Help us fix tribe – 1 intensive week

Darren has been working hard to fix tribe’s recent problems. AT and I are putting a call out to anyone with DB and networking juice to come in and help get tribe on solid ground. This will include replacing old servers and routers (maybe we can get cisco to donate:) and getting the colo sorted out.

15 thoughts on “Help us fix tribe – 1 intensive week

  1. In this day and age i’m really surprised that you are clinging so desperately to owning your server hardware. Seems like many of the issues could be resolved by using a managed dedicated server via another company (like the Planet). Maintenance issues would be far less likely when backed by a full company of folks who are dedicated to keeping things running smoothly.
    Let go of those old paradigms of owning everything. Tribe obviously isn’t setup at this time to be self-sufficient and needs to find other ways of sustainability.

  2. Let’s get this system more up to date folks. Can anyone please donate their time and their Commodore 64? lol

  3. None of your Zynga staff are qualified? Seems like you might be sitting right next to some folks with experience…just sayin’…

  4. Good News & Bad News:
    Well, you’re one for two. If this were baseball, you’d be making the big bucks. Unfortunately, in MTBF terms, 50% failure rate ain’t so hot.
    The good news? You actually got the site back up. I must admit, I doubted that would happen with a staff of zero.
    The bad news? Um… looks like you restored the database from a three month old backup.
    Dude. You’re kidding, right?
    Didn’t you make any cash from Cisco? Your users paid in angst for that cashout. How about you reward the ones who stuck around by hiring a real colo firm to take care of the maintainence end of things, so that the next developer can work on code instead replacing rack gear and restoring databases in the middle of the night?
    Is that such a kooky concept ? Because, like… every self-respecting social network I know of wouldn’t be caught dead fucking around with hardware when the pace of change demands a focus on development.

  5. You know, Mark, it would be nice if somebody would let us (Tribe-ers) know WTF is going on! We find all of our posts since JUNE GONE!!! Are they coming back? Should we re-post….or should we just wait? WTF is going on?!!! We are always and ever left in the dark! It feels very confusing and sad……all that work….phhhhht! Gone! (But if we KNEW it wouldn’t be back, we could start re-posting it!)

  6. Hey Cutie, ZigZag Here. Long time no see/talk.
    Anyway, yeah, we lost all our pictures…and blogs since JUne, and now it shows nothing but question marks. Just letting you know, although I’m sure you already know that.
    I love tribe and I really hope this works out. It’s one of the best things I’ve experienced on the internet. Good luck. – zz

  7. Mark – let’s start on a positive note. How was your Yom Kippur? I feel renewed by it every year. How about you? Do you remember the part about trying to make the wrongs done unto others in the old year right before the new year commences? Because what we’ve been seeing lately really is not good enough.
    Like Zigzag said, everything posted since June is gone and this is October. You talk about Darren working on the problem as if we hadn’t seen you say that Darren has resigned in an earlier post
    leaving us wondering, at the very least, just how much notice the man would have given you. Word on the virtual street is that after you left him with no support staff to speak of and he became overwhelmed with work, you yelled at him because he wasn’t able to keep up. Really, under such circumstances – who could have kept up? I recently listened to an interview you did with DaBomb
    which follows the outpouring of concern that followed after Fishie’s accident, and was fascinated to hear you say that you have no engineers left on staff. So I have to wonder who you have fixing things.
    What this means is that what anybody else reading this needs to do is work on the assumption that you’re going to let us down in the worst possible way, and save everything that they’d regret seeing lost to their own harddisks. Blog posts, old discussions, messages, photos, reviews – everything. What you need to do is do what you should have done before Rosh Hashanah and apologise to Darren, if there is any truth to those stories at all.
    Darren did not decide to gut Tribe like it was a mackerel. You decided to do that, and you own the consequences. You and you alone. You had no right to yell at somebody else over the logical and inevitable consequences of your own rash actions. We’ve all been very patient with you, Mr.Pinkus, Darren included if he really did try to do the work of eight men, but at some point, patience does get used up.
    Hope that you still have your companies, your friends and your good reputation when that happens, because you seem to be doing an excellent job of losing all three at the moment.

  8. As you can see peopel have no idea what is going on. It suuure would have been nice back when the reliability problems started if you, Darren, or ANYONE had ever designated a specific go to location for the users to go find out WTF was up and what to expect. Your blog? Darren’s Facebook or Twitter bulletins? SF weekly? I mean, if you want a prime example of things that give people the message you don’t care about them (regardless of the truth or untruth of that notion), these kinds of failures to even cover some really REALLY basic things do the trick.
    Please start showing us you give even two squirts of pee in a rainstorm about the service. You keep saying you do, and you are apparently doing something. Here’s your chance.
    Darren has said you and or AT plan some sort of announcement today or this weekend about tribe’s future. IF FOR SOME REASON YOU CANNOT: Please announce why not on this blog, so people can hear what is up. Even a “sorry my timeline was wrong, trying for X” goes a lot further than silence.

  9. man man man…
    i don’t know if you feel any responsibility to the hordes of bay area people who have been RELIGIOUSLY faithful to tribe over the years, but it is kind of sad the way things have been going. There is an overwhelming feeling, across the board, that tribe is just being hung out to dry. And that saddens people. Tribe has a rich legacy. Wikipedia even cites tribe as the 1st real social networking site and the primary mode of networking for burning man attendees, then you can bet that people are going to be really hurt over this lack of attention. Frankly i think it’s tragic to let a legend like tribe fall to pieces like this.
    I have NEVER paid dues to be part of ANY networking site until tribe. That’s how much i valued it. I bought the premium package… and right about now i wish i had my money back.

  10. >>>putting a call out to anyone with DB and networking juice to come in and help get tribe on solid ground.<<<
    why did any of us pay for gold star membership with tribe?
    was it for the t-shirts no one got?
    it was for the equipment and services tribe lacked. so where did all that membership money go?
    Mark, you remind me of a politician who promises good changes we all want to believe in, but then takes our money and runs. i feel cheated by you.

  11. I’ll help if I can, I’m a network admin and I can pitch in with some grunt work too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve offered free labor to tribe but I’ve never heard back from anyone. Maybe this time will be different?

  12. I’m a network engineering manager at a large e-commerce company and a tribe user. I can help. Send me an email.

  13. when tribe came back up in october, my premium account had been deleted. multiple emails to and have gone unanswered. then tribe charged me $5 again this month. i even went so far as to open a new tribe account so i could get onto some of the support boards, but i was never sent the account confirmation email.
    i would REALLY appreciate some resolution to this issue.

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