One healthy economic indicator

It used to be that bad economic news sent the market and up and good down as investors knew that bad news would generate rate cuts. Seems we are moving away from that unhealthy *derivative economy* driven by program trading and massive volatiliy to one where the market will start to move in sync with expectations. This is encouraging and may be a real positive sign for small investors.

2 thoughts on “One healthy economic indicator

  1. Hey Mr. Pincus,
    Speaking of the economy, I was wondering if you could talk about your successes? I’ve just started getting into the whole ‘internet economy’ and I’ve made a little money. (selling the program I’ve written… I’m a coder) I want to write a MySpace app, (not a game) and I was wondering how you started. Are you a coder? And was there a degree of luck involved? Sorry, success fascinates me. Thanks for your time Mr. Pincus.

  2. Mr. Pincus,
    One more question. It seems that in this economic climate, the market seems to be favoring the gaming industry. Do you have any insight on that? Or am I way off base? Thanks for your time Mr. Pincus.

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