Tribe deal


November 10th, 2008 SAN FRANCISCO – Utah Street Networks and New Systems Associates today entered into an operating agreement to manage (, add competitive social networking features to the site, and revitalize the Tribe community.

The first priorities for New Systems Associates are to stabilize the platform and improve the site’s performance. To accomplish these goals, the company is committing substantial resources to upgrade Tribe’s hardware and application. The hardware migration will begin immediately, resulting in better performance and stability users expect from a world-class social network. New Systems Associates will also add new features to improve connections within the Tribe community and to other social networks and widgets.

In the longer term, New Systems Associates will grow the Tribe community by developing features including advanced privacy features, profile control, regional relevancy, personal discovery, and free-range connectivity. The company is committed to strengthening Tribe’s alternative community and the unique ways in which users interact.

Utah Street Networks, Inc. is the owner of, one of the oldest social networking sites on the Internet and pioneers of social graphing.

New Systems Associates is an LLC formed by long-time Tribe members who believe in protecting and expanding Tribe’s unique culture.

7 thoughts on “Tribe deal

  1. this announcement was made yesterday
    afternoon on Tribe.
    i was hoping you would be giving us more
    details about it but as usual, you disappoint.

  2. Just wondering, Mark, does this team have a couple of folks in it to “market” tribe? ‘Cause your “one of the sharpest business minds” developed alzheimers these last few dozen months or so and chased a LOT of people away from tribe and onto other SN’s.
    Quoted from your profile on tribe titled (quite appropriately) “Don’t Believe The Hype” :
    Here’s what I wrote about Mark to someone I just met:
    “Mark is one of my most inspiring friends; he’s got one of the sharpest business minds I know, and he sets his own course in life.”
    Hugs and kisses ….

  3. Would you care to give a few specific names, Mark, or will these “long term users” remain anonymous?
    A search under “New Systems Associates” turned up absolutely nothing other than your announcement when I first tried it.

  4. thanks mark, the site is much more functional now. we’ve all noticed the difference.
    a general announcement went out today to all gold star users, sounds really good.

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