Bogus comments

I’m getting a number of comments from people with fake names and email addresses. Going forward I will be deleting any comment with a fake email address or web link. If you want to comment on this blog be man or woman enough to reveal your true identity or go some where else.

4 thoughts on “Bogus comments

  1. talk about socialism. Did you instill a patriot act to your own blog. Freedom of speech mark ! Cowards are people to…..Let the people be heard ! 🙂

  2. Mark,
    The last time I contacted you through your blog you did the courtesy of listening. You sent me an e-mail that said you were concerned and you were working on it. At the time the last major Tribe outage occurred, it was much appreciated. We who like and prefer Tribe as our form of social communication would most definitely appreciate your involvement in the network. We don’t want to lose it. Thanks for listening.

  3. So wrong on so many levels.
    First of all, Mr. Pinkus, a perfectly legitimate link may appear to be fake because the provider for one’s site has temporarily gone down. One might think that this would be a situation you’d have a particularly keen understanding of, as is, as of last night, offline again with no timetable we know of for getting back online. Are we to take it that the moment that there is an outage at our providers and you discover this, that our comments are going to be deleted?
    That hardly seems fair, though it does seem like a halfway decent opportunity for an improv moment, with the guy playing you yelling at the confused user “what kind of a**hole uses a service that goes down … (silence) … ohhh ….” I’m just not sure that you want to go there. I suppose that people could sidestep that problem by using their e-mail addresses, because e-mail providers never go down, right? But you’ve got your blog set up so that if one does that, a mail link is created which makes one’s e-mail address easily visible to anybody who visits your blog – leaving it easily harvested by spambots. Is it reasonable to ask those commenting on your blog to get buried under a wave of spam that will never stop coming in?
    Writing as one of the few people on the Internet who actually does post under his real name, I can tell you that if I had it to do over again, and I could go back to day one, some years back when a friend of mine showed me a monitor and explained to me what the Internet was – OK, I’d probably run out of that room as quickly as possible. But I sure as H*** would not use my real name to post. The bad guys – the thugs, the slanderers, the people who organize harassment campaigns because somebody has not agreed with their latest whacky cause of the moment – and I’m still struggling to believe some of the ones I’ve seen – will not hesitate to adopt fake or obscured identities, and then take potshots out of the dark at those of us who post as ourselves.
    There is nothing cowardly or unreasonable about having a desire to not have one’s life thrown into a state of upheaval, nor is there anything wise about gratuitously putting oneself at odds with the vast majority of those lurking with an unreasonable demand made in a self-righteous tone. Let us speak plainly, Mark. This has nothing to do with you trying to screen out “bogus remarks”, and everything to do with you trying to find a pretext to delete unflattering ones, some of which may be unfair, but some of which aren’t.
    Your privilege. Comment moderation isn’t censorship; those whose comments are moderated are free to repost their remarks to their own blogs, as this comment will be if it gets deleted. You have every right in the world to decide who will be heard and who will not in the comments on your journal, and to remove those comments for any reason or for no reason at all. But when you start impugning the character of those whose comments you delete and whose voices you still in the very place where they’re being attacked on such a pretextual basis, just to avoid openly admitting that you’re engaging in comment moderation, then you’re out of line.
    Are you sure that this is how you wish to represent yourself and your companies?

  4. Tribe is down again, and again, and again. It’s been a lifeline for a number of people in all areas of life. If you can’t fix it, then let someone else wade in and do it.
    Oh, and that last post about economic theory —
    I have been out of work for 11 months. I am not an unemployable person. I am articulate, educated, and skilled. Yet the only job I found (out side the few freelance jobs I can find in this market) is less than 20 hours a week. Today my grocery shopping budget for my cat and I was $7. I can give a ()*&(*^***&()*)( about the “economic theory” and how deregulation is supposed to be the esoteric perfection. I need regulation. I need a safety net. I need work. I need a job. I need money. Those deregulations are NOT getting me any of that. Instead, they’re just getting me more and more broke and I’m not sure what’s going to happen at the end of the year when my rent goes up yet again.

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