Hopeful on a sunday morning

I feel a broad sense of hope as we anticipate obama’s coming leadership. I’m not sure I will agree with his politics (the world hasn’t been ready for a libertarian yet). But I’m already impressed with the person he is putting forward.

Obama has the potential to help america find its *leadership*. We need leadership in the presidency. We need it in our fin institutions. We need to BE leaders in showing the rest of the world the path to freedom and peace.

So I’m hopeful this morning as we await a powerful first 100 days.

24 thoughts on “Hopeful on a sunday morning

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think the USA (or the world for that matter) will ever be ready for the Libertarian party. We really do live in a two party system, and I’ve given up hope that one of my party members will get elected to high office positions. It seems to me that our best chance would be to join the main stream parties, and change them from the inside. By that I mean, when it comes time for elections, Libertarians need to run under the (R) or (D) platform. On a side note, it’s funny whenever I tell someone I’m a libertarian… the reply is usually “You’re a liberal?”. Er… no.
    I do however, wish Obama the best. Our country needs it. If he fails, we all fail.

  2. Mark,
    Do you even care how your company, Zynga, is being run? You’re people deleted mine and my friends acct. with no explanation, no warning, and according to rumors based on something that was said in a comment to another player that had been harrassing us for weeks. Which, BTW, was reported by several players to your company and NEVER responded to. Your company is not in current good standing with the BBB, it’s about to get worse. I’ve tried to resolve this amicably, but considering the only person you seem to listen to is a player in the Vampires app that used to or still does work for your company that seems to be only reporting things based on her own needs and wants in the game, you’ve left me and numerous others no choice. I’ve spent many hours building a Vampire character on your game, have never cheated, and as a gamer yourself that has a company that provides these games you have to understand that those hours are priceless. I’ve spent money on your game to make my character stronger and all that gone because you and your employees arbitrarily remove vampire accts based on a one sided conversation.
    If you care and take pride in your company, it’s time for you to take a personal moment and address this situation.
    I’ve waited two days for a response, and now have many screen shots of the person who “reported” our abuse doing much worse to others.
    Take a moment and listen to your messages on your customer service line and look at the complaints sent to your customer service box as well as your billing area. You deleted two of your strongest characters based on one person who didn’t like being beat down, of which I’ve told her many times if she’d just leave me alone I wouldn’t do.
    You and your company need to have ALL the facts before making such decisions.
    If you care at all about this situation and the standing of your company you’ll contact me to discuss this and get a clear picture of really what is happening out there on the game.

  3. Mr. Pincus,
    I’ve had a issue open with your company zynga concerning the myspace app vampires and the cyberbullying and harrassment of one player to myself and all of my friends since Dec,30th and nothings been done to resove this.
    I have no where else to turn to seek help. This person kills me many times daily as well as leaves me threatening and harrassing messages. It’s gotten so bad that sometimes I can not even play because of her killing me. She says that you will do nothing because of the fact she pays for elder points and I don’t
    The ticket ID is QDD-216358
    I have nowhere else to turn in this matter, please help me.
    Thanks in advance,

  4. Please make a formal announcement about whether or not Zynga is planning on keeping MHA. It would take one minute of your time and it is what half a million fans have been begging for since October. Please.

  5. Dear Mark Pincus
    I haven sent emails regarding Yoville and no response….I bought the new glass house and now I cant log back into Yoville…its been 4 days now…..I have spent alot of money on there and needless to say I bought yocash to buy this house. I’m not rich and cant afford to buy things that are taken away from me….I’m independent and single so all my dollars are important to me. Alot of people on there are getting their things stolen and their money. As for me I play fair and never taken anything from anyone and never done anyone wrong. PLEASE this is your game so step up to the plate and straighten this out and stop all these hackers. I have fun on Yoville but I’m not gonna put up with all this crazy stuff going on. I think that you need to pay close attention to whats going and do something about it.

  6. Well, let’s hope Obama does a WAY better job than you do. People are being scammed left and right on one of YOUR games. They’re losing REAL dollars. And getting NO answers. Where are you? On holiday? Well, good for you – you’re gonna need the break considering the Class Action Lawsuit coming at you when you get back.
    Dude, you’re supposed to take care of your people. If you like Obama so much one migh think you’d know that.

  7. Actually, I meant ROBBED – not SCAMMED.
    People are just playing and being stolen from. They’re not giving out info, they’re not accepting trades. They’re just showing up to find all their stuff gone.

  8. Zynga needs to help all the Yovillians that have been robbed. I was buralized not 1 house but 4 houses. And no I did not give out any password. I believe someone is hacking myspace. I tracked this person down & sent all info to Zynga & myspace. Please help all of us out, I log into work I play do surveys & even spent 10.00 in yocash. I had 152.00 yocash furniture and a million dollars in other furniture & 2000.00 in yocoins stolen please can someone help all of us out of this horrible person running around Yoville breaking into our homes and robbing us blind.

  9. I am also one of the people playing Yoville who got hacked. I too only got some computer generated response basically saying I shouldn’t give my info out.
    I didn’t. I don’t even trade/buy/sell with other players just so I don’t compromise myself. I go on and decorate my place.
    Of course I don’t expect the company to be able to stop hackers, but the response to it is ridulous. Especailly for fake money.
    How hard would it be to send out something saying, we know this is going on, we’re working on it, we’ll try to make everyone whole again when we’re through and then make good on that.
    There are 3 of us on the forum that were able to catch the hackers, left you guys e-mails about it and only one of us recieved one response and then nothing.
    (One of them posted above me, HI Cin)
    From our point of view you guys just seem to be saying, hey it’s your own fault, we’re not doing anything about it.
    If that’s not true, than let us know.
    Try going to the forums and read how upset everyone is.
    Yes it’s just a game, but alot of people put real money into it, we put time and effort into it.
    I personally got hacked twice. Before the first hack I hadn’t even been on except to work for like a week straight. Then got hacked again for most of my items and more money.

  10. Hey Guys, I know I don’t speak on Marks behalf, but seriously… posting this stuff on a guys personal blog is insane. Zynga has plenty of people who you can email issues to on their web page. This is his personal blog, where he doesn’t often speak about work. Come on guys, would you like it if customers from your work call you at home, or messaged you on myspace with their problems? Try and ACTUALLY look for contacts, I know I’ve found them quite easily in the past AND I’ve received responses.
    Please, respect EVERYONE’S personal space.

  11. Every HAS been trying to contact them through the usual means without any luck.
    All we’ve gotten is messages stating it was our fault for giving out our information and to refresh (which doesn’t work) and that the ticket is now closed.
    When you call the customer service number, you only get a voicemail.
    This has been since last Friday and we’ve all been very patient and are beyond fed-up and this has been the ONLY way to get in touch with anyone about this issue.
    Me and CinJinKnight have been able to get to the homes of the hackers, have tried to get this info to someone, nothing.
    We’ve given names, nothing.
    Wouldn’t you be fed up by now?

  12. UNKNOW,….Mark is the CEO, if you cant get results by going through the chain of command,then it is time to go to the guy at the top.
    He is Zynga,….and it us that keep in in business,…

  13. Mark,
    I would like to personally thank you for getting my issue with your company resolved. In the end it was resolved in a very appropriate manner and I felt your staff was friendly and I was pleased that they took the time to hear me out. I think it was a lesson for everyone in not listening to just one side of a story and reacting rashly.
    Sadly there seems to be a lot of frustration with your apps right now and not just Vampires which is what I play. I’m continuing to hang in there in hopes it will get back to the game I love.

  14. Mark,
    you MUST listen to the complaints against your company! I’ve been reading various blogs, forums, complaint boards, etc, for days, and there are literally thousands of people ready to report to the BBB and join in a class-action lawsuit against Zynga. You can prevent this – just FIX the games!
    Considering the amount of money you undoubtedly pull in on a monthly basis, you can EASILY afford to hire people who can make your games more secure! Take Yoville, for example. People are getting hacked, scammed, banned for no reason, bullied, ridiculed, locked out of their homes, and literally robbed blind (sometimes to the tune of hundreds of dollars, which makes for a federal offense) – and you do NOTHING about it. Why?
    We enjoy the games. We want to play. We’re even willing to spend our hard-earned money to enhance the experience. Why would you ignore complaints, refuse customer service, and risk lawsuits and losing millions? Do you have SO MUCH money that you no longer care if you lose a few million dollars?
    I read the story of a handicapped woman two days ago…she plays YoVille because she is in a wheel chair and severely ill all the time. She can’t go outside, so YoVille is her ONLY chance at a “social life”. She spent hundreds on the game only to be robbed blind overnight. When she emailed support about this, she got NO response – and STILL didn’t get a response after mailing again several times over a period of two months. Are you listening, Mark? You’re allowing hackers and scammers to take away the only social happiness some people can get in this life.
    As for today…YoVille has been down for almost a full day once again. The people who DO make it back to the game find most if not all of their things missing. What’s going on here? Are YOUR employees the hackers in question? Do you run background checks? Do you log their activity while they are “working” on the applications?
    In any case, I will be trying to get back on my YoVille account again after posting this comment. I don’t expect much, and I certainly don’t expect a response from you, but I sincerely mean it when I say, you better check your crystal ball…the future looks dark for Zynga if you don’t get to fixing ALL known issues very, very soon.
    P.S. I find it insulting that your only response to complaints on this blog was a short “sorry, email such and such”. BS!

  15. jeez, MJ. well, someone out here still thinks you’re a decent human . . .

  16. chris h. is useless, he asks one question then abandons me… I then get a message that I naver had the chips I say I had and that he’s done.
    I have a screenshot of my last night of playing before the logoff when the chips were stolen… That is basically an electronic fingerprint, it is proof of my chip count and refuse to do anything about it.
    Send me your emails and I will show you they are liars and want to take your money….
    They don’t care about players, just their bottom line!
    I didn’t pay them for the chips, I earned them… ALL 4 BILLION OF THEM!

  17. I was banned from the Zynga game Fashion Wars based on another player’s accusations. I was never given a chance to tell my side of the story. I was told by the Director OF Games that he would move my game to another Myspace profile which NEVER happened. I spent 2 months proving that I did not do what I was accused of and he will not even return my emails. I spent 6 months day and night playing this game because I am disabled and my husband works. I was treated very badly.

  18. I agree that it has been frustrating with the fact that your company has just left me high and dry with all my complaints and concerns about YoVille unresolved. I have made my complaints and found it to completely useless since the only answer I got was by email giving me everything but a strait answer. Anyhow, to make a long story short, Please fix your issues with your game apps. I do enjoy playing them, but I also do have a heart and cant just sit and see all this happen and not say a thing about it.

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