 3 days now and was just wondering if and when it’s going to be fixed.
    Thanks for listening.

  30. PLEASE I NEED HELP I WAS BANNED FOR THE 10 minutes alreadyAND I HAVE PUT MY REAL MONEY IN TO THE GAME YOVILLE HELP ME TO SAFE MY ACOUNT BEFORE IS DIE;; saranoriegar@yahoo.com ,,sary is my avatar ,,i cant even get tru zynga suport,,,my avatar scran help , so help

  31. Hi guys, I too am having the blank screen issue in yoville. I followed some advice I saw on the yoville app help page, which was logging off, removing the application ( it said I would not loose my character or anything in my appt, friends etc). rebooting, then re-adding application. I did all this…now I really have a blank screen. Where before I had the tabs for crew etc…now it just says yoville up in the corner. I know you are being bombarded, but I’m really hoping for some help! Thank You! Jerrie Downing

  32. My God folks, most of us are not losing any real money, It’s a virtual game. Mine is down as well and I am sure Zinga got lots of complaints, proably need their 30 employees to answer those. Time and patience.

  33. Having posted above, I do agree that an email should have been sent to let us know the problems and concerns.It would have saved a lot of us time checking our computers etc.

  34. Hello, I’m Zee,
    I have the same problem,
    Going on 3 days now and I still cant login
    to Yo’Ville, all I get is the blank ……
    Plzzzz…. help me,
    I luv very much Yo’Ville
    I can’t use Yo’Ville,
    I lost friends list/crew and loading the page of Yo’Ville is blank “nothing come out… hick… hick…
    Please help me,make a normal conecting, what wrong with my character..?
    Thx u very much for ur attention and helping me…
    Warm regards~

  35. my yoville page wont load up for the last two days. Please help me , i miss it very much.. and my sisters page wont load up ethier, we are both using the same computer!! and both enjoy Yoville!! So can you please help!!!

  36. I,like soooo many can’t get onto Yoville…been trying since Friday and just get a blank screen…All the money that we are missing is not fair,it is not our fault and maybe we should all have the money that we missed out on put in our account when the game is back up and running…it would be VERY nice to at least know what is going on and how long it may be down for…just something…anything…this is SOOO frustrating…

  37. Can you at least update the users of yoville as to what is going on. I mean if you just take down the game for everyone while fixing the problems and say that you will be back up in 24 hours or whatever then people wouldn’t be glued to the damn screen trying to get logged on only getting a blank screen. I understand your having issues but please update the users that love this game!

  38. I have not been able to got into Yoville for 3 days now, ive been looking at a blank screen that allows me to access nothing! can you please fix this issue, some of us have paid real money to use this site!!!

  39. Plz tell us when yoville will be fixed on facebook or at least a rough guess to when thank u

  40. Firefox can’t find the server at app.yoville.com. from my facebook account.
    I can’t play YoVill from the home. Every other computer can, log in .. I don’t understand way?

  41. This is not a hacker problem, it is not a problem with people stealing stuff
    This is a MAJOR problem resulting in Many People from ALL OVER THE WORLD, who cannot access yoville at all..
    ITS BEEN 3 whole days now
    At least have the decency to address the situation for what it is.
    Not only are people unable to play the game
    but maybe this will make you sit up and listen
    maybe now you will actually stop trying to work out why someone lost a couch and try to figure out why thousands of people cant even access the game

  42. It´s been two days since i´ve been able to get on yoville. Getting to be pretty frustrating since this is not the first problem i´ve had with yoville. To be honoust, it´s been giving a lot of problems lately.

  43. I am having problems loading yoville would love to know when it will be back up and running for i have bought and paid for a house on yoville with yocash plus other item that reguired yocash would love to know whats gonna happen………..Missing three days of earning coins i dont think thats fair to all of the ppl who havent been able to get on….

  44. Can you please post and tell us what is going on with yoville. I want to make sure it isn’t some kind of hacker.

  45. Please. I cant get into Yoville. Just met the most wonderful guy – I´m loosing him. Help me. Hav not been able to get into YoVill since friday 3/4. Whats the problem.
    I need my YoVill back!
    Best regards
    Heléne Gustavsson, Lidköping, Sweden

  46. WOW, you have put yourself out there.
    Truly can see how difficult it is to please everyone’s complex issues.
    However, (sorry, there is a ‘ya, but’)
    If a person has played to play within the game. It is no longer a free game. And then when that is taken by no faulf of their own – the company should be proving a more timely a support.

  47. Sorry to say Mark, the response time is nowhere near 48 hours….try 3 weeks and you will be closer to the correct time :o(

  48. PS these tickets have been entered via the zynga support site…it does not seem to help if you update the ticket :o(

  49. Actually, there would have to be some manner of “service” for you to have a “customer service” department. I’ve done the “Ask a Question” on your Support site more than 20 times and I’ve left 5 telephone messages at your headquarters and I have yet to get a personal response back. I honestly don’t care that you “only” have 30 people to service millions of users. That’s your problem, not mine.
    Your gaming site owes me points in the game I play, Mafia Wars on Facebook. You’ve totally ignored my repeated requests for resolution, even when I’ve given all the proof required to help you do your job.
    Because my biggest issue has gone over a month without resolution, I have contacted the Better Business Bureau to help me get some service. Your company is obviously not interested in fairness in any way.
    Which speaks also to…
    Your game is now, today (April 23rd), going through changes that will be its downfall. The changes to the fight/rob/attack/hitlist structure seem to be a response to either a) experience points, or b) people crying about “bullies”. Either way, you’ll lose 50% of your active users within the week, at a minimum.
    You need to employ a mathematician or two that can go over all of your structures in terms of game play. Who ever is doing it now doesn’t have a clue.
    I’m also noticing that the public discussion board has been removed from the FB game page in favor of an offsite forum. Is that so that you can censor people’s comments like you do on the MW Fan page on FB?

  50. i was hacked into yesterday and they took everything of mine this is ridiculous because i spent all my own money charged to my phone can someone please help me

  51. Generally customer service at Zynga is great, but there seems to be one or two people there who are either not intelligent enough for the job, or who don’t seem to take it seriously. Let me give an example: I have been alarmed at the scamming, scripting, sexual predation and so on that has been and still is going on in YoVille, so I started taking screenshots and obtaining player id no’s of such people as they violate the TOS of the game. I send these in using the customer support question tickets on the Zynga website. Every so often I have gotten feedback from Zynga, saying keep up the good work, thanks for your vigilance etc, but the last batch I sent in, all of which were to do with scripters, were seen by the person as the same question, but on 8 or 9 different tickets, even though they were to do with different incidents and different scripters. The person obviously did not look at the contents of the tickets, they just changed the status of all of them to “Solved” and sent one of the tickets back saying don’t make multiple tickets for the same incident. This is highly unprofessional, and needs to be looked at, as those scripters can continue on their merry way damaging the game, Zynga’s reputation and putting people off YoVille. Some of the 30 people on customer support need to change their attitude and buck their ideas up. I would be grateful if this could be looked into, as although they may be busy, lack of action like this indirectly causes them more work in the future as more customers are hacked, more people complain, etc etc.

  52. I actually had a few death threats on fashion wars a zynga game this was not the only one I have called police and at this point zynga refuses to ban this person , we have to present zynga a court order which is in progress right now…
    # 26 Apr 2009 12:24 am

  53. i got an automated reply saying go to your facebook account, press the profile tab and cut and paste the info from your url to this message…..did it????? no…..what a surprise, so i sent 43 emails to zynga support with all the info they asked but still my texas hold em poker account is deactivated……now what??

  54. Hey everyone, my name is Blake. I have been an employee of Zynga for three months now. I have nothing but positive things to say about Zynga; and nothing but sincere respect for the individuals who make the operation possible. I got a job with Zynga shortly after graduating from UC Davis (studied Economics).
    I was hired as a contract employee to perform various tasks for the iphone team. I was stoked just to land a gig in this job market – not to mention I had been an avid gamer since duck hunt. Looking back, I guess I have been a social gamer all along.
    What excited me even more was my first day on the job. I walked into an office buzzing with energy and inspiration. I got the vibe that everyone had specific roles to fill for an ultimate goal – and if they could do that, they would be compensated fairly. We all felt very appreciated.
    My initial tasks were somewhat remedial, but I enjoyed doing ANYTHING in the office because of the atmosphere. I also knew that how minor the task may seem was irrelevant. The most important tasks could not be completed without the building blocks. I always tried to exceed expectations and never put my name on something that wasn’t my best work. One day, I was asked if I wanted to make a game-demo video for the upcoming release of Scramble Live. Remembering a time during my childhood when Chad (my neighbor) and I would try to write down EVERYTHING you had to do to beat Donkey Kong, I accepted the task. I had already played a LOT of Scramble in preparation for launch, so I had a plethora of ideas to communicate the games features. I finished the video, editing included, in about 4 hours. Most of the shots were just one take. It turned out that the casual, one take, approach fit with Zynga culture. Shortly after the first video, I took up the alias ‘1 Take Blake.’ Truth be told, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be involved in the film and entertainment industry. I was able to blend my passion for film making with my addiction to video games. All the while I was getting paid to do what I love!
    Since then, I have made 4 more videos for Zynga – and really feel like they are appreciated. My goal is to make a video for every department of Zynga – really focusing on the team dynamic. I love to include my co-workers in my work, because without them, I would not be doing it. I wake up every day grateful that I am living the dream.
    I aspire to be Zynga’s go-to guy for video and other creative media needs. I am proud to say I am a Zynga employee, and also believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I guess it is not abnormal that bad press about companies seem to correlate to their level of success. There will always be haters. I accept that. I have always worked my ass of to reach success while maintaining my integrity. I can sleep at night comfortable with every decision I have ever made. Despite that, I have never gone a week without hearing somebody else’s negative energy. ‘Blake, you can’t do that because…” or “It’s impossible to reach THAT level of sucess without sacrificing your morals.” I shrug it off. The recent wave of negative press about Zynga – in a way – feels like an accomplishment. I realize that when society does not understand something, they will form speculations. Go ahead everybody, speculate about how Zynga continues to expand; continues to build out new departments and positions (like mine); and to remain profitable. I guess we just figured it out before the rest of you. But please RESPECT our business. We will always respect yours. We will continue to connect the world through games. They are fun as heck, you should try them! And smile.
    Anyone and everyone is encouraged to link up with me online. You can friend/message me on facebook. You can follow me on Twitter (One Take Blake)
    BUT!!! Please do not waste your time sending me Zynga hate mail. It will be deleted/marked as spam immediately. I am open to conversation with any open mind. I know that (deleting the messages right away) might be perceived as close-minded. But I just don’t have time to deal with people who have their mind made up on something I don’t agree with. I have way too much FUN work to do!
    Mark Pincus – Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this possible. Rather, making it possible for US to make this possible.
    Email me at blake@zynga.com OR 1takeblake@gmail.com
    iPhone Mafia Wars
    Level: 180
    Mafia Size: 168
    Hourly Property Income: $1,352,415
    Attack Power: 2433
    Defese Power: 2581
    Friend Code 7501 4350 66
    I also play YoVille (YoBlake), Guild of Heroes, Scramble, Live Poker, and Vampire Wars. (But I would accept a challenge to ANY Zynga Game!)
    Brutally Honest,
    Blake Loftus Jamieson

  55. i have been in yovile for quit some time now i have been hacked 4 times now i have spent hundreds of dollars in this game to come to find out that i lose all i got i feel this matter is un fair i lost 2 mil in coins 300yocash an many items collectables i have worked my tail off for i dont know who else to turn to this matter is unresolved n unfair i have worked for that real money not lose in just 5 sec please some respond to this matter i have list of items missing and a list of my money as well im ver sadened at this thanks for takin the time to read this ,, amanda

  56. OK, so not only has my problem been solved, Chris has gone beyond what I would have expected. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!THANK YOU!THANK YOU! Chris and Mark.

  57. hi mark,
    it happened 3 times that someone hacked my husbands account. we got the chips back from zygna. it took 3 days till 3 weeks to get the chips back, we kept updating the question till they answered! so we can say the support is good when i read that only 30 persons answer all emails.
    i have another question to u:
    how can a member follow another one (poker) without being his buddy? a woman was follwoing my husband 3 days now. she is not his buddy and in her profile there are no buddies at all. she has about 660 mio and she followed him in second from table to table even after he changed several servers. so how comes? we wrote to zynga today hope they will help. suprising also that she does not play. she always antered the table and stood up when it was her turn to sit again. after my husband asked her why she is following him, she went out.
    why you don´t make a blacklist or ban ppl from server who hack, so they can not play with the same IP again?

  58. Hey I have been using facebook/myspace holdem for some time and now I don’t get any loading. I see my chip count and the bottom f-list but shows no tables and I can’t join. I have done all the recommandations from the Zynga support page and that did nothing. Any input would be nice because I did enjoy the App. Thanks.

  59. Zynga has 30 people in cs supporting 8.5 million daily users with a goal of 48 hour response time.
    A goal of 48hr response, what a laugh. I have been emailing customer services since Tues 5th May, 6 emails sent and no reply. I am and many others enjoy playing Poker esp on FB, myspace etc, as it is a way to meet pple and have a laugh, but when a person runs into a problem the customer services dep are no where to be seen. Can’t understand why anyone would, but if a person was to purchase chips from Zynga instant result. My account was disabled over a week ago, due to so called abuse reports, yes I would hold my hand up if i did, BUT I do not and have never abused anyone on poker. The message was to email customer services if this was an error, so I have and nothing. I had just over 21mil in my account, what has happened to those chips?? Come on guys, you are getting a bad name with the lack of communications. You offer great games and just now I am sure people are going to get fed up and stop using them, then what is going to happen??

  60. I have been emailing CS for over a week now and had no reply at all.

  61. Customer Services got in contact with me last night, the issue has been resolved. Thank you again for all your help.

  62. my facebook texas hold em poker has wrongly been suspended, i never abused anybody, i have sent over 60 emails, over 20 unanswered phone calls and over 10 voice mails and still only automated replys, when are zynga going to get their act together and help people like me who have problems? zynga is losing customers by the hour and i assure you if my account isnt reactivated asap i and all my friends/contacts will be going to aol to play texas hold em poker

  63. Hey, I have been writing Zynga with an issue I am having on Fashion Wars. No response from you guys yet. Fashion Wars supposed to be fun for everyone, instead a few people rather bully some of us. And I am fed up with it. Please get back to me. Thankyou in advance.

  64. Hello. Can someone please get back to me, it is regarding Fashion Wars TOS violation and bullying. Thank you.

  65. Dear Mark, I would just like to say a huge thank you for all the support and help solving my issues with the game of Mafia wars. I have found that whenever i have had a problem whatever it may be that you have been extremely helpful and have always done all you can to solve this issue. Your game applications are so much fun and have made my time on facebook alot more interesting and enjoyable . Your staff member Chris is extremely helpful also. So thanks one again and keep up the good work you all do .

  66. Dear Mark, I would just like to say a huge thank you for all the support and help solving my issues with the game of Mafia wars. I have found that whenever i have had a problem whatever it may be that you have been extremely helpful and have always done all you can to solve this issue. Your game applications are so much fun and have made my time on facebook alot more interesting and enjoyable . Your staff member Chris is extremely helpful also. So thanks one again and keep up the good work you all do .

  67. I am totally disgusted with zynga, i have been playing poker on facebook for some while now and upto last week i had one over 600 thousand play chips and i was enjoying playing it, this week however i log onto my account and i have just 700 chips left, now i haven’t clicked on any links or given out my password to anyone so can you please explain where and how my chips have gone to.

  68. HI,

  69. also having trouble getting unto YoVille and I know It is not my PC. I got in using another account. I have used Google Chrome, IE, and Mozilla/Foxfire with the same results: blank screens

  70. my texas holdem poker account has been blocked by zynga.ı cant solve this problem.please help me.ı want to play poker.please activate my account

  71. Well over a month on from when I first found this page.Any changes in service? No.
    Lots of games changes and improvements for those who can actually access zynga pirates.The customer service is still crap, despite you sending Chris H my way, he didn’t even have the courtesy to reply last time I emailed him details of the problems, including the browsers, links to collated information I took time to find out …..the reason being there is no customer service. Just automated replies.All complaints are dealt with in the same lax way regardless of their importance, after a month of harrassment from a user I removed the game for 10 days, and still nothing has been done.why……cos zynga don’t give a crap as long as folks are paying for points why should they? White screens glitchy games, too busy adding new features instead of ironing out the problems aready being experienced. You have users attempting to access games through recruit links and various broswers, sat hitting refresh half the time they are playing.Do you care……nope. You have a duty to the users loyal to your games. Sort your servers, sort your glitches and improve customer bloody service its dire and thats being polite.Next time you send chris H to deal with a problem, why don’t you follow it up with a ” is it resolved” question Mr Pincus, or is it just you passing the buck because its beneath you to consider the users in your position?
    Your reputation is getting tatty, other games providers will come along and provide a better service , thats the day you might sort your staff and service .

  72. Mark, HELP!!
    To Zynga Support I have another incident # 090615-001408(did they even read the email?):
    Are you SERIOUS!??? I got 21 points for ??? OK, to say I am irritated is putting it lightly. My problems are far from fixed. I don’t think you even addressed my problems.
    My problems are: 1.) Lack of MW points purchased on 6.10.09…I purchased 85 points for $20. I have not received those points.
    2.) My Customer Service account needs to be reset. I logged on as my husbands Email so that I could actually get service. I requested that my DinkablePlanet@Yahoo.com account be the account with responses. I have registered numerous times with Zynga online and the site still won’t recognize my DinkablePlanet@Yahoo.com registration. when I request lost password I get User name not recognized and when I try to re-register with my DinkablePlanet@Yahoo.com account I am told it is ALREADY registered.
    You giving me 21 points and thinking that solved my problems is incredibly insulting and a waste of my and your time. PLEASE address the issues stated and correct my Support account and my Mafia wars Account.
    Please see result of complaint on 6.10.09 below.
    Discussion Thread
    Response (Zynga Support Staff) 06/15/2009 12:35 PM
    Hello Amy,
    Thanks for contacting Zynga.
    We have credited you 21 points. Thank you for your patience.
    Zynga Customer Support
    Customer (Amy Hartley) 06/10/2009 04:04 PM
    I have an account I cannot access. I have signed up 2x with this data base and when I try to enter my info it says I don’t exist. PLEASE reset my password and info. It should be under DinkablePlanet@Yahoo.com
    I cannot access to submit a complaint. I have sent a request to Zynga Billing and they said I should log on here.
    I am complaining about my points I purchased through your site. They never showed up. I spent $20 for 85 points and received them for 5 seconds then they vanished.
    So PLEASE help with the following: Reset my DinkablePlanet@Yahoo.com account for CS support. & Help me with my points. And please send all correspondence to the DinkablePlanet account.
    Auto-Response 06/10/2009 04:04 PM
    Reference Number 090610-008846
    * Mafia Wars
    * Facebook
    * English
    * Purchased & Earned Points
    * Purchased
    Created Date 06/10/2009 04:04 PM
    Updated 06/15/2009 12:35 PM
    Status Waiting
    Email Address kenhartley@att.net

  73. Am new to the computer game. Have been playing yoville since Dec/08. Am missing a rare item (elephant head)since you gave us the Taku line. This also means I am short a credit for getting a rare in a mystery pac. (which I need for my badges). Today I attempted to sell a parrott & find him gone too! These items took a long time to accrue & am feeling pretty cheated. Don’t know if I’ve been phished or hacked. Don’t know how to find out! Please return these credits & items to my yoville account. Thankyou.

  74. Hi Mark
    You know i sent a few mail to Zynga asking for help.well more then once.OK i understand it takes time to get a answer from them.But when they answer my email they give me this 120 hour thing and say the problem was resolved.WOW they are getting great they dont even know the full problem but they can resolve it.

  75. I applied for a Discover credit card – was accepted –received my card – activated the card and I have yet to get the YoCash promised to be given. It has been almost 3 months now and I am not sure who to contact so I am starting with Zynga support because it is your program that offers the rewards for YoCash. Who would it be to help me? I have purchased YoCash in the past through Zynga – but now want my Yocash from getting the Discover card. Please reply ASAP.

  76. Help, I am having a real problem.
    I am unable to contact you through your customer service link on mafia wars for various Catch-22’s. It won’t recognize my username, it won’t send my password to my e-mail account, it won’t let me open a new account because there is already an account with my e-mail address. I am about to pull my hair out!
    I had over 30 unused godfather reward points yesterday, and I just logged onto mafia wars and found all but 6 are gone! Stolen, hacked, missing! I did not use them. You have been tinkering with the game an AWFUL lot lately, even by YOUR standards. Did you take my points? I have spent over $1500 purchasing points over the past 7 months. Check your records, I am a good customer.
    I am not a cheater or a hacker. I have never used add-ons or done any illegal boosting or manipulation of my numbers. I am an honest man and player.
    My name is Dennis E. Newton, and here is my facebook link:
    My mafia wars name is [EXCELSIOR] DR DOOM. I am a level 367 maniac.
    Please help me!!!
    Regards, Dennis Newton

  77. yeah but when yoville is not acting right and your losing money from your pocket you all would understand why the hate comes in i have tried for at least three days to hear from someone not one answer and it is quite fustrating

  78. I’ve been waiting over 6 weeks to get an issues sorted out with being hacked for 500M chips. When they do get back to you they send a generic e-mail saying they can not verify the loss, tha’s a joke. They have all the information to be able to verify the loss should they wish to do so. I’ve now been waiting 4 weeks to trying and get my account re-opened as they closed my account for passing chips when I had already told them I was “hacked”. 48 hours responce time if you can get that to work Marc then a lot of people would be much happier as your customer serives is currently the biggest joke on facebook.

  79. i have just been banned from texas holdem poker,the reason was because i typed in the chat box too many times,i would really appreciate it if u would resolve this so i can play again… thankyou for reading my post.

  80. Please would somebody give me an answer??? I started playing poker on ur site in DEC made some good friends and brought chips from urselves ( even still have £200.00 phone bill ) I started doing really well and got up to 107 mill. Then You took them from me saying i was selling chips??? I am a 37 old woman who has just the right amount of know how to turn the pc on let alone do that. so please can some one answer me.
    Thanks Debbie

  81. What happened to the daily chips???2000,4000 (before) to 100 or 500 (now)???And my friends havent this problems.Can u help me pls? Thank you.

  82. Hey I started playing fashion wars there a few days ago and every night I progress to level 6 or 7 and then log off facebook. But when i log on again whether it be 20 mins or 12 hours later it is constantly put back to level 3….. please tell me why this is happening cos it’s frustrating me like mad!!!!!!!

  83. i have lost probably 4000 yocoins on yoville.com!its not fair!! i come on the website to have fun but all i get is getting scamed for all my coins.i really hope you can do something about this.!


  85. someone recently by the name of “BIG PIMPING” made death threats and is going around trying to get people to get a job as his slave he claims he is tracking peoples computers GAME ISNT TO FUN WHEN PEOPLE ARE DOING THIS YADDA he should be BANNED

  86. The hacking isn’t even the half of what has people upset and leaving yoville. That can’t be helped. FYI, I posted the following to a thread in Yoville Forum feedback section. Frankly, I think those running yoville have forgotten that we are, in fact, customers:
    Since I play Farmville, and love it, I was not at all upset about the implementation Sweets Factory; however, I do see a few issues:
    No, it’s not easy to get 50 crew. In order to get someone on your crew, you either have to bug your Facebook friends to join, OR you have too allow perfect strangers access to your Facebook account. This is extremely intrusive. I don’t WANT a bunch of strangers accessing my person, private information that I have posted for family and friends. Actually, I would think Facebook would object to Yoville’s intrusiveness in expecting it’s customers to do this.
    Also, if you don’t have a large crew, and I have a modest one, but know friends who have a very small one, you really cannot make any money at the Sweets Factory, which makes the summary on the home page and math break downs extremely misleading, since they are based upon 50 crew. I have a friend, who other than the free coins just for check in every 24 hours, clears about $25 coins every time she goes to the factory. This is not reasonable.
    Next, Yoville is very unreliable. I am a nervous wreck when I put things in the oven, that yoville will not be functioning when I need to take my items out of the oven. I really think it would be wise for Yoville to get it’s own house in order before it implements difficult policies that its CUSTOMERS must adhere to. For example, this is the second time my bulldog, which I paid actual money for, has died due to feeding issues. That does not speak highly of those who are working on programming here, frankly.
    A suggestion would be for yoville to waive the cleaning fee, or at least reduce it by half, so that people can actually see some point in participating in the Sweets Factory. Additionally , I do hope yoville plans to allow us to expand to more and more ovens, as Farmville does, so that hard work and diligence will be worthwhile, which makes the game more fun and rewarding to play. After all, this is a game, and we are, many of us paying customers. I do hope that fact is always kept in mind by those running things behind the scene here.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  87. I’am having problems gettingto my profile page on yoville,I havent been able to get my coins for 2 days! This is discouraging as it takes so long to coins built up. I really need these coins!

  88. Mark. I’ve played Vampires more than a year and have enjoyed the game and the social aspects immenstly. I’ve subscribed to Netflix and Seattle Coffee, joined 2 bookclubs, PURCHASED from Vidoe Professor, used my cell phone, credit card, and gift cards to buy elder points. I was hacked again (for the 3rd time now) 2 weeks ago. My clan has been under intense attacks and harassing treatment from 2 others that used bots and macros to level around us. I have mailed customer service, I emailed Gordon and Micah all multiple times and NEVER recieved more than an automated response. I know they are busy, but just saying that would have helped. I have become so frustrated I deleted my myspace page which I regret.

  89. I haven’t been able to connect to Mafia Wars from Facebook in 4 days now – and I’m so sad! I’m an avid player and I’ve contributed substantially to the revenue of Zynga.
    1) I can connect to Mafia Wars using a different Facebook username.
    2) I did ALL the trouble-shooting steps on the Zynga support page, as well as on the standardized customer ticket response.
    3) I called Billing 2x, and they said my account is in good standing. The office said that they’d submit a support ticket for me.
    4) I’ve twittered the problem
    5) I’ve sent in my own support ticket request.
    6) I’m even going so far as to GOOGLE Zynga and Mafia Wars, and in addition to the financial information thats out there, there is a whole lot of negative feedback on the bad customer support – and I have to admit I’m getting scared from all the negative feedback about Zynga. It’s all over the web.
    7) Please someone in Zynga, look at my issue and help me to get back on Mafia Wars.
    8) I love Mafia Wars.

  90. I’ve been tempted to spend real money on YoVille.. but all of these ongoing, seemingly endless and unsolvable problems have prevented me from doing so. From the Sweets Factory, to the hacker problem, to the lousy servers. It apparently all boils down to “Zynga doesn’t care what their customers think”.
    As a potential customer.. I refuse to spend real money on a product where they don’t seem to give a fleakin’ about Customer Support.. Customer Loyalty.. or maintaining a great product.
    If Coca Cola suddenly started putting their product in flimsy, breakable plastic bags, rather than bottles or cans.. do you think we’d continue to buy it? I doubt so.
    Think about it, Zynga.

  91. me and my dad can’t believe how lazy you lot are your games are either out of sync or not real pages if you do not sort this problem out i will start telling people

  92. I have been trying to purchase god father points for 5 days now. i was able to set up an account and use it for a month with no problem. Now i cannot buy godfather points with cc, pay pal and all the 3 rd part offers like amazon are gone from my page. I have spoken to customer support 4 or 5 times and all they do is tell me to wait. I have invested money in this game and would like to continue playing. W
    Why would zynga stop me from spending more money ? The transactions dont even pass your system to go to paypal or my cc company..
    Please help me resolve this situation.

  93. I can’t fill out a customer support request for Yoville, because the Zynga support service form is busy and I have to stop it and force quit. I can’t play my music and both the music players and the music are nonrefundable, can some one give me the phone number for tech support or at least allow me to get a refund. My macbook sound is on and functioning.

  94. I have been trying to purchase Yocash. Keep getting details errors when I have made sure this is all correct. I have been able to make a few succesful purchases but I just cannot understand why a company does not allow me to spend some money with them.
    I have tried getting some answers from customer service with no luck. I am not asking for money just trying to spend money.

  95. Today neither I or my husband have any friends in Mafia Wars since they worked on it yesterday. I can’t help anyone in my Mafia and I can’t get gifts from them and neither can he. They are all Facebook friends and are listed when I go to my mafia but the program won’t let me send them anything or help them with wars or going after another person. Appreciate whatever you can tell me.

  96. When will they up date tagged Mafia Wars & fix the yoville problem’s were are having! my screan is still only half there yhis is been going on since they added the sororiyu life game!

  97. I play Mafia Wars under a few different names. I recently purchased reward points under one of the names. I just noticed that the player that purchased the points only gains 1% on jobs, while the other player gains 3%. The obvious advantage to Zynga is that I would have to purchase more points to advance as quickly as the player who bought none.
    I find this VERY interesting and anxiously await your explanation.

  98. I logged into my mafia wars appl. and instead of over 900 people that were in my mafia, there were only 100 of them and my attact and defence mafia points went down by 40000..can somebody help me please..

  99. hi mark [PLEASE READ]
    help me – i hav been tryin to email the zynga customer support srvice so i went to the website and signed up and tryed to log in but it didn’t work!!! and iv’e tryed on numeroues ocassions to log in still no lucky.
    all i wanted to do is send a email and it is soo hard i would appreciate please hepl me

  100. Why is 100 all the presents you can have on Farmville? If you have lots of friends, and we are all good gifters, why are we penalized? Not right, I always get the Haiti seeds, and spend on other games as well. I want all that is sent, others are irritated also.

  101. for days now i cant invite friends and also a big problem my holidfay gifts dont work im missing out on all this ive spent hundreads of pounds on mafia wars so please sort it thanks gary oatley

  102. LOL @ MARK PINCUS!!
    “Zynga has 30 people in cs supporting 8.5 million daily users”
    30 PEOPLE!!??
    Yes Zynga is free for us to play but there’s a ton of money being made from our traffic.
    You’d think they’d appreciate us more!?!
    I mean if I had a golden egg laying goose, it’d sleep on my wifes side of the bed!.
    “Zynga, the online gaming publisher, is making a ton of money. Just how much? Well, earlier reports put revenue at something around $50 million, but some new numbers obtained by Sarah Lacy suggests that it’s closer to $100 million. And clearly, it’s accelerating. We’re hearing that the run rate for 2009 may even be well above that.”

  103. I understand that Zynga is a growing gaming world, but I believe they should have back up plans to when certain issues arise. I have been playing yoville almost a year, and back in Aug 09 a third party had gained access to my MySpace account. Well, they happened to delete my account which caused me to lose access to my Yoville account. I contacted Zynga, to find out last month in Dec 09 they can not help me. I lost 15k in coins, and 800k in items (rares, collectibles, clothing, furniture, etc). I had purchased yocash using my credit card, plus charging it to my cellphone. Being that they are the main supporters of Yoville, they should be able to help in more situations. Before operating their games, they should have fixed the security level which hackers shouldnt been able to access players accounts. I also have an issue with Myspace because they should have a better way of security as well. All hackers need in these games are your email address so they can locate your account then use a password cracker to get in. I also believe being that they have the “background source” meaning they have the ability to see on ones account of their items and etc, without being signed in, they should be able to help players retrieve/recoop their items that have been taken. It comes down to that Zynga looks at it that its our faults that their systems suck, and we deserve to be taken advantage of because we were the stupid ones that decided to play their games and purchase their product (ie yocash, etc).
    There needs to be a better way to play these games besides just signing into Myspace, FB or Tagged, maybe a downloadable program like IMVU or other Virtual Games. Who knows maybe even signing in through the Zynga website itself, instead of going through Myspace,FB, and Tagged. These suggestions just might help people have more of a control on their accounts, unlike where I lost my Myspace I would still have the ability to access my Yoville account.

  104. hello, i just wanted to say that after leaving 6 messages for winter ideas for zynga i appreciate seeing the items on yoville.i purchased everything ice and the sleigh and the reindeer,fireplaces,the workbench,red sled,mystery packs.i was hoping for an igloo,ice palace,ice hotel if you are not famaliar with these items please go to any search engine and type in ice hotel it will come up.in addition, i was hoping to see fur trimmed clothing such as coats,hats,scarves,gloves,sweaters,capes,pants.thanks

  105. Hi and sorry I’m sending this to you but I don’t know where else to go, I was on my last job in NY Boss lv 3 when i finished it gave me a shocking message “Level 3 jobs now open” it’s like I didn’t even do any Level 3 jobs. Now I’m not sure if I even want to keep playing the game any more. I posted a message on a Zynga board and I don’t think it was the place to do it but I’ve heard nothing back from them yet.
    Thank you, and help me if you can, Mark Fairlie (Big Mark)
    1/22/2010 at 1:27 am

  106. None of the Zynga games are working today. My dishes in Cafe world are probably spoiled by now.

  107. This is about 4 of the villes– for the first time I had a problem with each one of the villes, Yoville being the biggest that I lost furniture, 2 gifts??? Petville, lost a pet??Farmville – 3 gifts, sent gifts also lost and the large Villa…which someone purchased for me was never received….???? as for fishville I just find that I have having a problem getting on, it freezes. I love this games and tell everyone about them, can you please help me out?????thank you God bless

  108. A good friend passed me onto you, she thinks you might be able to sort my problem !
    Mafia wars, cuba to be exact, i have not been able to collect any cash for nearly a week, any jobs i do or collections on businesses does not put the money gained into the account, it remains at zero after you collect.
    Any thoughts to why this is happening ??
    Thanks heaps !

  109. mafia wars safe house wont let people send me any gifts as its says they dont have a request from me.i have completed the new york boss third level,got my throne but no extra energy pack.i tried to report this and was told my password and name was wrong,asked for a email and got nothing

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