Atlas shrugged

I’m psyched to hear this amazing book will come out as a film this year. Couldn’t be more topical given how every company has their hand out for govt bailouts. Being the only one not asking for money is like being the last tax payer. Or like holding the world up on your back…

2 thoughts on “Atlas shrugged

  1. i agree. and ayn has been getting a lot of attention because of the recent governmental “activity” in the economy. the wsj last week had a piece on ayn and today’s situation. i read the book years ago and i think i liked fountainhead better.

  2. Just read Atlas Shrugged and blown away. Having visited Crested Butte and got the T-shirt “FARFROMPEOPLE” could not help but make this amazing connection. Ayn Rand must have visited this hideaway way back in the day… I just google’d Crested Butte /Altas Shrugged and you blog was first on the list. Great minds think alike…
    kind regards,
    Marie,Toronto Canada

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