Will the dumb prevail?

It seems that I can’t find support for my views anywhere these days.

I get why conservatives would attack me for supporting obama, but now it seems even obama supporters hate on me for supporting their candidate.

This man mr mattson (see below) attacks me as ‘a rich white land owner’ and says if I like obama he won’t anymore.

The guy sounds like a serious socialist/communist and goes on to attack my compliment that obama is looking like a good ceo. ‘We all see how far the free markets got us’.

Blaming free markets for our current meltdown is like blaming your car for driving off a cliff. Free markets will always represent the greatest prospect for our society to provide the highest std of living to the most.

Free market mechanics are tools we must continue to test and develop to meet our goals. These goals include a democratic, level playing field with oppty for all. An environment that inspires risk taking and invention while protecting against corruption.

I’m hopeful that the wisdom of crowds will continue to be a true statement and that this mr mattson represents the ignorance of few.

(Reposted comment)

**”Huh… rich, white, land owning male telling US how great our new leader is. I’m already beginning to regret my vote for Obama. He’s like a CEO, FANTASTIC… ’cause we can all see how well the free market system works”**

6 thoughts on “Will the dumb prevail?

  1. . . . and condemning all CEO’s based on the greed and near-sightedness of a few (okay, *more* than we wished) seems just a tad naive. If we followed that logic, then the entire democratic system should be flushed down the toilet based on Blagojevich; and leadership, in general, is beyond hope. I am not quite ready to give up yet.

  2. I heard something on conservative talk radio a while back, and this guy’s comment only reinforces the theory. The gist of what was said was this, “Liberals will always be unhappy because they rely on government to provide their happiness. Conservatives, on the other hand tend to be happy regardless because they put their faith in other means. (e.g., faith, hard work, family, friends, etc.)” I’m conservative, and I’m more than happy to give Obama a clean slate on things. I really would like to see this country turn around economically, and I hope that Obama can help out with that (as opposed to impede it).

  3. Some people are smart, some are stupid.
    Some people are pretty, some are ugly.
    Some people are rich, some are poor.
    Some people are black, some are white.
    Some people are liberal,some are conservative.
    All people are entitled to their opinion.
    The fact, that we are entitled to an opinion does not mean that our opinion is always correct.
    So… be open minded to other’s opinions because theirs may be the correct one…or not!!

  4. “It seems that I can’t find support for my views anywhere these days.” Poor Mark.
    I, and thousands of other subscribers, can’t seem to find any support for Zynga’s MY HEROES ABILITY application. Mark’s company has dropped it like a hot potato and is not taking any action to respond to emails of complaint, fix errors or assign developers to the app.
    In fact I have to say that Zynga’s ‘customer service’ is the worst I have ever encountered! WORST! EVER!
    MHA players are furious and organizing to boycott Zynga, but they probably dont care because they have their heads up their own asses.
    Merry Xmas Zynga – you SUCK!

  5. maybe you will answer me because no one else will…i have been having problems with getting into my house in yoville from day one…everytime i try to enter my apartment or my jusr bought trailer a box pops up on my screen saying something along the lines of—we are sorry there has been an error joining the new room the prblem has been logged” and then it goes on to kick me out…please help me its rather annoying and i have not come across anyone else in the game having the same trouble
    thnaks a bunch for your time

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