my dad supports obama…

What presidential candidate matches America’s most critical needs, the unprecedented challenges we face, and the imponderable times in which we now live?

I believe there’s only one, a man for whom I’ve begun to work, and whose candidacy I humbly submit for you to seriously consider.

That man is Barack Obama, and I did not make the decision lightly. As you likely have done, I’ve watched the political circus season and listened to each contender with rising skepticism. Obama was no exception. I’ve always classified myself as a political independent. I wrote speeches for Rockefeller, worked for Humphrey, did communications for John Anderson, Alan Dixon and Ross Perot, then worked for Clinton and Gore. As an old broken down PR flack, I’ve become somewhat baloney-immune.

But the other night Sherri and I met Obama at Lester Crown’s and heard not only an amazingly charismatic ad lib give-and-take one-hour discourse, but heard convictions that have been sorely missed from the rhetoric of other candidates. (I had read his two books plus his many press conferences of the past year, but his vision of what America needs never hit home to me as it did that evening.)

Briefly, in contrast to all other candidates, Obama tells Americans what they DON’T want to hear, but must. He is almost the reverse of the consummate politician. He was in the forefront of the senators who voted AGAINST the war.His positions today are not based on a personal barometer or private poll to tell him what’s popular. Unflinchingly, he tells it like it is. He asked for support from an affluent Chicago north shore core group –while telling them flatly that they’ll have to cough up more taxes to pay for an ill-conceived war and to maintain our sagging infrastructure.He didn’t mince words. He told us he would raise the personal income tax cap from 36% to 39%. He bluntly said that there’s a price to pay in finding alternative energy and combatting global warming. Unlike others, he pleaded for us to realize that nothing comes for free. He’s adamant that universal healthcare is vital and overdue to relieve our uninsured 40 million. He’s the only candidate to go on record in saying that–despite the cost– we may ultimately have to strike global terrorism at its heart –the Al Queda bases in Waziristan regardless of the international consequences. And he takes the lead in advocating a tough stance against a nuclear Iran. (Please see the example below of his words, delivered recently on that issue.)

Yes, I know. Every poll says Hillary is significantly ahead. But it’s only October and much can happen by the 08 primaries. With your support, this remarkably fresh, frank and totally independent visionary can become the answer to the daunting dilemmas our nation faces.

If you should choose to help, please contact Jordan Kaplan at or call 312 819 2437.

Thanks for listening.


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