Tribe update

I have appreciated hearing from so many tribe members, even those that have vented their anger over the site being down.

First, darren has been working to fix problems. Most recently at the colo where a circuit breaker blew.

Second, AT and I have continued to meet with parties interested in taking over tribe. One is close to a viable proposal that commits to upgrading the equipment and guaranteeing uptime. We are hopeful to report a resolution soon.

Peace (we all need some)

4 thoughts on “Tribe update

  1. Thanks for letting us know the latest. Tho’ other online networking options exist (some of us have formed groups on Ning, as you may know) Tribe remains the only site I’ve ever felt really at home on, & spent any real time using.
    I like the elegant, simpler interface & appreciate that it caters to mostly creative, alt culture, open-minded adults. I’ve met a number of amazing people thru Tribe, some of whom have become cherished RL friends.
    I was a paying member for a few months, & then for some reason… I wasn’t. Didn’t renew, because service had become so sporadic.
    Really hop you can find some who understands the freewheeling, unique nature of Tribe to take over; if not, it will be sorely missed by thousands of us. Good luck, thanks for the memories so far & yeah… peace.

  2. hi.
    finally good to know what is happening. i LOVE tribe but do not like the dodgy uptime. now, with this latest fiasco, i can not even log in at all.
    total bummer.
    once it gets somewhere stable again, i would be willing to begin paying $5 a month again….but y’all lost my money a few months ago….

  3. thnx mark,
    i wish i *cld* respond on yr tribe blog, but i subscribe to this blog since i cant get into tribe at all. For so many weeks, they won’t/have not send me any msgs with my so called p/word changes … erm, i dont remember changing my p/w’s at all, but whatever.
    Do *you* have any suggestions on how this can be rectified? I am so tired of waiting for messages from them that they “promise” to send but never do, and although I’ve joined ning etc, have now had to deal with an ex who found me b/c on my eurynome page i put my details up on where people cld find me when the ship sank.
    I honestly believe[d] in tribe, i miss it soooooooo much, but i simply cant keep getting my hopes up over and over again waiting to hear back from employees who cant/wont dash off a “forgotten” password request …
    [sorry, just shaking head in sadness and loss of words].
    i miss my friends, my tribes, the support of every single person there … nothing is the same as tribe, which is why i subscribed as soon as it was available …
    what can be done to help those of us who cant get in, are not making stupid malicious threats (though if i’m back in san fran soon, there will be boston creme pie shoved down the gullets of one former and one current employess till they can’t go one abt prestige any longer … 😉
    we really are hanging in there, but the nooses are tightening around our necks, and if people cant return an email as promised, then that makes them unemployable.
    You are obviously a really cool guy and i know you hate having to deal with all this, but i don’t know who else to turn to. Friends have tried helping me, but nada ….
    when i think of poor eurynome’s light still being on, all i hear playing in my head is the smiths, “there is a light that never goes out” … but she’s tired and so am i.
    … do any of the employees have personal emails that i can email myself giving them the details i have given you? i just want to be back on tribe. i’ve never been malicious, just lovely and delicious (god, now it’s the cure!)
    that’s it.
    that’s all.
    if there’s any way you can help, please please please let me let let me … know (see, smiths again!)
    thnks again mark, i know you’re doin it for us refugees, and the kidz, don’t forget the kidz!

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