Short aapl

I agree with fred hickey (in current midyear barons roundatble) that it could be a good trade to short aapl witht the launch of iphone, as stock may peak with excitement.
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3 thoughts on “Short aapl

  1. I am thinking the same thing. if the iphone is already built in to the price (which i believe it is) and the touchscreen is anything but perfect, then people not happy with typing on screen might create short momentum here.

  2. i sooo want to short aapl but cant bring myself to do it. there is so much mania surrounding the jesus phone and i try to stay away from sentiment influenced consumer stocks. Went shorting its all about timing. Maybe i’ll buy some puts instead to limit my risk.

  3. Please keep shorting the stock….29 million shares WILL be bought monday…THE SPLIT and the monster launch. Almost forgot the BBY deal…….Sounds like you put some deep thought into this…Maybe I can sell you some puts

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