Quick thoughts on election

I have to say that the fact we elected obama makes me feel proud to be an american.

While I don’t agree with some of his poilitics, this election feels like the most democratically open in history. This guy was not the party’s chosen candidate. She lost. And the amount of money raised through the internet (averagine less than $100) is staggering.

While mccain tried to complain about how unfair it was to compete with such a war chest, you just had to laugh. Here is this super wealthy career politician whining about getting out spent by a guy with no money or connections, no favors to call in.

I have no idea what kind of president obama will be. I will admit that I thought clinton would be horrible and ended up liking him a lot. Clinton was the most mainstream president since reagan.

I do find myself hoping again for the chance to see real leadership in the whitehouse and as a country and that’s fun and different.

I hope obama will be a great ceo. I hope he we will unite and challenge us all with a great positive vision of where we can go in the next 20 yrs.

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