Message to evil chris

dear chris,

i want you to know that i am reading and often responding to the comments on this blog from the tribe community. i will try to address some of your complaints here.

why i’m using my blog and not tribe. unfortunately, i’m working all the time and have to use my blackberry to read and respond to comments. also, i do not actively use tribe or any other social network becuase i dont have time.

regarding your view on broken promises to paying and other members. all we ever committed to do was do our best to sustain tribe which we are still doing. given that tribe has not been a viable business and is not supported by any non-profits, the best we could do was offer members a way to help fund it. this is not really different from npr which regularly asks for donations from its audience/members. if npr were to run out of sufficient funds, it would have to shut down or severely diminish its services. i dont believe that would constitute a broken promise.

tribe’s biggest problems have been 1) lack of sufficient funds and 2) lack of an entrepeneurial team to reinvent it. we have been working these past few weeks to change that. i’m hopeful that we can announce something this week.

if you want to get to a positive outcome try to connect with our good intentions around sustaining tribe.

i still feel cheated.

ask yourself why anyone on would possibly feel that way
and then you will understand why you had such a strong reaction to my

mark, i have been a very strong supporter of yours. i guess you
don’t remember all the nice comments i’ve left here to encourage you.

this is not hate, i do not hate you. i am disillusioned. i believed
in you when you said the gold star memberships would help tribe. i
believed you for over a year, and they didn’t help. tribe got worse,
and is continuing to fail.

i’m sorry that you are feeling hated. i’m trying to express my
frustration. since you can’t be reached anywhere but here, please tell
me how i should feel?

how would you feel if you were the end user?

you may be unwilling as a leader, yet that is what you are. we are
under your dominion if we want to keep using tribe. you are the man in
charge of tribe, yet i have to plod all the way over here to your blog
which is not even on tribe to ask you wtf.

moderation problems on tribe? too bad, we have other things to do
just to keep the site on. listings broken? too bad, we have other
things to do… can’t download a picture? too bad, because there is
only one person doing the work so we can’t actually fulfill the
promises we made to improve this site’s regular features- *******let
alone add the new one’s we said were coming.*********

every time tribe goes down there are 50k people wondering why mark
pincus doesn’t give a crap… even if in your heart you actually do.

my parents taught me that action means more than words. so far, all
i have seen are words, and none of them are even on, which
makes me feel your disconnection from tribe even stronger.

i’m sorry that this hurts your feelings, mark. my intention is not
to hurt you but to make you think about how you’ve made me feel. the
end user. you couldn’t even be bothered to look me up and notice that
i’m a woman! again, your disconnection proves to be the only consistent
behavior you have shown to the tribe membership.

i would like to think you can change, as much as anyone else can.
you are a perfect stranger to me, and i would like to think the most
positive of things for you, but what you have actually shown me is not
congruent with positive emotion. you ‘setting me straight’ does
absolutely nothing for the problem, which is stabilizing tribe and
delivering the positive changes tribe needs to continue to thrive.

there are a plethora of people out there just waiting to kiss up to
you, because you are in charge. i would hold you to your
responsibilities and in fact hold you to your word because you are in
charge. there is a difference. my loyalty is assured, all i ask is that
you follow through with the positive changes you promised your 50k

my dissent is not helpful, i’m again sorry about that. but nothing
seems to help! not money or encouragement, and so the end result is….
negative emotion.

Posted by: evil chris | Oct 14, 2008 9:31:49 AM

20 thoughts on “Message to evil chris

  1. “if you want to get to a positive outcome try to connect with our good intentions around sustaining tribe.”
    In other words, Tribe’s business strategy can be summed up by the words “if you believe in fairies, clap your hands”? Not sure that sharing that with us was a good way of boosting confidence in you or your product, Mr.Pinkus. Neither is trying to pin the blame for your own personal failings on Christine’s skepticism.
    By the way, here’s a very recent screenshot of my Tribe profile, as redone through that magic of Tribe technology. Amazing, truly amazing.

  2. Mr. Pincus:
    I am writing you to state that I still have faith in Tribe DESPITE the outages, the glitches I’ve experienced, and the seeming lack of direction that has been exhibited as of late.
    I also want to tell you honestly, and I didn’t want to have to bring this up, that Tribe has been responsible for the positive changes that occurred for me allowing me to not only attend Burningman, but to take those lessons learned on the playa home with me and put them to good use. What do I mean by “good use”?
    I saved a man’s life returning from the playa. I was 40 miles from home, and an accident occurred on the Interstate in front of me. Rather than going around and going on, I pulled over noticing that one of the vehicles involved, a tractor-trailer, was aflame. Running over to the semi, my worst fears were realized….a man was trapped inside. I kicked at the windshield, and it came free, to where I was able to get the man out before the entire truck cab was engulfed in flame less than two minutes later. What made me do this? It was the lessons learned from the playa. My Burningman contacts are on Tribe, Mr. Pincus. Without them, perchance that man would have burned up because I wouldn’t have given a damn like I do now.
    Is Tribe simply a social networking site? Not at chance. It’s a social vehicle for change, POSITIVE change in the lives of subscribers. Yes, I subscribed for a full year on the very first day it was available. Has it made a positive change for me? Ask the driver of the truck.
    Please help us, Mr. Pincus. We’re not kidding around when we say that we PREFER Tribe, and we’re in it with good reason.
    Thank you for taking the time to listen.

  3. The moderation problems are beginning to be a deal breaker for me. Who cares if the site is up if being in the forums is like walking into an online version of Lord of the Flies? It’s gut wrenching and people who want to make it a civilized place to have social interactions can’t bsecause no one will let them.

  4. Mark, I have been using your blog as a way of finding out what is happening. About a week ago I saw the post where you said a lot of people were going to strip Tribe down and put it back together again with new equipment and systems etc. I then watched as things became unusable, but in just the way I would expect them to become unusable if you were doing what you said you were doing. I’m only surprised it was actually up as much as it was in the week.
    As the week progressed I saw evidence of change of servers and things happening before my eyes and I let my hopes rise. Today, it seems stronger than ever. I want to say “thank you” for getting this week sorted. It would have taken time and effort to do that. I have some experience of the IT world although not a programmer, so I understand the volume of work involved in such a task.
    I love Tribe. It does it for me like no other social network. Although unable to say I saved anyone’s life as a result of it, I did get to start a new business because of it and so I have you to thank for that too.
    I hope you are able to get to the place you want to be with it soon. I look forward to seeing an announcement.

  5. Mark, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything that you and your team is doing to make Tribe better and strong. Thanks for the hard work! ~h

  6. You know …
    I wouldn’t say that his complaints are invalid. What about the members who paid for a year and then tribe went *splat*?
    My best friend emailed you guys and asked to have the pro-rated portion of her money back since you guys couldn’t keep the site up. When a product doesnt work, you can return it. You didn’t even acknowledge her email. That’s classy.
    Normally if you pay a premium for something that can also be used for relatively free, those members usually get guaranteed access or something extra besides a graphical little gold star that anyone with print shop could produce.
    I was halfway tempted to pony up some bucks but now that you guys have had so many problems a lot of people shifted to Face Book and a few other locations including made their own php based boards. I see less and less traffic in the tribes on my account.
    It was a good thing. Hopefully it gets straightened out but I dunno. :\

  7. Andii – Chris is a woman, but aside from that Pinkus induced misunderstanding, I think she’d appreciate your support. I’ll be sure to tell her about it at my first opportunity.
    Mark – Tribe has broken down yet again. How many times has it been, now? I’ve lost count.
    Individual posts are showing, this time, at least at this moment, but when one goes to a group, the menu of posts is empty. Further, any attempt to login produces this page of errors.

    Still want to maintain that Evil Chris and company are being unreasonably impatient?

  8. If the CEO is the father figure of a company, Tribe has a absentee dad
    the reason tribe is failing :
    lack of features (every other site has moe of them)
    being grossly unreliable
    The Admin is also a problem
    tribe is being run by admin on probation (with multiple restraining orders from women he met on tribe)
    and he has the attitude of:
    “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out”
    To even the *paying* members
    As posted on tribe (
    zero advertising = no new membership = inbred social circles
    moderation problems (there are blogs full of personal slander that were posted over a year ago)
    i do not see tribe existing for more then then a few more months.
    unless they find some sucker to invest with running a background check.

  9. why all my comments are being deleted from your blogs here???
    an answer wld be nice.
    a remedy into sending verification passwords would be even nicer.
    from an extremely hurt, disillusioned gold star member who will not be giving you any subscription money again.
    and just watch, i’ll betcha a gazillion dollars this will be deleted also.
    cheers pincus.

  10. So, what the hell?
    At least have the courage to tell us you were wrong. At least have the courage to tell us tribe is broke. At least have the courage to tell us…well… ANYTHING. All we know is that Darren can’t talk about what ever you “did” behind the scenes, and tribe continues to suck it, only NOW there’s no one to tell us anything.
    Get your head out of your little Mafia War and show a little RESPECT to tribe users. Communicate, dammit. It’s really not that hard. Tell us what is up with tribe and its future. Speak up or just shut it down. What you have “online” is a disgrace. Tell us what it needs. Tell us something. Silence is worse than the truth, and continues to do the most damage. You want to kill tribe, you are doing an awesome job. If you do, just shut it down. It would be less painful that this pathetic excuse for a service you are “offering”.
    *You cant subscribe, so no chance for new members, paying or otherwise.
    *You cant PM other users.
    *You cant contact an admin.
    *You cant get resubscribed if you were one of the happy few recently unsubscribed, for the above reasons.
    *You cant post more than half the time.
    *You cant rely on any timeline given out if it ever is given out.
    This is an internet service? Once and for all, you lout, GET SERIOUS ABOUT TRIBE. If you were half as serious as we are, this would be a done deal. I’m done being neutral, I’m done being nice. Now I’m just pissed. The time for “constructive” is past. Now its time for you to get off your ass and get in this game, or go the hell home. Tribe is on life support at best and you are standing on the feeding tube playing the equivalent of a game boy, for all we can tell.
    Move your shit.
    Oh, and before you pop off with something self-righteous about what I’m saying not helping, I’m paying $5/month for a service that doesn’t work. What are YOU doing? My money is in your mouth, so start talking.

  11. Yah, Eurynome, pretty familiar with Ning about now, but under another name. I don’t fancy putting my main tribe handle up here tho, too many people have conveniently been unsubbed from tribe recently, and nothing has been done to reinstate them, or even acknowledge it having happened. I’mnot an insider enough to cry conspiracy, but I’m also not so foolish as to set myself up to be easily targeted for speaking my mind.

  12. guys, nobody is deleting your comments or accounts from tribe. darren is working to fix tribe problems and enable password reset. AT is very close to deal with new group to take over tribe and re-invest. the lender just ok’d it.

  13. And you were planning to update us when? Sure would be nice to have BASICS of communication, dude. How hard is it to spend this amount of time and post something publicly on Tribe?

  14. Yo, you have an employee. How hard would it be to fire up your blackberry and send him email that says, “Please keep the company blog up-to-date with status” ?? The company blog hasn’t been updated in over seven weeks, despite there being numerous interesting status changes. This simple fact says in very clear terms, “Tribe doesn’t care about communicating with its users.”
    I personally spent a fair bit of time while I worked for you ensuring that Tribe users felt like they were heard and appreciated. It embarrasses and saddens me to know that my hard work has all been flushed down the proverbial toilet.

  15. Hi Patti,
    Thank You! Thank you so much for your above comment!
    I feel truly cheated by and have had to join ning as a way of trying to keep in touch with old friends … it’s not the same, and the amount of blood, sweat, tears and soul i poured into, not to mention money when i subscribed as soon as the option became available leaves me feling so sad and distressed.
    i miss i miss my friends. i miss my tribes. these were a lifeline to me esp during extremely rough patches i go through … the bipolar tribe for example.
    i joined tribe whilst living in boston for 7 yrs at the behest of my friends (my family!) there, but now, stuck in australia, i can’t log in to my acct, i cant even get passwords sent to me, let alone verification messages to the new acct i set up to try and recover all that i have lost.
    I just wonder why some people are having no problems getting in, and others like me, who did not change their p/wds, cannot. my friends miss me, i miss them. i miss blogging, i miss posting photos. Is it because I joined ning that I am being shunted?
    I am at a loss, at breaking point, and just do not know what to do. Mark was kind enough to suggest emailing darren himself, yet i received absolutely no reply.
    eurynome is my main acct, and her light has been on this entire time. What happened to lights going off after a period of an hr or so of inactivity? I havent been using it .. cant, so who has? noone that i can tell, except themselves.
    I am hurt, angry and so completely disillusioned with tribe … when I subscribed, we were told that our money would go towards creating a better tribe, buying new servers, employing more people … yet employees who cannot even send verification messages, let alone p/word recoveries are not proper employees, are they?
    All we want to know is whether tribe is dead. That’s all.
    Many of the photos I have posted are irretriveable (due to 3 harddrive meltdowns), and it is the same with all my blogs on both my accts, one was an inner circle one for only very special friends, except for going thru the extremely long process of going thru and saving ever single one of them, however the ones i posted, including the friends i added since i was last able to log in as “eurynome” are not available.
    Do you have any suggestions Patti, since you seem as saddened by this as we all are?
    Again, I thank you for your honesty and for expressing your own disappointment at the way tribe is being run at the moment.
    All the best,

  16. I won’t get into the various challenges has faced recently…But I would like to call your attention to the “Yes on Prop. 8” ads that is currently running…Pleasepleaseplease see that these are removed! They are hateful and go against everything the Tribe community stands for. See the thread I’ve started about this here:
    Thank you for your attention to this.

  17. > darren is working to fix tribe
    > problems and enable password reset.
    How about the failure of the system to send out confirmation letters to those trying to join Tribe? I’ve heard numerous complaints about this, and recently saw a friend confirm that this, indeed, is a problem.
    Oh, and are you even reading this, Mr.Pincus?

  18. I’d bet we’ll not see anything from Mark until after the new tribe leadership is in place. He’s probably already written tribe off to get that albatross off his neck.
    Even when a deal is in progress it takes little to no effort to update people. This post, longer than Pincus’ last reply, took me less than ten minutes. He hasn’t even deigned to set foot on tribe to tell people the problem is being worked on. We still have to stalk him here and on facebook and jump up and down to even beat a few sentences out of the guy.
    Tribe is very special to a lot of people, and they will put up with unheard of levels of BS from Mark and Darren. I’m guessing he’s either counting on that, or just used to it.
    Mark: If you are reading this, its beyond unacceptable. This user demands better treatment for tribe members FROM YOU.

  19. … and we’re down again. Any attempt to login produces yet another page of error messages, and none of the topics appear on the homepage of a tribe. Though individual threads seem to still be accessible. If one knows the url for the thread.
    At least there’s that.

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