11 thoughts on “Launched texas holdem on the facebook!

  1. hey are you the maker of texas hold em? if you are do you no how I can claim some of my money back as it disconected me and left me 5000 points poorer

  2. Hey dude .. love your app. well done, now i can play poker with my friends and family who stay on diffrent continents. pat your self on the back cause ur app sure rock. Cheers

  3. i had 120k chips and was playing in a 5k tourney. i lost and when i went back to the lobby, i only had 4k chips left. i emailed the help desk and am still waiting for them to get back to me but i was talking to a friend who reckons that i won’t be reimbursed and that i just need to suffer that loss.
    what do you say?
    it has taken me months and months to build up to that amount and i can’t believe that through no fault of my own i am just going to have to accept that loss of over 100000.

  4. on facebook my profile is set up properly IE:name,hometown,etc:but when i play texas hold’em on facebook it wont show where i am from. ie:(network). I know it is very trivial but it is doing my head in trying to find out why,lol.If anyone could give me a solution it would be really apreciated,many thanks in advance.

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