iMacs are an iWaste

for all the time we think we save using imacs for multi media we should also admit how much time we waste on this weaker platform. can anyone tell me why my laptop just turns itself off if i’m inactive for more than 10 minutes? and no it’s not on the battery

4 thoughts on “iMacs are an iWaste

  1. Is it turning off or just going to sleep? Check you Energy Saver settings in System Preferences. The default is to sleep after 10 minutes or so even when plugged in.

  2. Im having the same issue. Seems to be an issue w/ the hibernate / sleep image being corrupt. Havent had a chance to figure out what causes it or how to actually remedy the situation but that’s what seems to be the cause.

  3. PS – Take a look at Security under System Prefs. Just discovered yesterday that I had a ‘logout after n minutes’ turned on. Fortunately got it before spending any time at the ‘Genius Bar’.

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