covestor – most innovative new social media application


i’m an investor and advisor to covestor which is a new site allowing people to automatically post their actual trades for others to follow. eventually, people will be able to allocate funds to virtual portfolio managers. (here is the blurb from seeking alpha.)

Anyone with a brokerage account can sign up for Covestor. After sign up, Covestor gathers data about your portfolio and trades in one of two ways. Either Covestor pulls data in real time via account aggregation service Yodlee, which interfaces with the big five online brokerages (Ameritrade, E*Trade, Scottrade, Fidelity and Schwab). Or, investors can manually upload trades to Covestor themselves. Reported trades are later verified by cross checking against the investor’s brokerage statements.

Covestor begins to track your performance, and then ranks investors by performance. Visitors to the site can view investors by style, portfolio type and a range of performance statistics, including risk-adjusted performance (Sharpe Ratio). And once a visitor has found an investor with consistently great performance, the visitor can pay to "subscribe" to that investor’s trades. Covestor shares the fees with the investor.

i’ve posted their new blog widget below which shows one of my picks, an oil platform leasing company called hercules offshore.

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