Who let libya join the un security counsil?!

In the category of ‘now I’ve heard everything’, todays nytimes reports that the un security counsel failed to condemn the hamas terrorist attack on an israeli yeshiva (religious school) because the libyan rep wouldn’t approve.

Now that’s the nuttiest thing I’ve ever heard. The UN actually put libya on its security counsil?? And we wonder how terrorism runs rampant? The only country to ever get convicted in court for sponsoring a terrorist attack (blowing up the flt over lockerbie) is now trusted with world security?

Is there something I’m missing here? Maybe the UN thought that by recruiting the terrorists it might do a better job of policing, kind of like hiring hackers? Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

3 thoughts on “Who let libya join the un security counsil?!

  1. Whats next ? Bin laden on security council as well ? You are right it is total madness…

  2. Equally outrageous is that every country on the planet (including Sudan, Syria, Iran and Zimbabwe) is eligible to sit on the UN Security Counsel except for Israel. Israel is denied eligibility because Arab and Islamic nations have blocked it from membership in the Asian region. To be on the Security Counsel a country has to first be a member of one of the UN’s 5 regions.

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