Are gaza casualties being accurately reported?

An isreali idf spokesman said that 75 pct of the 500 reported casualties in gaza have been armed hamas fighters. If true this is distressing as no news outlets have reported this.

6 thoughts on “Are gaza casualties being accurately reported?

  1. If true this is distressing as no news outlets have reported this.
    Are there any reporters who can independently verify if a corpse is a fighter versus a civilian?
    I don’t know but I would bet the answer is ‘no’. So they’re going to have to rely on one side or the other for the facts.
    Me, I trust the IDF to be more right than Hamas. But others might disagree.

  2. You are “distressed” about the numbers being reported? Please don’t be. Israel has imposed a media blackout on Gaza while it conducts its attacks against the Gaza population which is why there are no independently verifiable numbers on casualties. So as I say don’t get too “distressed” because the Israelis are doing a great job right now killing Hamas fighters (and of course numerous women and children who are inevitable collateral) in the Gaza strip. Surely you should be proud?

  3. Mark- I agree it is distressing, as the media coverage turned into a ‘game of numbers’. Despite aggressive (and much improved) PR efforts by the Israeli government it becomes harder and harder for its spokesmen to defend the unbalanced equation of casualties. But what does it mean really? Does a country such as Israel have an obligation not to respond if a “lesser power” engages in violent provocations? Is there a better way to respond to an opponent that rejects diplomacy and compromise?

  4. Since Israel is blocking access to reporters, there is no way to know what’s going on.
    Since truth is said to be the first casualty of war, it would be helpful if there were some first hand accounts from independent journalists.
    Of course no journalist can be truly “independent” or 100% objective but it would help to have a free press operating to provide differing viewpoints IMHO.

  5. This is the worst reporting of an Israeli-Arab conflict in the last 30 years. The NYT should really be ashamed of themselves.
    The Israelis are counter-attacking with social media but its not enough. This is not 1972. World opinion can be changed overnight if enough voices are engaged.

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