– impact the world in 5 minutes

My friend reid recently introduced me to, an amazing site that allows people to make micro loans to small entrepreneurs around the world.

Reid got me hooked by generously gifting me (awesome wedding present) some money I could lend out. The site is really well built and within minutes I had loaned all his gift funds and started adding my own.

I chose middle east and loaned money to some lebanese taxi drivers, a plumber and a few street vendors. Soon I was clicking 5-10 people at a time in various countries like uganda, congo, cambodia and bolivia.

Within 15 minutes I felt like I had direct impact on people in remote global spots I would never have had a clue about to touch.

Kiva and sites like it represent some of the best offerings of the digital networked age and make me optimistic about the future we are all creating.

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