Barak rocks!

Listening to barak on 60 minutes.

Love that he reiterates that america doesn’t torture. I have blogged for yrs about how shameful it is for a modern civilization to allow denying anyone of their human rights. Love that he is shutting down guantanamo which represents a lot of wrong acts on our side.

Barak sounds like a leader. He sounds level headed and thoughtful. He projects humility.

I’m soo happy we are not listening to mccain and palen. Oy!

Sounds like a straight shooting, hard working ceo. Pragmatic, common sense.

Ridic that we think this is 1930s when 25 pct of people were out of work and nearly homeless.

Supports free market system. Find something that works from fdr to reagen. Test a lot. Drive action. Explain what you’re doing to the people.

Recreate trust from people to president.

2 thoughts on “Barak rocks!

  1. Huh… rich, white, land owning male telling US how great our new leader is. I’m already beginning to regret my vote for Obama. He’s like a CEO, FANTASTIC… ’cause we can all see how well the free market system works.

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