Telluride film picks

Another solid crop this year. Here’s my picks/reviews

* slumdog millionaire – coming out in october. Awesome. Don’t miss. * flame and citron – great foreign flick about danish resistance in wwII. * adam resurrected – awesome. Jeff goldblum’s best performance. Will be a cult classic. * good the bad and the weird. Great korean take on old spaghetti western.

2 thoughts on “Telluride film picks

  1. Dude….you need to spend less time on your blog and more time Fixing the mess you made with Tribe. We want our content back!!!

  2. I understand that Darren McKeenan just resigned. Who’s going to get Tribe back up? Or is it just a casualty of business?
    Yes, I spent $50 for a one-year subscription to Tribe. I had faith. It was an invaluable tool for me as I prepared myself for my first trip to Burningman.
    Please, Mark, keep the faith. Help us get Tribe back to where it was.
    If you decide not to….it’s your decision.
    But there will be over 200,000 of us who will be disappointed (to say the least).

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