Obama is leading by example

I’m impressed with obama’s early moves.

I heard yesterday that obama plans to open the white house to kids for readings, jazz and other arts. That is an awesome, inspiring move. To take the white house and make it about open community rather than closed priviledge is a powerful statement to the country and world. Great leaders are positive mirrors. They inspire our best selves. They are facilitators and catalysts rather than singular powerful drivers themselves.

We may finally have a president who is up to the challenge of leading by example. Past presidents felt more like actors and baseball players who felt they could be a different person on their own time.

But this is a 360 degree job. We the people are often as concerned about what brand cloths our leaders wear and where they vacation as policies. Its because we are naturally cynical that we’re not getting a fair deal. This is why we burn up if auto maker ceos ask for big comp.

Obama is looking like the first president ready to go the distance, set a better example for us all. He must if he wants to ask us all to pursue our better selves.

3 thoughts on “Obama is leading by example

  1. Not to mention he followed through in taxation of the oil giants and developing an exit plan for our troops….oh wait….he reneged on those promises. Oh well….I guess that is not a big deal since he is now having art and jazz shows for children at the white house. Real change we can believe in ! 🙂

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