Billion for obama

Obama should announce his reelection campaign web site now and a stated goal fo raising a billion dollars. This would get massive pr and allow him to continue accepting money now while the iron is hot.

The site could show a ticker with how much has been raised and publish names as they come in.

4 thoughts on “Billion for obama

  1. This idea is brilliant … some may give him a hard time … counting chickens before they hatch … blah blah , but I think IT IS sheer genius! Send it to his campaign! – with love for Obama – L

  2. . . . and at least no one could claim he is “measuring the curtains” since he would already be living there.

  3. To speak of a reelection before the guy is even sworn into office is completely frightening. Lets see how his plans for mandatory government servitude, youth brigades, and bringing back the “Rangel Draft Bill” play out before we start planning out his second term in office. At least hold off praising his presidency until he is actually sworn in as president. Your statement is such a tragic metaphor for the desperate and ignorant nature of U.S. citizens today.

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