7 thoughts on “Tribe update

  1. Mark,
    Once again I take time out to inform you of Tribe dropping off of my net. I don’t understand what the problem is, I don’t know how to fix it, but if I could be assured that I would do everything in my power to aid you in whateverway I could.
    I’m an engineering geologist first and foremost, I am probably one of the best in the country at what I do. Indeed, I was even invited to the People’s Republic of China at their expense to teach this past summer. I show engineers how to make ground conditions safe for people – I’ve remediated a few abandoned underground mines in my time, and I’ve helped with the foundations of several hundred bridges, culverts, and retaining walls to insure highway safety. If I could trade my engineering geology expertise for computer network and forum expertise, I would. And I’d help you out any way I could.
    Thus, I must ask you to help us out over at Tribe, once again. This morning I attempted to sign in. The network won’t let me on. Many of my friends have had the same problem with passwords and profiles over the last several weeks, and they also have had trouble getting on.
    Please, help us out. Help the Rhino continue to build the community he’s trying to build, one of a better world for all. No, I’m not one of those people whose rose-colored glasses doesn’t allow them to see their own needs….I’m one of the ones who works in his own community to make it better, and then shows others how to enhance their community, one small step at a time. We’ll have a better world because of it someday, I hope.
    Please, something is not going right. Help to fix it, Mark.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. @Rhino.
    We’ve exchanged on tribe and had similar thoughts and opinions. I wouldn’t hold my breath at Mark doing or saying anything much if I were you. It is painfully obvious that he’s totally unconcerned. And if he does announce anything it’ll be pretty much that tribe is out of his hands. That someone else “owns” tribe.
    Tribe is a deserted ghost town at best. I belong to several dozen tribes (at least) and at best there might be 1 to 4 new posts on less than 5 of these tribes per day. There is an exception – the Bugs Tribe. New posts for me average 20 or so per day. The Gold Star tribe can have up to 10 new posts per day for me, also. But that is pretty much it. Even brainstorm is dead.
    At the time of this writing even I can’t log onto tribe and I prided myself at being able to when MANY absolutely could not. For many days at a time they couldn’t. I don’t blame Darren. He’s totally overwhelmed and overworked. In this case all of tribes troubles IS attributed to the man to which this blog belongs. Shit rolls downhill, IMO.
    Mark Pincus is unconcerned. I accept this. Period.
    @ Mark.
    Don’t even bother defending yourself, partner. Action … or rather INACTION and SILENCE on tribe speaks volumes at a very high decibel count. If you have any integrety you’ll inform anyone interested in obtaining Tribe of the total train wreck they’re adopting.

  3. BTW…. I know admin requests must have a huge backlog (setting new tribe moderators, etc) I’d be happy to spend a day handling admin tasks as a volunteer.

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