Tribe update 10/14

Site stability – darren has been installing new sun boxes and added more redundancy on backing up site data. He says this is way more capability than the site has ever seen.

Site development – we have been working with a team that wants to take over tribe, rewrite the code and turn it into a growing community and business. I’m hoping we can announce something this week.

13 thoughts on “Tribe update 10/14

  1. So long as its not like the last group that wanted to try that…I do hope Patti’s words are being considered in this deal.

  2. What stability?
    I haven’t been able to log in for days. I hear from other users that they can NOT log in either.
    My entire profile is missing from the database.

  3. This all sounds wonderful, but I hope you’ll understand if I say that I’ll believe it when I see it.
    If they are serious, though, a good place for them to start in re-coding the place would be for them to work on the blogging software. From a user’s point of view, what is offered is unsatisfactory for the following reasons.
    1. No comment moderation option. Anybody who has been online for a while knows that the spammers and trolls will eventually find their way everywhere, and they’ve already found their way onto Tribe. Not being able to screen comments before they appear on one’s blog means that at best, a blog owner ends up playing whacamole if the bad guys arrive.
    Given the fact that you, yourself have talked about deleting comments on this blog
    I would hope that you would be willing to seriously consider the concerns of users who’d like to have the freedom to use their Tribe blogs without having to worry that they would be opening themselves up to harassment by doing so.
    2. One can not introduce code into one’s posts; one is working in a plain text environment, almost. Urls produce links, yes, but one can’t create a hot link in the usual manner, and the results just look sloppy.
    One can’t incorporate images into one’s text, blockquote or even italicize one’s text. What results looks like something out of the mid 1990s; the Internet has moved on from that bare bones look at feel, and if Tribe wants to be taken seriously as a provider, it’s going to have to move on, too.
    A few users will kiss your posterior and say that everything’s fine, that there is nothing wrong with these limitations, but then, there will always be a few users who do something like that, anywhere. There is no escaping brownnosers, and a real danger that in listening to them, that one will blind oneself to the existence of real problems.
    Look around, see what other social networking sites are offering in this regard, and you’ll see that there is no escaping this conclusion – Tribe has one of the least functional blogging platforms of any social networking site in existence.
    So much so that a number of us have taken to doing our blogging elsewhere, as I’m sure you must know, under the circumstances.

  4. The days of tribe are long gone. Most members have moved on to other things. All of the tribes I am in are dead. No one posts. No one has anything to say. Most of my friends have not signed on to tribe for months and these were daily users. New friends can’t create new accounts, so the few I wanted to join gave up as well. Goodbye to tribe.

  5. Londa – declines are never irreversible until the repo man comes for the office furniture. Yes, Pinkus did some stupid stuff and as we’ve learned, Darren can be less than completely lovable. But bad decisions don’t make themselves and there’s nothing to keep those who’ve made them from resolving to make better ones tomorrow.
    If these guys cleaned up their act, would you really be that set on giving up on Tribe?

  6. I’d love to help — please feel free to email or call. A real overhaul means looking at the business first and the technology second, and understanding how the pieces fit together as part of the 2009 world.
    I’m sad for
    I was so hopeful when I came into the offices before your public beta to talk about what we might need as a next step being Friendster.
    For at time it was such an amazing tool to unite communities (especially in the Bay Area) in a way that was unique compared to everything that had come before.
    But I admit I stopped using it a couple years ago as the features were piled on and the simple ability to reliably login and quickly browse fell away.

  7. When, oh when, is this update coming? Another broken timeline in a string of never-ending broken timelines from Tribe staff. I’ll send you another $5/month if you can keep even ONE timeline you state, you or Darren. ONE. I double dog dare you.

  8. To be precise: the confirmation letter for a newly created account fails to arrive, according to a number of would-be new members with whom I and a few of my friends have spoken.
    Wondering if Pinkus is even reading this.

  9. thank you Joseph,
    I do believe mark is reading this, but darren certainly doesnt give a damn about us.
    i am one of those have repeatedly requested new p/wds for accts that i have on tribe, and have never received, as well as created a new acct or 3 of which i have NEVER received a verification letter.
    breaking point already reached.
    is it because i joined ning?
    who knows, do they even care?

  10. > I’m hoping we can announce
    > something this week.
    That was October 14. It is now November, and Mr.Pinkus has nothing to announce. Were any of us really surprised?
    I’d definitely recommend that those reading this follow the lead of Pinkus, and move their blogs to other providers. If you use Xanga, you can actually run a feed containing the full posts on your Tribe profile, and about the only thing that will tip off your visitors that anything has changed will be the improved appearance of your profile. Unlike Tribe, Xanga does allow the insertion of images and code into the text of one’s posts, and the results look so very much more attractive – and unlike Tribe, Xanga looks like it’s going to be around for a while.
    Doing so leaves one with one less major thing to worry about on the probably inevitable and not very distant day when Tribe goes under. Let’s face it – Pinkus has responded to valid complaint after valid complaint with nothing more than handholding, stalling and the occasional personal attack on Evil Chris, who supposedly has caused all of the problems of Tribe by … ahem … not being so badly stoned that she fails to notice them.
    One is deeply in denial if one imagines that better things are likely to come.

  11. How much $$ is tribe?
    Let’s all buy it and keep it for ourselves.
    or let’s just build a new one…
    google open api is so cookie cutter…postgreSQL/Linux/PHP all open source…everyone with dsl hosts a small % of bandwidth…mysapce/facebook & all the rest suck…once the users are gone tribe is worth $0.00

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