Obama Live in NY

heard obama last night. here’s my take on him, his chances and how he needs to change to win.

first, he had great charisma. i give him a 9.

the problem i see is that there will be a lot of people like myself showing up who are interested but undecided. we will need to hear more than 100,000 foot platitudes. also, where he does indicate policy directions they all sounded pretty old dem 60’s socialist fare. universal healthcare and (from his book) making the rich pay ‘their fare share’. classic tax and spend.

now i’d love to see a new young guy like obama come in and get rid of the corrupt old white men who run the place. one big problem is that obama is probably going to be funded by the same rich old white men who have funded winning (and losing) candidates for decades.

even if that’s the plan, his platform needs a LOT of work. clinton got in by appealing to the mainstream. that is also an old playbook that remains open. fiscally conservative (lower taxes) and socially liberal (ie. joining this century).

i spoke with a friend after who is involved with the campaign. he defended obama’s platitudinal platform by saying it wasnt written for mark pincus but to appeal to (the proverbial) factory worker in ohio. aside from my disguntalement that everyone always wants to serve this same guy in ohio and not me, i dont even think he wants to hear about universal healthcare. when i pointed out that he already pays for his healthcare and is likely more concerned with paying even higher taxes (because we all know by now that ‘the rich’ usually means people making over $100k), my friend said, "oh, good point."

here’s my advice to obama.

  • join the dialog and be specific. the time of big rahrah ‘born in a town called hope’ speaches is way past. if you want younger voters, you better talk to them and with them. hold the paper up and talk about how different the world will be with you and ask for their input in many ways. point to policy ideas and discussions that came from your participation in the blog world. 
  • positive future vision – obama needs to put forth a vision for where this country can go mainly economically. he needs to remind us all that we created the internet, the hedge fund and the blockbuster movie and talk about how we will continue to lead the world and broaden the surrounding economies to more parts of the country. cleantech can be another leg as well. 
  • economy – this will likely remain people’s real first concern. reagan proved that supply side economics works. dems from johnson to carter proved that tax and spend kills the economy. come out clearly that you wont raise taxes. people focus on taxes when they vote.
  • social – be a clear, strong voice that the nixon era was 40 years ago and we wont tolerate torture, wire tapping, prison camps or religious fundamentalism in our govt.
  • iraq – yes you can bash bush on iraq, but what’s the point? acknowledge there is no easy solution and talk (as you did) about how we get the world back on our side (without throwing israel under a bus).
  • corruption – you have to acknowledge how corrupt our current govt is on both sides and the poisonous effect of lobbying. you will never have credibility with younger voters if you dont.   

4 thoughts on “Obama Live in NY

  1. I don’t know your personal party affiliation but I agree with your outline of how a candidate could move this country forward and think it cold be a template for either a democrat, republican, or independent. Thanks for the balanced and pragmatic thoughts.

  2. Charisma?? Let’s Get Real, Homey: Obama Is Hard On the Eyes
    I don’t get these women who claim to be having orgasms by fantasizing about Obama. I think they’re just trying to prove how liberal they are.
    I mean, come on! Have you taken a good look at B.O.? The guy’s got purple lips! That skinny frame, that big mole on his nose and those purple lips – blaaaahhhhh!!!!

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