Valleywag made up a quote from me. what else is new?

i will repost the vallyewag quote below. they attribute a quote to me that is untrue. note that they added to a quote that was referring to the SGN guy TJ’s statement in which he claimed that  app developers could make good revenue as he does off of cpm ads. i did say ‘with all due respect, that’s bullshit’. and when he said they could get higher cpm’s using social ads, i said that was bullshit too.

i never said that facebook couldnt make money on its social ads. i am the biggest fan of facebook on the planet and am incredibly grateful to that company for the amazing opportunity they have enabled for us all as well as their users.

its unfortunate that valleywag chooses to take such an unethical approach to their journalism but none of us should be shocked. this misquote is unethical at best and illegal (libel) at worst. none of us have the time to bother defending ourselves the way we should.

"VideoEgg is the bait and switch. CPM is bullshit, and [Facebook’s] Social Ads are bullshit," said Mark Pincus during a panel on Facebook applications at the annual Game Developer’s Conference.

4 thoughts on “Valleywag made up a quote from me. what else is new?

  1. Hey Mark.. love to understand the issues you have with us, if any… feel free to email me and we can have a conversation.
    we met briefly in Hawaii at hornick’s event. be good to connect.

  2. Mark,
    get over yourself…and stop talking down your competition…history has a habit of biting you in the ass.

  3. Your “customer service” rep, Amber, is violating your own company’s stated policies and is rude and obnoxious to your customers. Maybe it’s time you two had a little chat.

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