Deciding the election

I’m amazed how many friends remain truly undecided. This election stands to be the closest ever.

My take, either candidate can win by appealing to the center. Seems painfully obvious.

Obama could take this hands down if he backed off the socialist ‘make the rich pay’ talk. As stated, he could get support for raising taxes if he made a logical argument supported by great economists. My sense is that people want to vote for him but he’s too risky with all the rhetoric.

Mccain seems to be pulling ahead in my friend polls. The theory is when both options scare you go with the safe economic bet. Mccain’s rhetoric is more libertarian – reduce govt spending – and that always grabs the center. If mccain can stick to this and lose the crazy old white guy who wants to go to war image, he will win.

Why can’t this ever be easy? I’d love to hire the young guy and shake it up, but he speaks with such old rhetoric.

And I don’t know about all of you, but it really bugs me to see friends and family drinking the obama coolaid. They get so emotional it seems like they have stopped listening and questioning. They just want to win. One family member yelled at me for challenging obama rhetoric and said if I haven’t read his policy papers I shouldn’t comment. This election will be decided by the sound bites, not white papers.

And where is the dialog? I would have expected obama’s campaign to emulate dean and enable the many to create a movement. I haven’t seen signs of the people influencing obama yet.

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