How will $15 per gallon change our lives?

While higher oil prices has been good for my portfolio, I’m curious what impact it will have on us outside of potentially driving inflation and recessionary pressures.

I wonder whether it will accelerate a long trend towards re-urbanization as people see commuting as too expensive or will it drive more people to suburbs that have direct train access. Will companies have to relocate around public transport depots? Maybe in 10-20 yrs we live and work in giant malls like logans run all served by electric trains and moving walkways.

Will driving an suv or truck become a gas fueled status symbol (that you can afford it) or a social stigma like watering your lawn in vegas? (Probably latter).

Will we move back to our roots and travel less? Will people live closer to home as flights get prohibitive?

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One thought on “How will $15 per gallon change our lives?

  1. You’re a smart guy, what do U think? only higher “market” prices will spur true innovation. Bike to work may be the rule versus a special day each year. as to the SUV, i vote social stigma. it already is in a way — note we have a huge one that is kept in the garage except for trips involving many persons or a road trip–where we want safety.
    you saw logans run. funny.

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