Obama – great delivery. Where’s the content?

I like obama. He has the potential to be a great leader. He has the potential like reagan to communicate to many people. But he needs to be a ceo with a clear vision, not a politician.

Most importantly, obama needs content. This was the second time I’ve heard him in 18 months. Same lack of a message.

Obama talks about ‘just taxation’ and ‘making the rich pay’. This is not the american dream. Americans want to be rich. They look up to donald trump. Their favorite game show is ‘who wants to be a millionaire’.

He needs to be a good ceo. Lay out clear goals. Identify the problems. Lead from a positive place. Help people find their power.

Don’t campaign about what we don’t want. Don’t defend against mccain attacks on experience.

Lay out a vision that people can touch. Rally them around it.

Don’t spend your air time complaigning. Sounds like the guys he’s attacking.

Tell us what america could be like in 2020. How about ‘america 2020 – bringing vision into focus’.

Don’t lead with raising taxes and making the system more just. Talk about the economic path to 2020, getting out of debt, supporting the dollar, killing inflation.

Don’t talk about fighting the drug and insurance companies. Tall about how we create a better life together. Don’t alienate big business. Bring them with you.

Talk about how we need to invest. Invest in and enable the american dream here and abroad.

Don’t talk about ‘the other side’. Lead. Don’t be a politician. Be a ceo.

He does talk a little about the good stuff. Where we could be in 2020.

Don’t sound like a lyndon johnson tax and spender. Talk about goals worth sacrificing for.

This guy has the potential to speak to the american people, but imho still needs the right message.

3 thoughts on “Obama – great delivery. Where’s the content?

  1. Actually if you go to his website it is really scary the guy is a great talker I am sure a great guy and could be a great leader but he is just another empty suit…. he never held a job in the real world he should get a job and come back in ten years he is total empty suit socialist

  2. Mark,
    I think that Obama would be even worse than Jimmy Carter. I have seen him change his position on Iraq, Israel & undivided Jerusalem, as well as on charter schools, depending on who he is talking to.
    I have a strong impression that he is saying whatever it takes to get himself elected…

  3. As a foreign national I dont get to vote, if I did it would have been for Hillary, however…
    “I have a strong impression that he is saying whatever it takes to get himself elected…”
    Totally agree with this comment -I cant remember what it was but about 3 weeks after Hillary dropped out Obama said something that I thought – what crap..basically appealing to the largest common voting league.
    If you want to know what a real Politician Does google “Paul Keating”

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